AB TODAY Dr James Knight Heritage Month African Inventions

AB TODAY Dr James Knight Heritage Month African Inventions


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  1. So are you saying Sir, that Africans who sold Africans did so because they were brainwashed? Absolutely, not. Slavery was not a new concept however modern slavery provided super monetary gain.

    I think if we are going to address the greed of Europeans we have to also address the greed of current day African leaders much more Caribbean PMs.

    It is derogatory to consistently present an argument that Africans who were/are very intelligent and advanced became slave catchers there had to be compensation. Check Senegalese history. There are still Senegalese patriarchal families around who benefitted from Slave catching. So we can't lean history just because we need to be proud.

    Long post but you have to go to West Africa and study. But otherwise thanks for your contribution to academia overall and bringing awareness.

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