5 signs your woman has low self esteem issues and what you can do about it

5 signs your woman has low self esteem issues and what you can do about it

Lack of Self esteem in one partner can cause a huge strain on a relationship. Being able to…


  1. As a woman it's really hard to deal with someone with low self esteem. If you are struggling with low self esteem and you are aware seek help

  2. This is really amazing and helpful to me, thanks ma'am. I have a question though and the question is I have a best friend who I'm willing to practice all you have said with but if i share this video with her can she be offended?

  3. It is a very sad thing when a lady feels very low about herself. This show is one that must be seen by many who are outside of your audience, behavioral health caregivers; medical caregivers; family counselors, religious leaders, and others who are experienced with mental health care. I do believe that people who feel low about themselves need not to be cast aside. It takes a Gracious Great God to work through these poor souls even with persons as His instruments or tools to reach to each and every individual in the most appropriate and befitting way that adds a personal touch.

  4. How long should one tolerate such?

  5. As hard to hear as this is, I believe low self-esteem can only dealt with by the person in question. At best your partner can only offer support but it is upto you to make a choice on deliberately working on your confidence. Men are not rehabilitation centers for women's baggage (and vice versa) but can support them to rid themselves of it.

  6. Social media and the fake representation of people’s lives is a huge chunk of low self-esteem. As long as we look for external validation, men and women, we’ll be disappointed every time.

  7. Yeah, it saps energy dealing with a person with low self-esteem. It also requires immense patience putting up with them as sometimes they might interpret your willingness to walk with them as blind devotion that will always be there no matter how much they might vex you so they might make no effort at addressing their esteem problem. Nonetheless, in recognition of our own faults, it might be worthwhile to put in the work if the woman/person has all other things a man wants…

  8. Please ma, i need your advice on an important issue for me.

  9. My girl always come online but never chatt you me

  10. Great video as always Jessica 👏❤️
    Points well stated👌
    Very relatable topic

  11. Jessica is really beautiful ❤️

  12. Thanx for the effort to make research.

  13. Very very energy draining…

  14. Dear Jessica thank you once more for your lovely video!
    Everything from you is always the best!
    Cosmic Blessings and lots of Love and Light to you always!

  15. Hey! JOS! Your topics are always epic . I always wanna be with you 👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹

  16. Let a women handle that on her own. Her insecurities have nothing to do with u, but she will manipulate u into believing that they are derived from you and that her insecurities are your problems as they are hers…cheap tricks. We gotta stop giving women a little too much 💯 She would never do all that confidence mental gymnastics for u, wakey wakey. If u not confident u don’t get anywhere but u gotta hold her hand every mood swing G.T.F.O.H. 😂

  17. This video really made my day.. I'm glad I watched it.. my girlfriend has same issues and watching this video gave me a clue on how to handle our situation cause sometimes I get impatient.. Thanks a lot once again

  18. At times low self esteem affects both and truly my partner displays it as much as I do and this will benefit us both once we implement it

  19. Seeking validation about appearance is a very common trait with women
    For example, she will always be asking you to tell her how she looks

  20. It's the seriousness of your face in the beginning of the video for me… Lol

  21. Watching from canada what a power woman you are where are you getting all tide power wosdom?

  22. If women are empowered strongly in their own way, it will go a long way to build a better generation. Thanks for bringing this up. 👍👍👍

  23. Hi Jessica, i beg to differ. A man cannot redeem a damaged/ insecure lady. I did all you listed and she still left me. My ex knew she was insecure and told me herself. You also omitted girls with daddy issues, absent father syndrome as one of the causes. If a girl is not willing to heal herself, no amount of love and encouragement can help. Can you believe I once had a girl who told me she doubted my feelings for her because I don't beat her or snatch her phone to go through it. That was my cue to set her free

  24. always looking amazing Jesse, nice topic

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