17 Most in-demand jobs for the next 10 year (and jobs that have no future)

17 Most in-demand jobs for the next 10 year (and jobs that have no future)

Watch this video to find out the top 17 jobs of the future and 7 jobs that have no future in the…


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  1. civil engineering apportunity will grow future

  2. Interesting. QA testers in my area makes around $53k a year, super low compared to other jobs in it here

  3. Are ca , cfa finance jobs have threats. Plz reply… I ve completed my High school and I've opted for this career

  4. Marina, May I ask what kind of national are you? Looks like Slavic

  5. What about web development?

  6. ESG, oh, that thing that’s already debunked and dead.

  7. What about communication desing??? Scopes like graphic designer??

  8. Nurses def don’t make that much in the US unfortunately. Maybe travel nurses but they’re being pushed out of the hospitals now like the plague.

  9. Right now we have chat-gpt… AI will replace most of the jobs that are only computer done.

  10. 10:20 it's called an electrician. What a clueless valley girl 🤦‍♂️

  11. Really generic video but the source is Bureau of Labor statistics so its expected. A fine example of the genericness of this video is "Internet lawyer is a new type of job". Anyone in the industry has had an internet lawyer for he past 5 years. My company had a crypto specific lawyer for the past 5 years.

  12. It's ok. You couldn't predict chatgpt

  13. Engravers? Really? Why would the demand fall? I think there will always be people who love to engrave their belongings or gifts.

  14. Data Journalist lol this video didn't age well

  15. What about employment and unemployment councilor's

  16. When it comes to healthcare, Dont ever trust white coats, they dont cure the cause, just treat the symptoms.

  17. This is a great list, however I'm confused about the home health aide median salary being $60,000. I have a friend who has been working in that industry for years and I don't think she even makes $15 an hour. The internet says in my state 27 k is the median salary for home health aides. Maybe there are two different professions with similar titles? These are people who take care of the elderly and disabled in their home and then get paid less than minimum wage most of the time, much like childcare workers. It's very important work, very very hard work but no one values it and treats them properly. Maybe there's another similar job where they actually do get paid but I don't know. I feel like if that existed then everyone I've met in that profession would be switching.

  18. What’s the future of Doctor ?

  19. I’d say Engineers , plus a few other very essential things in B2B /industrial/manufacturing. Seems like you’re slanted towards B2C businesses.

  20. What about unicorn walker?

  21. I only expected jobs that I would not even understand from its title .😅 Even my profession is number 3. Did not expect.

  22. Thank you for your video! It’s so useful!💕 love your energy

  23. Those low wage jobs (cooks/catering and home health and personal care) won't pay enough for you to get a house and start a family.

  24. What is increase gig economy, pay as you work, competiveness. Therefor many marketing coaches are needed.

  25. Unless you live in California, New York, Hawaii, and maybe Minnesota will you make that as a registered nurse. Don't forget the cost of living is high in those places too.

  26. Just pointing out #7 for nurses the summary you listed on screen is for post graduate degrees. Nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife and nurse practitioners are all masters or doctoral degrees. That high salary reflects those not a bachelor’s degree nurse.

  27. This video is kind of hilarious. I’m glad I know something about the changing culture and the cost of living. Most of these jobs would not be a good choice. The part about upcoming jobs and the top three was interesting.

  28. What about veterinary nurses or veterinary doctors ? Thanks

  29. Silicon Valley Girl? Oof. Is this the part where you layoff tens of thousands of people because you aren't as smart as you think you are? Silicon Valley is a massive circle jerk. Take if from someone who lived and worked there.

  30. Watch repairers….. What the heck? It's been falling since the 60s. No kidding. These jobs in decline are hilarious. Didn't realize they exist.

  31. ESG is quite the racket. Definitely money to be made in it.

  32. I have been a Registered nurse for over 30 years and that rate of pay is pure BS. I have talked to 100's of nurse in my life NONE make that kind of money.

  33. Qa tester. Very funny

  34. I’m a meat department butcher! Think we will be n demands as long as humanity eat meats! Backbreaking work but human gotta eat meat! 😂

  35. I don't see fitness trainer even being a growth field when so much of the information can be found on the internet for FREE.

  36. Hard to compare jobs that mainly req college education vs jobs that (most) mentioned do not

  37. you look like Lily Collins

  38. You forgot social workers. The need for social workers have been increasing for the past few years especially with therapist and the rise of mental health awareness.

  39. You forgot social workers. The need for social workers have been increasing for the past few years especially with therapist and the rise of mental health awareness.

  40. What about accountants? Will everything just be done by computer programs?

  41. I wonder how much more ice will melt in the next ten years?

  42. im a gangster your telling me im out of work forget bout it…

  43. How lazy can you be to not park your own car?, by the way watch repairers will not die since some watches are fashion items not just utility watches

  44. Over my lifetime, I've seen many such "jobs of the future" lists. They are alway wrong, and this list is no different. (No 'predictor' pays a penalty for being wrong on this. Note that, for example, Meta laid off 10 thousand or so, so did Twitter, and I suppose other techs have and are hiding it.)

  45. Thanks Marina for this information, it was very interesting to see the predictions about the future jobs and like always practice my hearing with you.

  46. As a nurse of 9 years, don't do it lol

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