10 Things I Love/Hate About cameroon – Cameroon

10 Things I Love/Hate About cameroon – Cameroon

10 Things I Love/Hate About cameroon – Cameroon

Here are the Top Five thing i love about about cameroon as well as the Top 5 things I…


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  2. Grateful for this candid video!
    May I request you make a video on ideas and hobbies that interest Cameroonian that could spark the economy. For example all Cameroonians love music so investing in popularizing the music, exporting and collaborating, music studios is maybe an inspiration for revenue. (?) Like I have no idea. Road construction & education are other opportunities for revenue. Wish I could connect the dots but I don't know.

  3. Too many churches in Nigeria too

  4. Coming up right next🤔. Maybe right now.

  5. Get some good male independent friends for me

  6. Unemployment education crime etc wow are tourist safe roads my God is water an electricity available

  7. It's safe over there an any visas to get there or can I get it at the airport u bemoloynenr
    Si sad so it's hard is tourist safe I want to visit a friend

  8. Cheeiiii… Let me slay in my Uganda Abii

  9. There is One church for one ☝️ Cameroonian 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣

  10. Worst roads in the world brother not just in Africa!!!!

  11. Thanks for Sharing your honesty. Keep it up.

  12. You doing a great job for Cameroon tell them to make visa easy to get ok

  13. Wow like to make good friends FB me any one guy's Dev Mendoza

  14. the bad outweighs the good. smh. Africa seems like a good place to retire in but not to work in. there is no work. Better have money and a plan if you want move there.

  15. Hey Brother!
    May I ask u which city u live in Cameroon? I am coming to your country and I have a wish to meet u in person

  16. Emma, the truth is bitter but it must be spoken. you have said the truth about bad things in our loving country Cameroon. The roads….. OMG, bribery and corruption hmmmmmm. I should not go further bcz if I do I might go behind bars 🤐🤐🙄🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

  17. You are spot on with the bars and bad roads!

  18. unemployment in cameroon is 4%

  19. The government is allowing the church's and bar's to act as the therapy for the unemployment rate 😒 🤦🏽‍♀️ so they don't have to address the underlying issue, people are depressed, no opportunities and turning to either their faith or the bottle.

  20. Njanga rice is bae hahahahah

  21. The government is currupt so he cannot see who is a real man of God to issue license. To me let the Churches be , BC apart from monitory aspect, it bring peace n reduces crime but nothing is coming from bars n night clubs
    Thank u sir.

  22. I am from Nigeria, I just like their swag

  23. Your video is the best. However,I'm assuring you that all what you mentioned are happening in almost all countries… Aspect of churches is worse everyday.. Here is What can help you to find the true religion (right way to worship God) its has help me too (www.jw.org) search anything about the Bible… 👍

  24. Tu as 200% raison mon frère.
    I love your videos

  25. Hey shout out from the US. Your country sounds so Beautiful!! From the beaches, cultures, traditions, Everything! I'm trying to write a story on the african deities in Cameroon and I dont wanna let y'all down😞
    So thats why I'm studying pidgin and culture and make you proud. As an african-american. Love y'all over there. Stay blessed&shine!!

  26. My brother I love you channel so much whenever you are talking about things you like and dislike start from the negativity and conclude with the positivity

  27. Just loving all u videos … Well done bro.

  28. Took my ancestry DNA test 93% African most of it from Cameroon no more guessing about ethnicity I learn more everyday. The people who made sure my heart beats came from a beautiful place and I will be back someday

  29. What you should hate the most is the horrible leader you have, Mr.Biya. Cameroon will never make progress with this old man in power.

  30. Hey Emma, that's very nice .i enjoyed your programs. Keep up

  31. hi bro how can we work for promotion

  32. This was so informative.

  33. i like your videos. you do a good job. continuous like that my brother ☝👍

  34. I really like your content.
    I'm adding you to my Patreon list. 🙂

  35. Dont forget the healthcare system in Cameroon

  36. Good job man.Well analysed.Keep it up

  37. Your Hate List is reasonable and truly justified, esp about the glut of fake pastors/illigitimate churches, that brings shame to the name of Christ Jesus, and dishonors those who are genuine in their faith toward God. Too much ALCOHOL! That's the #1thing that causes destruction to the Cameroonian people. Alcohol destroys the brain, and keeps people in a low, beggardly state, making them easy to manipulate and control by unwise people who only desire their destruction. The educational system is a crying shame. It kills our future (children/teens) in advance, without apology. How it saddens me so.

  38. Thank you for your thoughts on your country. The single largest issue I have with countries of lesser economic success is that there are so many people and thus so much potential, but very little self-propulsion to building a successful society. There is so much immigration to other successful countries, but the real long-term formula for success is to educate the people in your country and allow them to flourish and build. This is the year 2018 and there is no reason why the country should still have dirt roads. Why is it that people do not come together and create solutions for themselves instead of waiting for someone else to do so. No one is going to come in and provide jobs, but there is so much need for skilled labor to elevate the infrastructure and other important things to modern acceptable levels. What is preventing someone from creating a paving business? Create a proposal and plan, scope out the labor needed, the skill levels, engineering, equipment and build a business. That is one of thousands of examples that entrepreneurial people could undertake to help themselves, others and the country.

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