Accepting Payment With Paystack In React Native

Accepting Payment With Paystack In React Native

Processing payment can be tricky, especially when you can’t find good documentation from the…


  1. Nice but it's depreciated now

  2. Please is there a way to add metadata

  3. guy this your payment gateway no dey work for me ooh.. i have added all the field that is needed but it not displaying the button text .. be like say I go go kiss my Node js like that for paystack dev

  4. This is brilliant! Is there one for subscription/ recurring payments as well?

  5. its good to see guys like you out there doing amazing things

  6. Please hep me, i have some error " node_modulesmetrosrcDeltaBundlertraverseDependencies.js:87:2 "

  7. This is actually brilliant!

  8. This doesn't work with live keys, you typically get to a point where it says `Please close this to verify` but there's no button to close. Plus non of the callbacks are fired at this point even after entering token code sent from bank

  9. I see you used the secret key. YOU SHOULD NEVER USE THE SECRET KEY ON THE FRONTEND.

  10. Hi,
    can anyone help me.
    while i converting the project from js to ts. i can't able to make this react-native-paystack to work.eventhough, i tried with npm install @types/react-native-paystack. but it doesn't work.

  11. The paystack webview loads forever. I think there's and error

  12. Great work bro… Quick one, I keep getting white screen after clicking on the pay now button and the indicator finish loading, any help? thanks

  13. Great job. Can you please have another video on how to integrate paystack into node and React js

  14. i try it sir, but the pay now button not able to be clicked . what is the problem here and how i can fix it?

  15. please i have pastack account and am in ghana they said my currency is not supported

  16. kindly help Paystack is onlu used in Nigeria and what about other countries to send and receive payments?

  17. Great man, I really needed this. I love how you explained it thoroughly

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