250 Rappers That Died In 2021 [Rap Rewind 2021]

250 Rappers That Died In 2021 [Rap Rewind 2021]

Rappers Who Died In 2021 (Dead Rappers 2021), Celebrities That Died In 2021 & Best Rap Songs…


  1. RIP to all the people we lost last year. This video format is slowly turning into a series. Next up is the Best Rappers Of All Time Tournament! EDIT Here are more rappers that passed away in 2021 (so we definitely lost more than just 250 rappers): La Mafia, Red Dot, BG Casino, MPR Jeezy, L.A. Get Litt, Truski, OBN ManMan, Jaiden901x, Uno Deep, Cash Bandicoot, CutDog, Bank'd up Benji, Uncle Bo, KingK Gambino, Buckem Down Dsavv.
    200 Rappers That Died In 2020: https://youtu.be/OtlMvWbs-ao
    More Hip-Hop videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNxrdTjgEbxx3Dp3HVCp06r03jCdaoaYA

  2. Listen to what they rap about the power of the tounge

  3. 90% of the death are gun violence

  4. How many of the gun violence cases involved a white shooter? Is there any rapper who died up gun violence that never use the n-bomb in there lyrics,

  5. Everyone a rapper now

  6. The era of rapsnitches..so no surprise..get it how you live

  7. It was wrong time for DMX to die…he have 15 kids! 🙏🏻

  8. That number of death of rappers is increasing because hip hop getting less talented that anybody can rap now so therefore the more people who become rappers the more that end up dead. Out of the 250 like 5 or 10 are real rappers the rest are fake indrocnated morons with guns and drugs and no father figures

  9. You Speak Death.. Death Will Find You ✨ A lot of Them Just Speaking Spells and Curses in there Lives! Their words are just manifesting what the saying, it’s doing exactly what you say! The Bible says in Matthew 12:37 – For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

  10. Rip to all the rappers I’m glad some of them really made it before they died

  11. You think its coincidence that so many Rappers died ,bru?

  12. The illuminati are whacking them using the secret code of Gematria. FACT.

  13. I appreciate your content and you are right, it's not just the big names that's dying.👍👍❤️.

  14. Half these are Just Copy pasted rappers. They rap the same, their bars are full of the same content, there personality are the same, along with their music videos and they die the exact same way. And when other rapper is gaining popularity THEIR THE EXACT SAME AS THE OTHERS

  15. everyone trying to be a rapper nowdays makes sense

  16. 90% of these people could be alive and nobody would know 🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. Kill me in the Gucci store better then dying in front of the 7/11 in the hood any day!!

  18. This makes me wonder what would happen if guns never existed.

  19. so many gun violence victims 💔, fly high babies.

  20. It’s sad that they died in their sins and burning in hell forever it’s not worth partying smoking weed

  21. No disrespect but 9ine Three sound like youngboy/dababy

  22. In KDot, I almost thought that Kendrick Lamar is dead.

  23. I’m Buddhist but, “Then Jesus said onto him, Put up again thy sword unto his place: for all those that take the sword (gun) shall perish with the sword.” (Matthew 26, 26:52)

    200 deaths by Gun Violence, 5 by stabbings vs. 45 by all other causes. That’s a ratio of 4.5:1 folks. It ain’t right. We need to reclaim and re-produce Hip Hop. Yes?

  24. I still can’t believe we lost king von young Dolph and king von

  25. why would i respect scum of earth
    like look and listen to them lol
    good riddance

  26. I’m old school so I don’t recognize most of these names but DMX and Biz Markie were my generation. I loved Biz Markie and first listened to him back in 1986. Can’t believe these guys are gone. Damn, I’m getting old

  27. They mostly all rapped about killing people. Bringing bad karma from the start.

  28. 6dogs died a while ago this video off

  29. Great culture. FFS….White supremacy,right? Shameful culture.

  30. I don’t want to even be a artist, this shit heartbreaking. 250 gun violence?? You can’t make it in this hateful world bruh..

  31. The death is only one but the reason is so many those whom lose them life for stupid things bulshit rape jealousy drog

  32. How did Sound Sultan of blessed memory make it to this list? He is not an American rapper or artist so am surprised to see his death made the list. 😲😲😲

  33. I wish the clips were longer than 5 seconds, respect tho ✊🏾💯

  34. Ynt Juan man was not gang affiliated

  35. 250 deaths 200 gun violence……..

  36. Common dominator…..gun.

  37. I have no idea who these people are

  38. All I see is a bunch of young guys who got into the streets thinking that it was cool and they end up dying

  39. Most of these dead rappers are all gang related!

  40. Surprised to see Sound Sultan 🇳🇬

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