A record 39 candidates are running for Somalia's presidential election

A record 39 candidates are running for Somalia's presidential election

A record 39 candidates have registered for the Presidential race in Somalia that is taking place on Sunday, May 15. More than 300 MPs will be in charge of deciding who will be the next leader of the Easternmost African nation.



  1. At least Somalia has peaceful transfer of power unlike some other African countries.

  2. Congratulations to you 🎈🎂🎂🎈🎂🎈

  3. Devil Farmaajo must step down.

  4. This old man hates farmajo nigga be Professional and just do ur damn job no one wants to hear your opinion tell me who’s better than farmajo the change and improvement of our country is seen for the past five years of course there’s some real Problems but farmajo can not change corporations corporate minds who just to sell the whole country if they have chance the people love farmajo and inshlh tomorrow he will come Back 15 May 22 can’t wait am so anxious

  5. This guy is a big liar in Somalia 🇸🇴

  6. Poor country with 39 candidates 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 every tribe will elect their man ….let's see who will come out

  7. Lol whatever this guy is completely lie . Who paid this nigga 😭

  8. You know Somalia has a good, intelligent, honest and patriotic president when all the media funded by enemies of Somalia are saying nothing but bad lies about him. Wallahi I have no doubt if it was one person one vote, president Farmajo would be elected by a landslide. There has been no president in the history of Somalia that has the support of majority of Somalis from different regions especially the youth. Somalia has made tremendous achievements since he came to power clear for everyone to see. No Somali president has served a second term but president Farmajo has the best chance to make this happen. This needs to happen to get rid of this unstable downtrend and allow political continuity. President Farmajo 4 more years please. Long live Somalia 💙 🇸🇴

  9. To begin with the recent updates about somalia electrocal process will hold the next week as we heard about the commission of presidential election in somalia.
    On Sunday morning the commission will begin electioneering by the president of somalia

  10. warya meeshan goobjoog maahan beenta naga dhaaf

  11. May Somalia have a reliable and effective free and fair presidential election!!!

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