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Christie Brown is a Ghanaian based luxury women’s fashion brand that aims to satisfy the stylish urge of the woman seeking a true taste of neo-African culture. At Christie Brown, our aim is to infuse modernism into carefully curated traditional African aesthetics that transcend international tastes. It’s about the female expression of her experience of the cultural opulence of Africa without self-compromise.



About Us [mpc_textblock content_width=”100″]As time meandered from the 19th Century towards the dawn of the new era, a dream was born. A dream of harnessing steam technology to link Africa’s vast south to north, around the awe-inspiring mountain ranges that dot the continent, through the apparently arid desert landscapes, over untamed savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife. From the Cape all the way to Cairo… all of this on parallel lines of tempered steel….[/mpc_textblock]

About Us [mpc_textblock content_width=”100″]Eko Hotels & Suites is the most preferred hotel in West Africa and it’s all about the right mix! Located in the heart of Victoria Island and shielded from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos metropolis, we offer our corporate clients and walk in guests a perfect blend of relaxation, activities, and African tradition delicately infused to meet the highest international standards.

Overlooking the Eko Atlantic City and Ocean, it is just a 10-minute drive to the City Centre and only 45minutes away from the Airport. Our hotels are designed for your comfort and convenience. Your security is our primary concern and you’ll find our customer care second to none.[/mpc_textblock]


Adèle Dejak is a brand of handcrafted fashion jewellery and fashion accessories that inspired by African tribes, textiles, culture and traditions. These elements are balanced to suit a modern, sophisticated and multidimensional woman.
At the forefront of the African luxury movement is Adèle’s edgy collections of bags, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that sits perfectly between a must-have fashion accessory and a fashion statement piece. The brand is based on an ethical & sustainable business model but with the objective of empowering women through adornment.

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