2face And Pero Secret Wedding?? Tiktok Lady Beaten By Cultistsx Aiye Finally Speaks

2face And Pero Secret Wedding?? Tiktok Lady Beaten By Cultistsx Aiye Finally Speaks

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  1. That custom guy is a bandit recruiter into custom Nigeria you don't have the full video

  2. Na lie dem no resemble for voice at all

  3. Pero is the first wife to tuface the father of all nation. Annie is just giving herself stress for nothing

  4. Women, please respect yourself 🙏🏾

  5. About the question of the day, what if the person doesn't show up, how much will I win?

  6. If na so,2face should finish what he started, he should marry them all,keep pero 4 abj as Annie resides in lag

  7. Anni's greatest mistake is fighting 2baba's family in public. you can't win this fight, things can never go back to normal again, unfortunately. my mum tried it with my dad's family and she lost everything, us her children included. Anni's case is worse nobody is in her camp. my grandma and my dad were with my mum still she lost. something common though and very key is intertribal marriage. unfortunately, my mom and Anni are both Calabar women married to Igbo and Idoma respectively. don't forget Idoma and Igbo share a lot in common traditionally.

  8. With all dis I don't think I will ever get married

  9. Q of the day. None. Our dad trained everyone to respect time.

  10. Tega and Boma knows what they're doing – just for the gram.

  11. Question of the day is:I will invite u abraham to the function…because u look like who use to late to function every well

  12. Everything depends on 2face, he should just be careful… bring both together is not a problem since pepo didn't moved on..

  13. Question of the day … I will invite myself cause I’m always late 😛🤣🤣.. was once told I’m the kinda guy who will be late for my own funeral lol

  14. Happy weekend y’all … I’m not a huge fan of Nigeria politics but I totally agree with the governor FFK is always bragging about he’s family reputation what he’s dad is but the question is has he maintain the same integrity , anyone who cross carpet (like men will say ) / jump ship can not be trusted it’s like a girl who’s got serious with the bestie she was shagging while in a relationship what’s the assurance she won’t do the same to the bestie … FFK should work on he’s own legacy not bragging on he’s fathers old success …

  15. Pero is doing all this things because she have sons and annie don't have a son

  16. How do you make peace with person that don't like you

  17. Don’t do love voodoo oh please find real love

  18. Annie was right she just came out about it the wrong way

  19. They don’t like Annie that’s obvious so sad. They are doing it to get to her so immature

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