10 Modern American Electric Bikes Previewing the Future of Motorcycling in the US

10 Modern American Electric Bikes Previewing the Future of Motorcycling in the US

The United States have a long history in producing motorcycles and a list of strong brands like…


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  1. If I were rich I'd get a Curtiss

  2. Great bike, fun to ride

  3. The two that I would be most interested in is the fuell and the Grunt.
    Although they are both the ugliest bikes on the list I am a person that believes in function over form.

    My requirements would first be that it is American made. Mainly because I want the manufacturer to be concerned about going bankrupt and to jail if it explodes between my legs.

    Second it needs to be reasonably affordable because it will not replace a traditional motorcycle. It's main appeal is convenient for a quick run around town or to the grocery store Etc and easy to maintain and reliable.

    Third the functionality is not just for intended riding purpose but versatility of a quick run to the grocery store or whatever.

    The fuell is a little bit outside what I would consider a reasonable price for my first entry into an electric motorcycle. However I trust Eric Buell and his passion for bikes and paying attention to detail and performance. I also think that his last two failed companies were completely out of his power and he will do everything possible to make this company successful for his legacy. And the built-in storage capacity makes it very convenient.

    The grunt just seems like an all-around good idea for a quick run to the store or to the barn or just for fun ! It would be even better if it was street legal.

  4. There al crap there all just battery's lol not worth the money rubbish :)

  5. £115.000..ill have two in that case

  6. Did not show or talk about the bike that Was on the add. Click bate

  7. I don’t know that it is my favorite but I am waiting for my paid for Metacycle. I have been a Sondors supporter and customer since the 2nd crowd sourced ebike ($600.00). I currently have an XS ebike and have purchased stock in the ebike company, the car company and apparently have given a $5,000 no interest loan to the motorcycle company. I would like some communication from Sondors about the projected delivery date for the Metacycle and an update on the car. So far all I see is guesses from other customers. I like the quality of the product, but don’t care much for their lack of communication.
    It’s not a lot of money but I would like to know what it’s doing.
    Thanks for the videos.

  8. That Curtiss is incredible. Definitely my pick if I was going to cruise around on a electric hairdryer. : )

  9. Best selling in the U.S.?? I doubt that. Unless you're not counting the whole U.S.

  10. Zero motorcycle and lighting strike is my dream bike but unfortunately I can't afford this

  11. Not mentioned is the Evoke electric motorcycles which are seemingly more affordable and have longer battery range and good highway speeds to match any of these in this video but WHY aren't the other major bike builders in on the all electric dance like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki other than Harley Davis !!!!

  12. no electric bike should cost more than 10 000 dollars and even thats expensive

  13. channel lost credibility as it included lightning motorcycle which is an actual scam.

  14. Don't understand why they are charging so much for the Harley Davidson electric bike when you can buy one for less than six grand but your paying twenty three thousand more because it says Harley? God bless you and save our children

  15. Nice coverage of these American EV motorcycles! The Curtiss One reached a new manufacturing milestone, with a price tag expected in the $80Ks from the $115K reported in this video.
    and a crowdfunding opportunity is closing soon on Wefunder! @t

  16. The Lightning Strike is my choice.

  17. I ordered the Metacycle. It’s coming in October. I like the Grunt too but that’s for off road only. I’d like to see a street version.

  18. Are you certain, that thanks to Tesla, the US is the number one country for EV manufacture? I think you will find that China is the place with a huge market share. Better off being honest than deceptive.

  19. Damn those Curtiss bikes have the aesthetics of a mall ninja pocketknife.

  20. I turned this on to learn about electric motorcycles not to hear your opinion about manufacturers gas powered offerings to bad you had to share them because I felt that I was learning something about a new tech.

  21. I like the FUELL FLOW. Seems even useful for getting some groceries with that extra storage. Highway speed capable and has great range at 150 mi too is impressive! Price isn't extreme either for all you are getting it seems.

  22. Also on mission RS bike

  23. Can you do a video on veitis ev twin🔥

  24. Mostly too expensive,
    My favourite would be my DIY ebike conversion cost me £300 and range can be more than most of these if I pedal a bit too.
    Seriously I think sondors might be ok though, probably never see it here I the UK though .

  25. The industry of electric motorcycles is not slowing down and more companies are trying their luck in this segment. American motorcycle manufacturers are well represented on the market but are these bikes good enough to become best sellers? Share your thoughts below!

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