48 Hours in Sudan 2018: Pyramids, Dervishes, and UNESCO Sites!

48 Hours in Sudan 2018: Pyramids, Dervishes, and UNESCO Sites!

48 Hours in Sudan

After having explored most of the Middle Eastern countries reachable within a…


  1. Thank you, my friend, for coming to my country and reflecting the expectations of some people who think that Sudan is a country of violence and a country of terrorism. Otherwise, what do you think of generosity and hospitality 🥀❤️

  2. Sudan has the largest number of pyramids in the world, and the White and Blue Nile rivers converge, and it has the Al-Dandar Reserve, which is larger than the state of Lebanon.

  3. Sudan is a beautiful country and the most beautiful characteristic of Sudan is the kindness of people and security. We welcome you in the land of kindness, beauty and goodness, the land of summer and the Nile, an extended civilization. Thank you for your presence and reflecting a beautiful image of Sudan

  4. Nice and good people from Sudan, should be more open for tourism,and invest in Port Sudan and Red sea coast.

  5. As Sudanese guy all I can say welcome to Sudan 🇸🇩 we love you

  6. As you can see from the video, the same gods worshiped by the Egyptians are painted in the Sudanese walls.

  7. The Pharaos were also Nubians from what is now Sudan. People tend to consider the Pharaos only as Egyptians, but that is completely wrong. Actually, there is some prejudice regarding the identification of Pharaos and Kings around the Nile region. The archeologists disregarded the so called "black" pharaoes, what one could say it was an archeological racism. In fact, Sudan has a lot to see, so many pyramids and they also had their share in the Pharao world, which can not be undermined.

  8. Could this woman with sunglasses STOP to POSSING all the time , … IS she a clown or so ❓❓ ❓… 💥She is so ANNOYING and make the video looks STUPID ❗❗❗ … FYI

  9. Good,now its running text..perfect ! ) Hope you bebieve now, its very piecefull people there..

  10. How could you show Sudan and screen is closed by text ? ? .not clever presentation(

  11. Thank alolt for showing us to the world

  12. Thank you very much for your presence in your presence in Sudan, I hope to come once again We love you so much ♥🇸🇩

  13. Thanks a lot for visiting my company and I hope that you enjoyed .

  14. The most kind honest friendly people in the world and this is may be due to many civilization came to the river Nile, African, Egyptian, Turkish,

  15. تحيااا السودان 🇸🇩 ✌🏾♥♥♥

  16. There is a lot of beautiful places you should visit in Sudan and many traditional meals tray it next time.
    Welcome to Sudan 😀

  17. Interesting to see Yanks bringing their hang ups all the way they go huh

  18. To be honest this is the best documentary visit to Sudan pyramid I had never so before thank you guys you did great and we hope to see you again in there.

  19. just back from Rwanda, now sudan any tips please

  20. Welcome to Sudan at a time guys

  21. Luv from S Sudan 🇸🇸❤️🇸🇩

  22. Great video guys!I am a cabin crew and I am in Khartoum this period .I am having maximum 48 hours like you guys to rest and I need more info about how I can book this trip and how much did it cost.Can you help?

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