A Journey through Rural Lesotho | Travel Documentary

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A Journey through Rural Lesotho | Travel Documentary

Lesotho Kingdom in the Sky. On this episode of Adventure Calls we travel through Rural Lesotho in a rented 4WD Nissan which had been outfitted for true adventure. We would go horse trekking deep in the Lesotho mountains, visit one of the world tallest waterfalls and drive through the roughest terrains imaginable towards South Africa. We also…



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  1. Love everything in this episode: the cinematography, the passionate host, the little tidbits of cuteness and humour, and the way you are giving back to a country that has welcomed you so beautifully !
    Well done!

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  11. My daughter served in the Peace Corps and lived in Lesotho for 22 months. She returned to the states in early 2020 and had a somewhat difficult readjustment, as she missed Lesotho so much. She was a primary teacher in the beautiful mountain kingdom and she fell in love with the people, the culture and especially the kids. I knew very little about Lesotho until my daughter moved there. She can't wait to return one day. Thank you for sharing your experience there.

  12. Hi guys (Martin and Amy)
    Please invite me next time you do this…I'm in South Africa, Mpumalanga, two hours West of Mozambique Boarder, City of Mbombela. Also a nice part of South Africa to explore.

  13. Hey ✌️🌿 very interesting video, would be glad to connect and get some quick tips to take care for a solo traveller.

    I travelled BC, Canada & it's indeed breathtaking, loved Canadians and also met Canadian Indian community on Van Island.

    Anyone visiting Russia this year in April 2021?

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  15. I was freezed when i saw this is your first travel video..

    Thank you so much for showing the beautiful country in HD video quality.

    Till now i saw the videos of Lesotho in normal quality.

    The way you presented the country is awesome.

    Congratulations.. love from Tamilnadu, india ♥️

  16. This was amazing tour. From the bottom of my heart, i am very grateful for your visit to our country which has contributed to give future to the Basotho Kids, and also exposing our country on YouTube for it's recognition internationally ❤❤❤

  17. Little things from a great and cheerful heart make other hearts feel great!! I really loved your empathetic acts and passion for Lesotho school kids. Let's know when your next episode is out!

  18. Thank you for lighting up distant memories of early childhood, I loved those mountains and the people! My mother was born in Maseru in 1923, and my younger sisters in 1952, 3 & 6 respectively!

  19. Thanks for your informative videos and the great work which you have done with the school kids. I request you to visit Nepal and make such wonderful videos of Nepal. Stay at home and Keep safe.

  20. I am watching you, when you visit the State of Indonesia where I live, I hope you come to Indonesia to see the beauty that is here and the diversity & privileges that are very interesting to visit