8 ways to build your confidence and become more attractive

8 ways to build your confidence and become more attractive

The power that you wield when you exude confidence can never be underestimated. Confidence…


  1. She taught me what I was never taught in school.

  2. Very informative, subscribing right away

  3. i really like your piece of idea

  4. Jessica you're an amazing person I love your work!!

  5. Be blessed ma'am
    I'm inspired

  6. Thanks Jess! God bless u

  7. Ma, your words are lovely, indeed you are great.

  8. Love the vibe and the message in this video.

  9. Thank you, Mom Jessica….. You are very incredible πŸ™

  10. I have been listening to alot of your videos. I have learned alot and have taken Noooootes! You are very inspiring and I love your motivational tips. Please keep putting out content. You are great for any platform!

  11. Talking and interacting with her is available only if you open your wallet and pay…

    That's the thing I don't like about it…

    Otherwise it's a great channel with good sound advice…

    @Jess… don't be distant or even worse, greedy… you earn revenue from just having viewers and likes and eventually shares and not lastly from subscribers…thus take some time to answer comments even if those comments are coming from just simple viewers… don't play the "pay-to-play" card, aka "pay me via becoming a VIP on Patreon, to interact with me"… that shows lack of respect for your viewers my lady… don't be that gal…

    Yes, I know you need revenue for your hard work, yes I know there is a lot of work behind any video you're posting, from prepping and planning to post editing and processing, so I agree you deserve to earn some revenue…

    But there is a thin line between increasing your popularity and your fan base… and greed…

    Are you aware that a great movie star like Keanu Reeves is answering personally to comments and emails to his fans..??.. even to those who hate him and insult him in some kind of form or fashion… and that he often lavishes his co-workers on the set, simple people around him, with expensive gifts as a thank you for a great job..??.. now that's classy and definitely will help increase his popularity…

    My point is simple, don't be "untouchable" unless they pay you for your time…

    You have great advice, I can tell you are educated and prepare everything to the perfection and that's great… but don't be just "business only" like pay me if you want to interact with me…

    Some of your viewers are already broken and timid and introvert and find it hard to interact with women… you just emphasize the concept of "pay-to-play"… if they pay, they can interact with you…if not, they should be happy to just watch your videos…

    Luckily for me I've been blessed with women all my life, but I enjoy your content because it's really of good quality… and it's always interesting to find more about the woman's psychology, especially from the "horse's mouth" as the saying goes…

    Well done, keep up the great work you do… just be more approachable with your broken audience… some of them they truly deserve at least a small encouragement… even if they are not vip on your Patreon…

  12. Good Lord, all of your videos have been on point. Thank you.

  13. Can dress make you feel confident? Dressing in fine clothes is just part of your self being in. I think the most important thing is clothing your heart and everything will shine through.

  14. Good content and delivery

  15. I like the way u are looking in this video

  16. Sister Jesicca I don't know but if there is a trophy for the channel of the year , this is the channel.
    I tell a few persons about this channel and they said how they never heard about this before .
    One of them even try to contact you.
    His mirrage was is in shambles because of his style . You help him change and it works .
    You are an angel love you sis .

  17. Jess, u just one in a million. Anytime I watch ur videos, u make me feel more than capable. Thank you.

  18. Am okay the way i am take it or leave it

  19. thank you Jessica

    I see some characteristics about my self, however I payed more attention on paying attention on making mistake, what people think about you & self negative talk .(the law of attraction & the secret) Being black and good at something and how you look . that matter
    This can help me be better in any life situation. they can be my solutions to my life issues .stay focused like you said .

  20. You completely smart n genuinely

  21. You speak with much wit ma'am and I like your way of talking you really inspire me.

  22. Mucho gracias, Mrs Jessica. I have benefitted greatly from your videos

  23. I love your videos. Like David Goggins and David Peterson, you really know how to help motivate and help steer someone in the right direction. I’d definitely come to you for advice than any pua (pick up artist). Thank you.

  24. Wow I just subscribed! I have no words. Looking forward to learning more

  25. I love you Jesse ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️God bless you

  26. You always come with wit and wisdom. Please make a video about self love.

  27. Your confidence makes you so attractive

  28. Thank you Jessica πŸ™πŸΏ

  29. I get a lot of information and motivation from all your presentations, you are a blessing my sister πŸ™..keep doing what you doing …love you from South AfricaπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

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