16 BL Series To Watch In April 2022

16 BL Series To Watch In April 2022

April is here! Here are 16 BL Series to watch for this new month that will surely keep us…


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  2. Do you have any recommendations for bl mistery series?

  3. enchanté is my comfort series and i highly recommend it❤️

  4. Thank you for your hard work making list i faund few bl series to add to my written notebook list to bl series to watch

  5. I’ve just finished kinnporche and I now don’t know what to do with myself

  6. 0:24 which bl is this?? i can’t find it

  7. I hope there's a season 2 for Cherry blossom after winter huhu

  8. Cutie Pie in a league of its own

  9. Nothing tops kinnporsche

  10. How do much do you like the bl series?

    Thai: yesss

  11. Tuxedo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Kinnporche cutie pie and 2gether my fav bl series!

  13. Drove 150 km to watch the Cherry Magic movie yesterday. Was worth it.

  14. I think it was in ep 8 that I realized that Blueming was adapted from the manhwa called "There is something wrong with my popularity"

  15. Can someone please tell me the name of the series appeared at 0:23 where this red shirt dude is patting the head of other.

  16. Kinn Porsche: a series that has all you need 🔥

  17. BLUEMING is worth everything. The story, concept, cinematography everything chef kiss

  18. Bl will never be the same again if is not better than KinnPorsche

  19. Scout🥰🥰🥰💕♥️♥️💕💕❤️❤️

  20. 1. Cherry blossoms after winter
    2. Enchanté
    3. The tuxedo
    4. Secret crush on you
    5. Cutie Pie
    6. Cupids last wish
    7. Dear doctor
    8. Our days
    9. La cuisine
    10. Physical therapy
    11. Blueming (who can define popularity)
    12. KinnaPorshe
    13. Star in my mind
    14. Meow Ears Up
    15. What Zabb man
    16. Cherry Magic The movie

  21. I really love "Cutie Pie" series. The cinematography, background scoring, songs, the lead actors overflowing chemistry, & their acting is superb. Nunew is a newcomer in this industry and has instantly given a lead role and he nailed it. 💯yes, it's his first acting role. His voice is really amazing as well. I instantly fall for his cuteness, his talent and personality. You can check-out his Japanese, Korean, and Chinese song covers here on YT. Nunew is bilingual, yeah he can speak & understand English and Chinese. I love his accent, so cute. I was just smiling while watching this whole series. Stress reliever.💕

  22. Cutie pie and Kinnporsche!!

  23. hated the secret crush on you . it was obsession

  24. Kinn looks 🔥 in that thumbnail

  25. On the thumbnail one is kinnporsche who is the other guy

  26. Everyone knows kinnporache is going to knock this year's awards

  27. Star in my mind has 8 episodes

  28. Where i can watch kinnporche in full episodes in free

  29. Star In My Mind and Cutie Pie are my favourite BLs of 2022. I know it's just the month of May, but I don't think these 2 can be topped in my heart. I'm just so in love with these 2 series and their casts!!

  30. Joong was in 2moon2* not 2moons…those are two different bl's. also, it's been already 3 years since 2moons2 was airing not 2

  31. Semantic error and kinnporche are both above average

  32. Star in my mind kinnporsche and secret crush on you.. I fking ❤❤ this one.. Their chemistry 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. ok so most people say #1 kinnporsche and #2 blueming then ## secret crush on you … I'd have to agree

  34. Everyone is talking about blueming….where to watch please

  35. Me watching this on 16 may … And there's is 16 bl to watch….❣️🦋 Also the timing of it is 12:46 pm … Why all are 6 ….

  36. I'm curently watching Star In My Mind and Kinn Porsche, so far I am so in love with this two series. I hope I can watch other new series too if I have free time.

  37. KinnPorshe is the Third best BL of all time !!
    Number 1 : The Untamed
    Number 2 : Sotus
    Number 3 : KinnPorshe
    Number 4 : TharnType

    These 4 are Quality BL with good plot and Amazing actors with incredible Chemisty… the rest are Bleh and Lacking.

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