21 Minutes of Nate Bargatze | Netflix Is A Joke

21 Minutes of Nate Bargatze | Netflix Is A Joke

Check out some highlights from Nate Bargatze’s specials.



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  1. The Nathan / Nathaniel bit has me laughing out loud every time I hear it. So good

  2. My new favorite comedian 😂

  3. Looks like a younger Tom Lennon

  4. If Chuck E Cheese continues serving Bud Lite it can finally go out of business.😆

  5. This man deserves a 4 hour special!

  6. Wow. I’m stoked to have found a new fav comedian

  7. Nate is one of my all-time favorite comedians, he's so underrated. One of the greatest right up there with Jefferies and Louie except the only difference is he hasn't done anything to piss me off at him yet. Like the other two have. Still great but they pissed me off. Love you Nate dawg

  8. Yepper. U would get trained for lower body bc every dude loves upper body and shun lower. It’s Popeye syndrome. It’s embarrassing. My hus taught our dau advanced math. He’s a physicist. She got an F on the paper bc the math teacher could not do the math. Dau cried & says, Nvr help me again. I’ve got to dumb it down for the teacher. Middle school. She bc a bio scientist working at Harvard Med Went back to sch. Now, Optometrist.

  9. This guy is funny, but his material is really relevant to me, a man married to a woman for over 20 years- I identified with all but the sleeping-with-the-kid bit! lol

  10. 😂😂😂 "we didnt talk in florida, I'll tell ya that" im dead

  11. This man gets me through many a night at work pulling orders in a warehouse by myself laughing my ass off like a crazy person!

  12. Makes me smile. Thank you

  13. Good clean comedy that is both brilliant and funny . No Kathy Griffin ,SNL, Dice Clay, etc. etc.etc. with NO disgusting Fart jokes, Raunch,F words , other spewed obscenities, vomit, gross or inimate,gross human body parts and actions drivel. Just straight up genius FUNNY wholesome comedy that makes ALL people regardless of gender,race , ethnic group, social class, etc. LAUGH ! Nate is original and yet keeps everything clean .
    😊. He's a marvelous comedian. Thank you sir.

  14. I love his delivery so much, I'll watch his acts over and over. 😂

  15. I just discovered him a few months ago. What a gem! His delivery and stories about everyday life are perfection. I love this guy!!

  16. After 5 minutes the video turned black? Can’t see anything

  17. Omg his jokes got me all like 😐

  18. did they put in a laugh track on this?

  19. I'm DEAD 😅😅😅😅

  20. This guy is really funny

  21. Omg! My husband does the same thing with the example of the plane and what time it leaves. Makes zero sense and he doesn’t understand the issue.

  22. '…. Laura…. I don't know if you even know what an airport is….'

  23. Common core is called lattice in Illinois, I had to relearn this stuff m

  24. His father is magician Stephen Bargatze!?@?

  25. Ugh! Nate Bargatze does not need a laugh track. He’s fine without it.

  26. Joe Rogan needs to take lessons. You don't have to scream every punch line.

  27. They divorced because of her not me, so why do I have to go to 50 different house 😂😂

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