8 Types of Jeans & Pants to Wear in the Fall | Men's Fashion & Style

8 Types of Jeans & Pants to Wear in the Fall | Men's Fashion & Style

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MOTT & BOW: https://bit.ly/3jRTNEf

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  1. Hey Rio great channel and advise you always give. I would like to try new colors and tones myself so because I'm 5’6-165lbs. what type of jeans you think I should go for? P.S how tall are you? Thanks in advance🙏🏽

  2. Great video Rio! Keep up with the great work.

  3. Really enjoyed the video! I agree how Medium wash denims are super versatile and a must have. I've been in need of a new medium wash denim so this video was very helpful! Thank you again

  4. The dark charcoal pants are by far my fav of the pairs so clean and can be dressed up or casual

  5. Can’t wait for the h&m hall

  6. If anyone want to purchase a calvin klein jean jacket. Amazon have the light blue for 22.99 . Well at least when I bought mines in XL.
    Update: I don't see the price anymore . I got Lucky.

  7. Keep me looking fresh Rio. 🙏

  8. Yo wassup Rio how u living?? Dope vid also good bottoms for fall are textured bottoms such as corduroy or suede if u can find a good pair. Also burgundy/maroon is a must at least for me

  9. Camouflage pants is so juvenile

  10. I’m doing good because I’ve got 5 out of 8 on the list 😉

  11. Gotta show how they fall on the kicks!

  12. That Champion joggers are lit!!!!!💥💥💥

  13. Born in St. Thomas, V.I. Raised around the world= Rio P. Love the olive pair! Check out the G-Star line with the color Asfalt in twill–that's my fav for fall. I would argue that G-Star is making high fashion and it's only called streetwear because it's customers are Black & it's been made in England.

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  15. Those tan trousers from H&M are🔥🔥🔥

  16. Another Informative video , Another automatic like !

  17. Great video King 🤎 The camo pants are nice. Definitely gonna show my friend this pair since he’s venturing into camo. ✊🏽

  18. Great fall options! I like that all of the pieces were very versatile. I agree, I think olive is overlooked often. It’s actually a “go to” color for me because of that reason.

  19. Featuring any wools this fall/winter?

  20. Great video Rio, love those dark gray chinos, I wear a similar pair regularly in the fall and winter

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