🇸🇳 10 great things about Senegal 🇸🇳

🇸🇳 10 great things about Senegal 🇸🇳

Senegal had many great surprises when I visited the country. It’s a great place that more…


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  1. I left a couple of rather sharp comments on your video about DR Congo, but I want to be fair. This video is considerably better. You tried to talk more about the country and less about yourself. That's good. Some of the points about it being especially close to the Americas or to Europe or not all that interesting for a top 10 list I think, but several of the others are. Just one point about the door of no return. That actually was not one of the major places from which enslaved people were taken to the Americas. It is become an important memorial to that, and several articles have made exaggerated claims about the number of people who went through that island. The major sources for enslavement and exploitation of people were elsewhere on the west coast of Africa. Then less, is an extremely important and moving place to go for remembering the human cost of the very lucrative slave trade. It would have helped if you had done a little bit more preparation in learning about these things. You also didn't mention, for example, the Museum of African Civilization. Nor did you mention anything about popular culture, with the exception of wrestling. That's important, but there's a lot else that you could have and really should have mentioned, even in a short video.

  2. Amazing information man I wanna connect with you personally can we connect on social media?

  3. Thanks for your information Dr Dustin
    Great Senegal 👌

  4. I wonder how how many drones he need to do this video.

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