👉 EXPOSING THE JEALOUS NIGERIAN YOUTUBERS 😳 #africatotheworld #nigerianyoutuber #fufumukbang #fufu

👉 EXPOSING THE JEALOUS NIGERIAN YOUTUBERS 😳 #africatotheworld #nigerianyoutuber #fufumukbang #fufu

#africatotheworld #nigerianyoutuber #reaction #nigerianindiaspora #youtubecouple #youtubesupport…


  1. Teachers don't teach me Nonsense..My Thumbnails and Titles are intentional, I'm not your child.
    My fingers are ever ready to block all your fake accounts 😜

  2. That soup looks yummy. You are right sis. Well said 👍🏾

  3. Yes o, I wash who ever I want and whenever I want, if you no like am rest.

  4. Abeg big sis how una take get akpu for abroad? 🤪
    Wow you made everything yourself, you try o

  5. To me I don't even care anymore,I watch alot of channels without commenting not because I forget but because it's only when they see your comment they will run to your channel to watch some will not even watch but they comment to mark register let's drop the entitlement las las make we pray make God bless us with genuine subscribers we don't need to watch before they watch us,we watch alots of big YouTubers without any hope of them even liking our videos not to talk of watching and anytime they drop videos some people even rush there with speed to even take first position abeg enough of all these, let's pray to God to bless our channel with genuine non content creators that will always watch us with love

  6. Nne biko where una see akpu ooo with the harvard nsala soup🤤🤤 As always you spoke well, a content creator cannot stay off youtube.
    I also do the same by making out time to watch and support all the content creators i enjoy their contents.
    Youtube is not a do or die affair and some people should stop taking things too entitled.

  7. Mukbang reactor🤣
    Yes i only watch fully or not at all
    My ogbenge

  8. I love ❤ nsala soup 🍲 so much 🤩🤩please sis if you don't mind can you please show us how you make the exact soup 🙏🙏🙏

  9. It's not a do or die to watch people, for me I watch when I'm less busy because Yt it's not easy, It's a full time work but family comes first
    Then I will come sit down and watch everyone I missed his or her video
    Nne u spoke very well

  10. Did you make the akpu from cassava flour. You mentioned you added plantain, is it plantain flour? The nsala soup looks delicious. My sister for us small YouTubers, if you don’t watch them they will not watch you. They do you watch me I watch you a lot.

  11. Meanwhile oga is busy enjoying his fufu and nsala soup.nice content Onyem,cant love you less.keep being real.

  12. Honestly most of Nigerian youtubers are guilty of this.they only watch u when you comment on their post.now i watch most youtubers without commenting on their videos.i watch to learn.

  13. Mama God bless you for this o! I was almost going to mention the fact that people come to mess up your analytics but let me just hold on what you said "God is going to send people that will genuinely support and love my contents.

    That's the reason I don't leave comments when I watch people again coz that's when they come back to show "support" which is very wrong. That's basically watch me I watch you na abi 😂

  14. You are right dear. I watch people because I like their personality

  15. Me, I ll support you with my full chest. You and chy space,China onions etc. Let's be truthful, if you love someone, you should support them whether u like their content or not. Hou do not necessarily have to sit down to watch fully, but u can put their videos when u busy doing other thing.. dats basically how you can support people, even if you dnt like their contents. Every view counts for that person to help them reach their goals here on yt. My opinion!

  16. YT na full time work o. I’m building a team so I can combine it efficiently with all my other businesses.

  17. My queen.. you’ve said it all. Why open someone’s video if you won’t watch all? I watched her video and I was laughing all through. She will watch at her convenience which makes sense trust me. She mentioned that towards the end of her video. Oga said Harvard school. No be lie o😄. For me, I Always watch fully on a separate tab. For people whose content I resonate with, you’ll see plenty of my comments on the channel just like this. You know you’re someone I really respect a lot. Keep winning and keep shining my queen ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Well said,we are not under any obligation to watch people. There are a number of YouTubers I watch bc I love their content.

  19. Na wa o today first time seeing you guys matching there with fufu, sure we don't watch people by force, we watch to learn new things

  20. I agree with you sist and that's why i watch people i can connect with and I watch people i like thier personality 👌 and i watch when am free to watch.
    Great video and YouTube is a lot of work 👏👏 am more of Instagram hahaha

  21. Never do watch me I watch you. Just watch if it’s interested for you. And I dislike when people just come to keep comments for me saying watch in full, what’s that pls. People that find your content interesting will always come to watch you. So it’s not a must watch nah

  22. Initially I do watch video while cooking but right now I no longer do that I watch at my free time and that is one reason I made that video, you have spoken very well

  23. Here re watching this like I missed out some points at the premiere

  24. Lord knows I don't have energy for watch me I watch you, I engage with videos if and when I have the time.

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