30 minute meal prep – Portuguese Chicken

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30 minute meal prep – Portuguese Chicken

Did you know that Portuguese Chicken is also called Peri Peri Chicken?
Try this amazing recipe which is so quick and easy to prepare it will definately be a hit. Takes about 30 minutes to make and is a 2 part recipe which first entails you to marinate the chicken and then make a sauce to pour into the chicken.

It can be baked in an oven or on…



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  1. This looks nice but it is not Portuguese piri piri chicken. My mum does not even know what ghee is. No offender, I love Indian food. Real Portuguese piri piri is made with other ingredients including a special ingredient that gives that omg taste. It was not included in this video.

  2. The dish originated from Mozambique. When Portugal gave independence to the African colonies, some Portuguese colonisers moved to South Africa and Portugal and took this dish with them. Chillies originate from the Americas and were introduced to the World by the Portuguese.