10 Mysterious Examples of the Mandela Effect

  1. Dude speaking about monopoly guy and memory and over here, "imagine the monopoly guy" and I imagined a black-and-white Vault Boy from fallout giving a thumbs up

  2. The "fy" in "Jiffy" just said "fuck you" to the entire world & disappeared.

  3. The fact that a preview for kazaam was in first kid wasn’t it for me. I never seen the movie first kid or owned the vhs/dvd. But I distinctly remember Shazam

  4. While some of these 'skippy-jif' makes sense as a misconception.
    I actually have my son's old books from scholastic book fairs.
    And we have BOTH spellings or Berenstein or Berenstain on the front pages….
    So.. I submit that at some point 2 time lines collided and we now have the shit show that is our current earth.

  5. Bleed through from neighboring parallel universes

  6. How come Skippy don’t become Skip?

  7. I appreciate your effort, but you’re providing nothing new regarding the Mandela Effect. You do a good job of explaining all the current phenomenon.. but being published so recently, I think its important that you disclose that this is just a review of already previously analyzed Effects.

  8. There was a product in the 70's and 80's called Jiffy Pop. It was popcorn in an aluminum pan. Maybe this is where we get Jiffy peanut butter instead of Jif.

  9. For me, the greatest Mandela effect is Dolly's braces in the movie Moonraker.

    Not only I clearly remember thinking 'good, they found each other because they both have metal in their mouth',

    not only every description of the Dolly character says 'pig tailed girl with glasses and braces',

    but the scene where she reveals her smile makes absolutely no sense without the braces!!!

  10. I literally remember asking my uncle Bob if it's pronounced ' Stine' or ' Steen' …so I know it was Berenstein…in fact when this first came out I thought the debate was going to be whether it was Berenstein or Bernstein…

  11. Write keep saying Miss memory

  12. 🤔 I don’t really have a say about Jiff/Jiffy or Berenstain/Berenstein because I’m not from the US. But in my Childhood I definitely remember being told Nelson Mandela dying in the 80s in history class, the monocle in the monopoly man being there because I played that game a lot and I would ask why he had that in his face (I didn’t know what it was), Shazam with the genie and the 2 kids because I even remember some scenes in my memory… but I do not remember The Kazam movie with Shaq … like I don’t remember seeing it and I have no idea where that one came from… but seriously, if at some point I’m told there wasn’t a Space Jam with Michael Jordan or a sequel to Mulan or Pocahontas, I would definitely know “someone” is messing up with us… i wouldn’t know who, why or how, BUT I would know for sure it’s happening 🤦🏻‍♀️

  13. Ever see the movie "The Game" where Michael Douglas entire life around him is a game (from his brother as a gift) but anyways maybe this is a planned group effort plan for people to keep with our heads. Just a theory. The Joseph Mandela effect conspiracy theory 🤔

  14. I recall being acutely traumatized witnessing a man getting ran over by a tank in Tiananmen Square on live television, turns out that's not what happened?

  15. Just a guess but maybe with regards to Mona Lisa, we were all younger hence we may have seen it as a frown. Now older we realise often people who barely smile aren't in a mood to thus we embrace and even search for warm genuine full smiles in order to depict happiness. Idk long story longer lol maybe our definition of a smile has since changed. Either way these situations are amazing.

  16. Dr Brewer is a fool. Every single one of these things was reality. I guess we'll see the hadron collider is about to go back online 🤗 and sorry OP. You are from the current reality not ours.

    Shazam came out after kazam years later.

    Very strange how folks from this reality are trying so dang hard to deny the baseline reality.

  17. Did Mona Lisa always have a veil on her head? That looks off to me.

  18. I would like to point out sin bad actually made a video confession to the film. He stated he hated it so much that with many many hours in court and even more money spent he has removed the film from all public records and has destroyed every copy that a large team was able to collect.

  19. If I believed everything a memory expert said I would think Jeffree star is a weather balloon

  20. We all died in 2012 that's it

  21. The person that made the fruit of the loom logo says that he remembers drawing the curnacopia

  22. I remember Jiffy peanut butter and my aunt naming her orange cat after it. I mentioned the former peanut butter to my cousin when I learned it never existed. Even my aunt says there was no peanut butter, so my mind was blown.

  23. I believe Mandela died, Lindbergh baby was never found, jiffy is a thing as is Shazaam. It was always spelled Looney Toons, Lector did say Hello, Clarice. Fruit of the loom had a cornucopia, Berenstein bears, not Berenstain?! I could go on! Ugh I swear, I'm not crazy!

  24. Mona Lisa did not have a smile. She had a smile though when a commercial came out of something funny happening. Then in this commercial it shows all these famous statues and things reacting. Like one of the presidents faces on the cliff side acting surprised, the statue of liberty moving etc, and then of course in this funny commercial , MONA LISA' face goes from her serious face like it really was to her cracking a smile like it is now!! What the heck kind of circus you guys running here?! What are u guys trying to do make millions of good sane people like us who remember it the way it really was ,…go crazy and think we are losing are minds while u feed us lies about the way it really is?!! Also Shazam was a real movie …I watched it with my cousins at the Topanga canyon mall in Northridge cal.. and curious George the monkey had a tail , not no tail, I have the books to prove it!

  25. MAY I BE THE ONE TO INFORM U THAT THERE IS A REASON WHY PEOPLE REMEMBER THE E ON THE BEARS…that's because the E IS THE WAY IT REALLY WAS IN ANOTHER REALITY, and to prove it, just watch SLAPPED HAM, where the guy stands In one room, and it sais "a", then when he walks into the other room, you can clearly see the "a" turn to "e" right before your very shocked eyes! There is no editing that can do that good of a job!

  26. Not even close!! I never even knew that there was a peanut with a oracle. But I remember seeing the monopoly man with one!!



  28. I remember an add in the 80's about mona lisa frowning and Leonardo DaVinci begging for her to smile and she get a piece of chocolate and make that smile and Leonardo saying don't move, that's perfect and then start to paint.

  29. I'm sick of checking jars of olives thouroughly at the supermarket to make sure they are definitely pitted and then coming home, making something with the olives, biting into a friggin olive seed and then finding the jar does not say tge word: pitted, anywhere on it anymore!!!

  30. The Darth Vader quite, by the way us "NO, i am your father!:

  31. The effect that gets me is C3PO from star wars. His leg was not part silver. He was all gold!!!

  32. My last name is Berson I'm 44 I grew up with Bernstein bears. My whole childhood I was called Brian Bernstein bear. My best friend dad still calls me if to this day. 100 percent chance it was always betenstein

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