10 Things Not to Do in Algeria

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10 Things Not to Do in Algeria

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Algeria, that unknown and yet wonderful country. Not everybody thinks about it when thinking about their holidays but they should. So, to help you prepare your trip we bring you these Things not to do in Algeria.

1) Don’t forget your visa
The visa to Algeria isn’t particularly the easiest…



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  1. There are some inaccuracies in the video

    – Taxis in Algeria are cheap compared to other countries, Some cars depend on the distance and do have a meter, and almost all of them depend on the amount of fuel consumed and you pay for that.

    Approximately between 3 and 12 dollars for a trip within the city

    And saying that the taxi will deceive you does not happen here. People here have character and we respect ourselves, and it is even possible not to pay for the taxi as a way to welcome you.

    The second thing is that beds and hotspots are also cheap compared to other countries, at least if you spend them in dollars.

    Young people here speak English fluently. Perhaps older people may face communication problems with some people, but I advise tourists to talk to young people.

  2. Algeria lack tourism because of Videoas like this ? it doesn't promote it and it actually makes foreigners afraid to come visit. I'm proudly Algerian and let me welcome all of you to come visit , it's a beautiful diverse country full of stunning landscapes and in fact , us young Algerians speak English fluently! All you have to do is to apply for Visa, bring a camera and come!

  3. 50 euros a night? Where the fack are u getting ur info from? I really don't recommend people to trust this random videos, just ask Algerian friends or call some hotels and ask yourself.

  4. Don't forget to try traditional plates , i promise u won't be able to taste something even close to them anywhere else in the world
    Such as : Chekhchokha , Reshta , Mhajeb ,omgd don't forget dobara, ND zfiti 😭❤️
    ND also Algerian traditional sweets , such as baklawa, tcharak, mchawak , 3rayesh

  5. 1-The national languages in Algeria are Arabic and Tamazight

    2- Most Algerians speak Dziriya, a mixture of languages, and variants of the Tamazight language such as Kabyle, Chaoui, Chenoua, M'zab, the Tuareg language, etc.

    2- French is used because it is an international language and not because we have been invaded and are fought wars against terrorists from France who love wine.

    3- Most of the Algerian heritage is Amazigh, or indigenous. Stop bragging about the terrorists who fought us for centuries, like the Roman savages we civilized.

  6. Ok There's something I hate in the third point!!
    Algeria has two official languages which are Arabic and Tamazight.

    Thank You very much to respect us for god sake.

  7. الحزائر من أعظم البلدان في الثروات والطبيعة واجمل صحراء في العالم لكن 90 بالمئة منهم مزيج بين امازيغ وثنيين وشعوب ذليلة تعبد الحكام والجنرالات وباعو دينهم وشرفهم وهم مجانين بحب العظمة الوهمية يعتمدون فقط علي البترول والغاز الذي تركته له سيدتهم فرنسا واقولها جميع العقول و الاذكياء بل وحتى حثالة الشعب تريد مغادرتها لا يحب العين فيها سوي الحكام البلهاء و الجنرالات الخنازير الفسقة وأصحاب الثروات والقرو بالملايير والشعب الذليل الذي يحب الفاحشة والخمر والدعارة لكن يوجد أقلية مؤمنة راسخة كالجبال في البلد حتي تتحرر ارض المسلمين من هؤلاء المجرمين ونعود أنة واحدة عظيمة

  8. literally all you need to do is go to tigzirt OR i suggest cheraga algeirs and you'll be fine, hop on a bus somewhere and start looking at places. theres loads of cafes & cake shops down there bakeries you name it. also if you go to the right part you'll find a amusement park for a cheap price that runs at night and the lights for it are AMAZING. theres a massive visa library also. and much more.

  9. You're talking about morroco. This is not algeria. If you dont have money in algeria everyone is helping strangers, you will end up spending night in anyone home for no cost and nothing will happen to you.
    And the tamazighit person has so much pride he won't scam or steal because we don't forget our standards.
    Also don't say to any algerian keep the change and don't give tips, it's like insult try give money to someone begging on streets. I have doubts if u can find someone in algeria everyone is helping each other its so rare to find a homeless in algeria.
    Are u sure you visited algeria ??

  10. I've a friend from Algeria and trust me..he's one of the most handsome guys I've met in my life. He's like an angel inside out ❤️
    Hopefully, I'll be able to visit Algeria one day and meet my friend and the locals. Much love from Bangladesh ☺️

  11. 1. Algeria is actually the cheapest out of the 3 Maghreb’s countries (unless your currency is cheaper than Algerian dinar)
    2. nowadays the young Algerians speak better English than French it’s the oldest that can fluently speak French
    3. Just don’t go wonder around everywhere in Algeria, even in the capital without an Algerian especially if you’re white, pure logic
    4. Respect the country, it’s culture, it’s rules, it’s laws and it’s citizens, you’re not home and enjoy

  12. things to ABSOLUTELY NOT to do in algeria:
    disrespecting algeria
    disrespecting the flag
    disrespecting the dead of the revolutionary war
    saying the word "isra*l”
    saying morocco or tunisia are better