14 INCREDIBLE New Sneakers for Spring 2022

14 INCREDIBLE New Sneakers for Spring 2022

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  1. Hey Antwon, I love your videos, but could you please make one aimed at women/ people with smaller feet πŸ™ most of these shoes start at a size UK 6/7! It's a struggle….

  2. I would also argue that On Shoes are a much better alternative to the typical Nike or Adidas runners that are usually paired up with techwear fits. They have some unique looking shoes and are usually higher in quality and comfort than your typical Nike/Adidas runners.

  3. All of theses r dad shoes

  4. So these days ugly shoes = fashion

  5. Notwoways are the best sneakers on the market atm imo. They feel limited edition because of how limited the drops have been, so they have an air of uniqueness. The model designs are beautiful and essentially epitomise techwear and over time they’ll release more and more colour ways. And only for about Β£100 if you get them on release. Triple black colour way coming soon as well which I’m very tempted by

  6. Tip on Converse x Rick Owens: buy them 1/2 size bigger then your normal converse size if you have wide feet like me. Mine hurt like hell due to the narrow fit.

  7. Pretty sure it’s pronounced Lohayvay instead of Lowe, On is not good tbh.
    Salomon is real deal nobody talks about.
    NB 550 is still king with their new colorways.
    ASICS, don’t ask me to pronounce.
    I see many rich kids with Bottega Veneta plain chunky boots that probly cost 2k ><
    Great vid overall . Keep this good content up, cheers.

  8. Latest Converse x Carhartt sneakers are interesting to me

  9. literally need the murdered out balmain oh man I don't even care about price I'm imagining them to be πŸ˜­πŸ¦„πŸ•·οΈ

  10. All of them were incredible ugly!!!

  11. thoes balmains seem to be the future

  12. im from argentina and still want to get yeezy carbon or those black and blue but i think i will never be able to have a yeezy in my life… 60dolars (at almost 200 each dollar) for only the shipping and the price of the shoes its almost unpayable this days here πŸ™

  13. How does he pronounce loewe wtf

  14. Love the vid.
    Just to let u know tho, Loewe is pronounced β€œLueve” not β€œlow”

  15. I think it's pronounced "Lo-Eh-Vay".

  16. The SSX 3 reference caught me off guard. Well played!

  17. Pronunciation tip bro – LO – WEH- VEY

  18. Gonna be rocking the Drkstar Hi Black this spring and hopefully for the rest of this year. Been in love with em ever since they came in the mail.

  19. I was beside myself last week

  20. Damn, Balmain is fire, others is meh

  21. Dude – love the content and the Persona 5 music background.

  22. 14:49 Does someone know what pants is it? Or Antwon, where did u get this clip?

  23. by the way antwon, Loewe is pronounced Lo-eh-veh!

  24. Please do a review on those ASICS Quantum. Very curious!

  25. Those Balmain's are so ridiculous, I love them

  26. 'Loewe' is pronounced Lo-Ey-Vey…

  27. Have you seen the "Clarks Nature VIII" look like a techwear/ninja boot?

  28. Not feeling any of these. Too bland & boring.

  29. These shoes are often soo dumb but they are exatcly what I want all my clothes to be no matter what mommy says

  30. Just copped the protoblast in mint

  31. You should check out the Wolverine x Halo boot.

  32. BuT aNtWoN wHaT aBoUt JoRdAn'S?

  33. List of ugliest shoes of the year. Congrats.

  34. Since you brought up Mizuno, did you ever check out the Mizuno Wave Prophecy Hajime Sorayama? Definite futuristic vibes on those with the chrome panels!

  35. Keep an eye on Mizuno, they're doing some interesting things, love the videos as always

  36. SSX 3 is unreal still! Still put the soundtrack on at times! Been waiting on the gray/silver Protoblast since the Asia release

  37. I really want the unicorns :O

  38. Speedboat cosplay shoes at the end there xD

  39. Mizuno beams not available anywhere in eu >:(

  40. Timestamps:
    1. Asics x GMBH Gel-Quantum 360 6 2:08
    2. On Running x Loewe (various) 3:01
    2.5. The clothing's cool too! 3:57
    3. Reebok x Eames Club C 4:52
    4. Reebok x Margiela 'Memory of Release' 5:27
    5. Salomon ACS Pro Advanced 6:30
    6. Nike ACG Air Mada 7:29
    7. Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi AMZN Trailhead LX 7:50
    8. New Balance 2002R 'Protection Pack' 8:38
    9. Mizuno x BEAMS Wave Rider 10 9:26
    10. Balenciaga Defender 10:00
    10.5. Balenciaga Xpander 10:19
    11. Nike x Sacai Blazer Low 'Patent' 10:27
    ??. adidas x South Park 10:57
    12. Converse x Rick Owens DRKSTR 11:45
    13. Asics HNS2 Protoblast 13:00
    14. Balmain 'UNICORN' (?) 14:24

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