5 reasons why customers do not buy from you in Zambia

5 reasons why customers do not buy from you in Zambia

Here are the 5 reasons why customers do not buy from you in Zambia. If you want to increase your…


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  2. This is very informative and indeed people are afraid of being scammed.
    Great video!

  3. You definitely right about all this tips im sure taking it into consideration

  4. 🀣🀣..Dm for price😀..Having an online store is a big step for a business.though not easy

  5. I’ve been scammed on Instagram and it hurts 😩

  6. DM for price 🀣🀣🀣 omo so they do that in Zambia too 🀣

  7. These are really great customer service tips especially responding to customer questions online. Very important.

  8. Great tips I really find your content helpful

  9. Oh really, this is true it applies to other countries too , great tips , you have shared ,

  10. Not just for Zambians, Africans as a whole. Customer service is a big issue online and offline. Thank you for the advice

  11. Amazing tips and advice, I always advice for the prices on products

  12. Thanks for the tips…these are very helpful to do business online.

  13. I feel DM for price is a huge turn off everywhere in the world. It's so annoying if you ask me

  14. The other problem people have is they post pictures not captured by them
    I think that's another reason we buy things that look different when they get to us

  15. Aaaahhh dm for price !!! And also, no patience with customers. They talk as if they’re doing us a favor o

  16. This is really great tips for Zambians

  17. Having to ask sellers price in dm put me off most times. This act discourages ppl not only In Zambia bu everywhere… thanks for this info

  18. When selling online,communication is the key as it helps the customer to feel comfortable

  19. This is a very great tips for people in Zambia ,thanks

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