50 Cent Speaks Out About His Beef with Lil Wayne

Every hip-hop head knows that rap beefs and disses have played an important role in rap culture. The historic beef between Tupac (and Biggie was a reflection of the rivalry between the East Coast and the West Coast, and it tragically ended with the death of both rappers. Other rap beefs like NWA vs Ice Cube, Nas vs Jay-Z , Eminem vs Benzino…



  1. We thought these guys were cool.Now we just find out they're gay.But you're right really not wrong with that but if you're trying to hide it there is you know you're selling an image that you really aren't you're not hard you soft

  2. 50 is just jealous of Wayne. Real talk. 50 said most rappers are mad at Em because he's better at the black artform than most black rappers. Then, he says that Wayne stole his format (mixtapes) when Wayne was just better at it than him

  3. Lil Wayne been a rapper since he was 12. 50 pennies is a bully. His music is trash just like Eminem music. I've yet heard anyone pumping 50 pennies or Eminem music. But lil wayne?? I'm the fireman!! Stunting like my daddy. The block is hot!!! I can keep going


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