36 Mafia And Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Come To Blows On Verzuz Stage!

36 Mafia And Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Come To Blows On Verzuz Stage!

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia came to blows during there verzuz battle tonight Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia are next in line for a …


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  1. No contest. Bone didn't even use all of their bangers and still smashed that shit. 36 might rock a club, but the club ain't the streets. Bone is the streets and has rocked with real legends. 36 is regional. Bone is worldwide. 36 tried to pay the crowd off. Funny shit! And the crowd wasn't shit! They should've been way more amp'd up for both groups. Made Cali cats look square and out of touch.

  2. Staged ..they've been friends since 98

  3. Only person to get punch was from Three-6 Mafia side. You can see when that dude in white trips and falls into Bones side, Flesh pops him left handed while pulling Bizzy back…you can see the dudes hat come off

  4. Mafia 6 all way, they won. The lineup, Project Pat, Eightball & MJG, Lil Flip, Gangsta Boo, and Lil Wayne was iconic.

  5. Boo…. Dam when we gone be able to be at peace with one another….👎🏾

  6. Gotta go with the home team. Love 36 mafia!

  7. Man I didn't watch the versus I had someone to do 2 of my favorite groups going at it I started fly from my throne move in space and check that shit on both sides and this a Lord Jesus call

  8. Them boys from the east don't underestimate them.

  9. Bone shit on them bruh cut it out dude u sound stupid

  10. This scuffle was better than any fight triller has put out lol

  11. I have respect for both of these groups

  12. this is soooooo corny… these are grown men in their 50's plus that in the present day is totally embarrassing to the culture… so sad. BOth groups need the publicity and should make it continue the growth of Hip Hop…. This why TRAP is winning

  13. This versus thing was cool and all when the pandemic was high and deep but 50 said it best it was only for that we backed into reality knows by nobody's in the house everybody's back to work people did get laid off and everything and they back out looking for jobs and doing whatever they back to the real life you do not need to be keep doing verses now if you want to do concerts with each other and make real money and bigger money he'll do that but he's not going to do a versus cuz they don't make no sense to him and I agree. It doesn't make sense now it made sense to make people happy when they stuck in the house that's it

  14. Battle was 🔥🔥🔥…they squash it right there on the stage like men!legendary groups 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  15. F you f your shitty video and f your terrible reporting wish I could block u

  16. Bone thugs vs three six mafia list
    BTNH 18-2
    1. Who run it – no surrender (w)
    2. Tear the club up – body rott (w)
    3. ???? – look into my eyes (w)
    4. Sippin on syrup (w) – Buddha lovaz
    5. ??? – days of our livez (w)
    6. Ridin spinners (w) – bump in the trunk
    7. Where my dollars at – Ressurrection (w)
    8. Poppin my collar – foe the love of $ (w)
    9. Side2side – Ridin dirty (w)
    10. Bands make her – I don’t give a fucc (w)
    11. Project pat set – thuggish ruggish bone (w)
    12. High as f – budsmokers only (w)
    13. Playas anthem – thug luv (w)
    14. Crunk ain’t dead – east 1999 (w)
    15. Wiz & juicy – notorious thugs (w)
    16. Stay high – mo murda (w)
    17. Terrance Howard – fried day (w)
    18. Katy pery juicy J – breakdown (w)
    19. Half on a sack – weed song (w)
    20. Slob on my knob – tha crossroads (w)

    Now go listen those songs back to back

  17. They to old for this man

  18. Three Six won that shit hands down !!

  19. It happens. Point is they pulled it together for the fans !!

  20. Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run

  21. How old are we now?😬🙄😬🙄😬🙄😬🙄😬🙄😬🙄😬🙄😬🙄

  22. I'm very disappointed at these two leagues… if jezzy and Gucci where sombody got killed and the show ended peacful these two had no reason to fight…and now nobody gonna want to book them for more shows…yall blow the real bag…yall could of done a tour now look smh…the music is becoming a main outlet for violence and death…and im tried of it…im going music monk mode😅

  23. Lazy can’t keep trying to keep the group together if bizzy going to act out, Bone won that

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