A bipartisan bill could ban TikTok in the US | March 12, 2024

Today on CNN 10, we explain why US lawmakers proposed to prohibit TikTok, and what the social media platform needs to stay in the US app stores. Next, a look inside the traditions during the holy month of Ramadan that began for Muslims around the world. We’ll also head to Kenya, where a rise of the rhino populations led to overcrowded…



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  7. Most people linked tiktok ban as a result lawmakers wanna make economy worse in order to make more money from share market. Some linked Tiktok ban to rich Jews Genocider wanna share disinformation through tiktok, but tiktok refuse to be part of disgraceful war.

  8. Americans need to know, China does not allow any American social media companies or apps to be used by their citizens. Congress wants an American company or individual to buy tictok off of the chinese parent company. Trump banned tictok and biden reversed the ban when he came into power.

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