2 WS Charged After Chasing & Busting At Black FedEx Driver While Delivering Packages

2 WS Charged After Chasing & Busting At Black FedEx Driver While Delivering Packages

Phillip Scott reports on a FedEx delivery driver that almost lost his life at the hands of WS.


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  2. Not dumb. …indifference……lawsuit ……lawsuit . . ..lawsuit… ..

  3. I agree
    R Mack
    An Elder

  4. If they see a blackman moving.they what to chase him.😂

  5. THESE people Look so UNFORTUNATE and are probably mad about that and want to take their anger Out on us.

  6. that was attempted murder

  7. Bet they took the frdx driver back to the house just to get his footprint and fingerprints on the place.

  8. They need to start having these types of jobs with self protection

  9. dey gotta be related to da farther and son who shot my man joggin…dey look alot like em rite

  10. Stray dogs still chasing the mailman?

  11. I can't wait too see the unjust get their time in torment and I will be the Judge and Jury.

  12. Real talk. I don't wanna go to a black neighborhood either. I used to deliver for Amazon, and it was my brothers and sisters that always tried to rob me

  13. Wouldn't it be nice if this father and son duo was prosecuted, and sentenced to the same prison, and put in the same cell as the McMichaels?

  14. After this Ukraine situation if black people don’t come together. I will no longer talk to any black people or have any black friends 💯

  15. It’s a Blessing that info is Never really deleted. It can be resumed.

  16. How can the truck only have two bullet holes but the packages inside have three holes? Obviously they were more holes in the truck that they are trying to minimize. I don’t care what FedEx says this was an act of attempted murder and this guy should be held for no less of a charge than that while FedEx be charged for obstructing progress in the development of a crime which happens to be a crime of attempted murder against an employee while working.

  17. I guess They didn't learn from The Other HB's in Georgia!

  18. They sent him back on same route the next day yessss I wouldn’t have went back up period ………

  19. I live close to where he live I am so sorry for this young man God saved him he will never be the same anymore 😢💔🙏🏽✝️☮️

  20. Why do white people hate us so much?

  21. They need to be punished to the full extent these two areTHEAT TO SOCIETY FOR THE PUBLIC Locked up FOR LIFE

  22. They should have been charged with a hate crime long time ago this shouldn't lingered on and they thought they were going to get away with it because they had entitlement attempted murder front and center.

  23. Question: why wasn’t the company truck that the employee was using taken into evidence (towed in, crime scene)……with bullet whole in it?????please pass this also to acting attorneys! Thank you

  24. Fed ex in t r o u b l e!!! Look to me like black folks getting their reparations one way or another!!! So grateful that young man is safe!!! APTTMH💕🙏🏾

  25. These men need to be on attempted murder charges no bail. The reason white supremacist keep doing this is because they are not getting published for it. A black man minding his business could get profiled and loaded bs charges but these men try to kill a man and they don't even use half the charges they should

  26. Same thing as Ahmad Aubrey

  27. Wow that’s them. Old men again. You would have thought someone younger

  28. Why do we keep living in states where these people get away with shooting us or shooting at us. They have no respect for black life.

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