Africa Diaspora Chronicles: My Land, 5 Bedroom House all gone like a candle in the wind…

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  1. Don't start what you can't finish. I don't send monthly anything to no one! I do when necessary and during festive seasons. I have a lot I'm yet to do for myself and family over here abeg!

  2. Lol, I can relate. I had friends whose folks are exact like that. Am grateful to GOD I have the opposite for a mum. My mama go send the little she get to any of her kids if she find out you’re broke n said nothing even if you’re already a mum or dad.

  3. Sounds like a mom monster involvement and all the drama and trauma involved. Am so sorry to the sister and her family for all the emotional and spiritual blackmail…her mental health must have been so challenged oh my goodness

  4. Bolaji travel to US and used Ghana passport to chop Adura while sending pics of standing in front of an LA mansion
    Emeka travel to UK and knocked up a divorcee old enough to be his mom to get papers while sending pics of him driving a Mustang and popping Moet in a London club
    Lydia travel to Canada and got hooked up with a white grandpa to chop papers. She got papers eventually while working two three jobs to take care of her biracial kids and sending pics home of her living in an upscale Toronto duplex
    I hope you get the picture I'm trying to describe

  5. Devil is a liar!…'s got to do with your individual self confidence and principles. As for me,…there's no room for Nonsense. I'm born with a masters degree in blocking or deleting any body or anything that bothers my peace!. I mean anything. Period.

  6. Narcissists parents.
    Narcissism is a mental illness our community is deeply suffering from.
    All this mind molestation doesn't work when you detach yourself from them.
    It's about time we, children, start putting these narcissists in their places.
    It's time to break those curses for our children.

  7. It has done us nothing but a big fat zero. Your arrival was way overdue. I will rather be called a black sheep and what have you not names under the sun, than be a zombie's brain.

  8. Why are Africans behaving this way? When will they get to know that we in the diaspora are "struggling" everyday to stand on our feet? God! Maybe the problem is from us who are in Abroad, proving or showing how rich we are. Maybe we should all change our mindset towards them and let them realise that THINGS ARE NOT REALLY EASY HERE.
    Africans are so fond of not being responsible for their mistakes.
    The daughter should just forget about that FAMILY and focus on hers. She should learn to be dealing with herself right now and get to know when to start enjoying her hard earned MONEY…….
    If really she believes in GOD, nothing the mother does will EVER come against her and her family……


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