15 Things you need to know before traveling Mozambique

15 Things you need to know before traveling Mozambique

In 2016 I was traveling Mozambique for about 10 days. Everything you need to know before…


  1. thanks for useful information. soon i will travel to Mozambique for work and i found your video very informative.

  2. What's that line coming up from your right eyebrow…just pay them…

  3. I can't hear a thing you are saying…

  4. i don't like Mozambique, but i like your traveling and commentary of youtube. because i have been to Mozambique several days. when i take off the airport and get visa, the customs not only need the USD 200 for visa but also need tips USD40 and RMB200. They are greedy.
    and On the streets of Mozambique, locals come up at any time to rob you and stab you with a knife.

  5. Can I start business in Mozambique?

  6. Thank you for mentioning DriveMoz. Yes we have an active FB group, Telegram Groups, Zello Groups, a website http://www.DriveMoz.co.za and a special FB Members area on the website where all the requirements for driving, 3rd party insurance , Registered Sim Cards and Data for Mozambique, overnight facilities and also lots of interaction on the FB group.
    The roads are fine very few potholes. Remember to check the group https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595623513871580&ref=br_rs unfortunately you drove past Morrungulo area, it is secluded and beautiful … less tourists and not too far from the main road even for normal cars.

  7. I'm Mozambican and I can assure you that everything she said is true. Come visit us, you'll definitely fall in love with the food especially. Peace and love.

  8. I love the fact that you're a foodie, I definitely want to visit Mozambique now

  9. On point, very informative and you highlighted everything in detail.

  10. Visa-on-arrival is available for citizens of all countries to visit Mozamabique. For neighbours of Mozambique like South Africa, visa is not required.

  11. Hi i am pakistani
    want to go maputo
    How can i get the visa

  12. Thank you for this video! I plan on traveling alone. Do you recommend Mozambique for a solo female traveler?

  13. very informative video thank you. I'm going to Mozambique this coming Friday

  14. Thank you so much for talking so well about my beautiful country of birth & mother land. I planing to go some time soon.

  15. Good to know thanks im planning a road trip for 2020 across Africa and this cross border rental issue is proving a pain hopefully by then they can have worked something out.

  16. very informative, will refer back to this when I'm planning a trip to Mozambique:)

  17. So cool to hear more about this fascinating place! About 10 years ago I was volunteering with an organisation helping underprivileged children from Mozambique (I wasn't able to visit myself, just did admin from my home country). The country has not had an easy history so it will be great if tourism can create more wealth and a higher standard of living for the people. Lovely!

  18. I love Mozambique! We were there already four times. We went to Inhambane, Tofo, Inhaca Island and Masingir. The food is out of this world and like you say, the seafood is a must. I can wait to go back. Perhaps in September this year…

  19. Gute Zusammenfassung ΓΌber ein wirklich spannendes Reiseziel, das wir auch vor ein paar Jahren bereisten. Das mit den Polizisten fanden wir auch so, dass die Warnungen etwas ΓΌbertrieben sind. Hatten nur ein einziges Problem, und das war, weil wir tatsΓ€chlich zu schnell gefahren sind (Strafgeld war auch vΓΆllig ok). Bei einer zweiten Kontrolle hat der Polizist neben unseren Papieren um ein kaltes Cola gefragt πŸ™‚ Keep it up πŸ™Œ! Cheers, Doris & Matthias πŸ•·πŸ»

  20. Great tips, I love cashews πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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