A Tour of MEKNES | The Former Capital of Morocco

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A Tour of MEKNES | The Former Capital of Morocco

Exploring the interesting Berber (or Amazigh) city of Meknes, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco and the capital from 1672 to 1727.
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  1. I hope to meet the same tour guide when I go next week I could do with him maybe he'll find me a cheap hotels as well at the sameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ smashing that like πŸ‘

  2. A Moroccan by definition is a mix of Berber, Arab and Jewish. That's what makes Moroccan so unique. We used to live here under many Moroccan dynasties between Muslims and Jewish without any problems for more than 1200 years. While all Africa was under European colonization, morocco was there as an independent kingdom until 1912 and the French & Spanish protectorate last only 40 years. That's because of the battle of the three kings between Portugal and morocco in 1500 or 1600 I don't remember where the king of Portugal was killed and all the Portuguese army with him. This caused the fall of Portuguese empire and this made all Europeans fear morocco for more than 3 hundred years after. The king that is ruling over morocco now is from a dynasty called Allaouite that ruled over morocco since 1666. Before these dynastie we had strong Moroccan dynasties that ruled over all North Africa, Spain and Portugal and some sub-Saharan countries. Those dynasties are Almoravids, Almohads and Saadis with Marrakech as the capital of the Moroccan empire at that time. This is why when you visit morocco you will see walls, fortifications, huge gates all over morocco which prove how rich was our history.

  3. I enjoyed your video. Morocco is not as I expected. I imagined buildings very crowded together, small allyways, like Khan El Kahlili in Cairo. Oh, I see that part, later in the video. The Berber writing that you saw reminds me of hieroglyphics.

  4. The jail that you visited it is listed one of the most dangerous jails in the world and one of the biggest too we actually never got to know how much distance the jail actually covered and the sixties some scientists wanted to know and they got lost we never found their bodies till this day so the government decided to cut it short so nobody gets lost again