A MESSAGE TO NIGERIAN YOUTUBERS || MY HONEST OPINION #nigerianyoutubers #whatyouneedtoknow

A MESSAGE TO NIGERIAN YOUTUBERS || MY HONEST OPINION #nigerianyoutubers #whatyouneedtoknow

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel on today’s video I’m going to be taking about …


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  1. They are all very good content creators! I watch and love must of their contents , especially Patrica Bright ☺️😀

  2. Awesome video enjoyed watching always stay connected.
    have a good day.💐

  3. I will check them out soon you really explain it well

  4. Great upload enjoyed watching always stay connected
    Have a good day 💚

  5. They are great content creators 👍🏾

  6. You really spoke well about this people you are also an amazing person thanks so much for sharing 💕

  7. Some of the people you call are good and amazing content creator

  8. Nice video dear. New here. Watched fully and shared

  9. These a beautiful and talented lady you mentioned, and love how well you spoke about them.
    Well done my lady

  10. I use to watch Jackie and patricia bright a lot. , but now they are more active on Instagram than here, Jackie has a new page where she showcases her beautiful mansion, on Instagram, great review

  11. Thank you for shouting them out..I've watched Summer Aku n Patricia bright. Amaxong content creaters!

  12. They’re also my favourites, Dyna is da bomb! Well done!

  13. Looking lovely sis 🥰
    Nice hearing this positive makes a change. Nice upload, i like going where i can leArn too. I like how you know so much about them, you should see mansa queen

  14. Yes i always say Nigerian youtubers are all the best when it comes to content creators, i really love them for sure, doing amazing job

  15. I also love platforms where I can learn and they are all amazing content creators

  16. Wow awesome information thanks for sharing sending my full support from Munich Germany Doings

  17. You are right sis, I also watch obodo, summer aku, summer can make me laugh, I love how she speaks

  18. Weldone beautiful. I like them all! But, summer Aku 🤛🏻Obodo oyibo Tv.

  19. All this YouTubers are great and they are doing super well, I don’t know adeola, my first time hearing that name, I have been following obodo oyibo for so long, when her channel was hawked and patricia bright helped her retrieve it back , great review sis , summer Aku is wise in speaking

  20. We had premier same time,so I couldn't join you but am here to rewatch and share 🥰

  21. I will check out this obodo oyigbo TV. Well detailed and I knew it will be so interesting. I always watching with Adeola TV she is doing so great on her channel.

  22. I've been watching few of them and I must say they are incredibly doing great and great influencer

  23. May god help us YouTube is not really easy but god will help our channel

  24. 👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  25. Adeola ( keeping it real) summer Aku Patricia bright, dyna Ekwueme…,, All the names you mentioned are great contents creators. I always enjoyed watching their contents

  26. They are all amazing people ❤more grace to them ❤

  27. Wow I will check them out, how you explained their contents tells how incredible they are.

  28. They are all great content creators,I love watching them too.

  29. They are all Amazing content creators. I love them

  30. That was so amazing I watche some of them too

  31. To be sincere sis 💙🌹❤️

  32. I really enjoy watching them too

  33. I will check them out. Yes Adeola is my journalist. Here watching fully as usual.

  34. I've never watched all the people you mentioned but I always come across them. but I will try to check them out thanks for sharing you look beautiful sis

  35. Great opinionWatching here
    Impressive nice share

  36. All the people you mentioned i enjoy watching them. They have good personalities.

  37. Host me and watch the same YouTubers I enjoy watching them all

  38. Waiting host thumbs up dn

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