5 attractive Traits that show women you have class

5 attractive Traits that show women you have class

Do you wanna know whether women think you have class? Do you wanna know whether they find you…


  1. Didn't have to wait to the end to punch the like button. This video is classic and heartwarming. Your definition of the Word Class blew my mind already before the main gist.

  2. Hey there lovely. Love ur videos and ur knowledge on relationship s. Love hearing ur intelligent intellect. The topics u touch base on be right on point 🎯

  3. Just discovered your channel today, my my my ❣️💋❣️ your content is out of this world.. Im in love 🎱🎯

  4. But if she doesn't have class, How in the HELL is she going to recognize it…and that's FACTUAL 💯

  5. nice job jesse; i like your work

  6. I like your spirit girl, #lol improving my style it led to a bit of a fight with my wife. Lol I like it, keep your good wods coming I Sims like I'm about to get more women than Solomon from the Bible because of you. Thank you, you're the best #im in South Africa

  7. I can't get enough of your words👌👌👌

  8. Yeah all what you have to do is just look at yourself in the mirror and say i am strong, i am confident and you will be instead of manning up

  9. Am having some problems with my partner,
    1, she doesn't want to have sex with me.
    2, she says she doesn't love sex.
    3, communication has come something else.
    4, I always do things .
    5, what can i do help me ,

  10. How do I give a double like this is more than a blessings I'm grateful.

  11. After trait 1, I'm disqualified 🙂

  12. Had to watch the video twice to get 2X the wisdom. 😂

  13. I just discovered you, all the way from Kenya
    .honestly I like you already you are such an inspiration.

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