5 Actors vs 1 Real Doctor

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Kevin Langue

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5 Actors vs 1 Real Doctor

sub so I can hit 900k or you’re banned.

Guess The Doctor!

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  1. had some issues with Aryia's mic, we tried really hard to fix it but this is the best we could do im so sorry yall!! but on a positive note…. WE ALMOST AT 900K SUBS WTF IS GOING ON?!? i feel like all i do these days is stare out windows and hold back tears thinking of how lucky i am lmaooo (omg i'm literally starting to tear up as i write this smh wtf is wrong with me) i just can't believe so many of you care about me and my channel. million subs or not, i just want you to know that i feel incredibly thankful everyday that i get to entertain you as my job and i will never take you for granted!! anyways,,,,, hope you enjoy this one!! PS. THERES A CLIP AT THE VERY END WITH SOME FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS 🙂

  2. these videos consistently end in disappointment bruh stop cutting it off before letting the contestants TALK. you give 0.2 seconds of the reveal and then cut the video off 💀

  3. that wasnt even a fair game 2 was playing dumb and trolling the full time and wouldn't answer and played around like noone can guess when your purposly trying to give the wrong answers

  4. I don’t even know what I just watched. Everyone had dead giveaways in the first 6 minutes except patel and #2 has no idea what happened in her past and can’t answer any questions

  5. I knew it was 2 the way she is standing with her hands behind her back. Her scrub top tucked in. Like she was playing dumb to throw them off and it worked. But this was a great episode.

  6. I had to watch again to see how y’all trolled the real doctor all through . Y’all are begining to joke too much and not thinkand analyze . Not everyone is good with speeches !Do better team, i’m rooting for y’all .

  7. Ngl Dr Singh makes sense from the start because for the actors, of course they'll remember the answer, they recently memorized the script