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10 Signs You’re No Longer A Happy Snapper – www.bestofafrica.org.za/blog/10-signs-you-re-no-longer-a-wildlife-happy-snapper

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  • 11 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The prisoners were beings transported from the Johannesburg Magistrate Court on Tuesday afternoon.
    Joburg police hunt for 20 escaped prisoners
    11 hours ago Mbali Ntomb'Emhlophe Hlatshwayo 2
    I wonder why people are laughing at this.
    11 hours ago Khehla Mokoena 4
    I would rather say, it is better to escape than to be locked inside for 17 years while our President is strolling free outside with 783 charges. How come others conviction become so easy while our corrupt President difficult?
    11 hours ago Mbali Ntomb'Emhlophe Hlatshwayo 2
    What does Zuma in the union buildings have to do with 20 inmates escaping justice in Johannesburg... Are you listening to yourself right now?..😕😕
    11 hours ago Mbali Ntomb'Emhlophe Hlatshwayo
    What does Fikile himself have to do with whole thing, Tokollo Rallz? Shouldn't the guards be blamed... Is Fikile Mbalula a guard? Ai are you listening to yourself?_ 😨
    11 hours ago Tokollo Rallz
    My dear Zuma and fikile are only paid to strategize
    Failure to do so they must be removed
    11 hours ago Tokollo Rallz
    It's not about zuma or fikike ,it's about incompetence at our expense,you are just the only one who doesn't understand,maybe you understand better what" listening to yourself mean"
    Safe yourself using it
    11 hours ago Khehla Mokoena
    How on earth we expect police officers to be perfect oin their duty while the minister incompetent. When coming to the point of retrenchment, I think the ones qualifying for that are Mbalula, Zuma, Mbethe, Bathabile
    11 hours ago Tokollo Rallz
    Do you know who elected police minister that is useless
    11 hours ago Papaga Emihle
    Because of stupid SA police nd their president Zuma
    11 hours ago Khabonina Khabo 1
    Why how come they can escape,kube kumnandi kanje ejele free breakfast,free lunch,free supper
    Worse part of all free education,free health service,free pure skills,and after no need to apply for the job
    Companies are waiting to give you the job
    If it was me I rather to left alone from the truck I will know my aim why I choose not to run,kunzima lapha ngaphandle,coz no one will give the place to sleep or food atleast you're safe in jail you've got your own bed,your food plate
    Uphila butephu lapha
    11 hours ago Wyzieman Karim
    Ijere kumzima man
    11 hours ago Billy Malose Kekana 1
    I wish I was one of the police who were transportng thm so tht my pocket can be filled
    11 hours ago Mbali Lyric Maseko
    tjo we're not safe
    11 hours ago Velile Mkhemnte Khosana
    police job
    11 hours ago Edward Kabelo Mongoai
    inside job as alwys...how did the ambushers know tht the prisoners were going to be transported? mzansi for sho aaii
    11 hours ago BA Lennox
    how can dey transport 20 prisioners without an escorts .....mxm sasafurika is fucked up
    11 hours ago Sibusiso Lancelot Zulu
    Why transport 20 prisoners in one truck without enough escorting and protecting officers?  If they were really ambushed then why were the police unharmed ? Why is Fikile Mbalula planning to fire 3000 police officers while we are loosing the fight against crime?  Where is Bheki Cele?
    10 hours ago Rhulani Livingstone Rhuga Makhubele
    Nice they learn it from Grace Mugabe escape is not a new thing to hear abt even Zuma escape from #No_Confidence vote... Good lucky for them at least they save our tax money coz wen they are in jail they eat free food ...that cost thousands of rands a month to year. Witout working for that money. At least the economy will go up like Nomvula Nkonyane said my be is ANC motion to pick up the economy .😂😂😂 to let people escape.😂😂
    10 hours ago Rhulani Livingstone Rhuga Makhubele
    Is not the matter of laughing is Zumas operation he let Grace to escape and here today he let 20 prisoners which is great  But Fikile he will be irritating on TV ...talking of the arrest while he never arrest Grace Mugabe..mxm😡😡
  • 12 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    "We are always asked for sexual favours in exchange for jobs, especially if you are still trying to get into the industry."
    Is'thunzi actress Zikhona Bali stands her ground on sexual casting couch
    11 hours ago Mo Madibi 1
    Some men just don't deserve to occupy high position in any company the likes of Hlaudi are that kind
    12 hours ago Zebulon Van Chibuleni
    u n who?
    11 hours ago Roméo Itoua
    i'm not naive enough to believe she'll admit of sleeping with producers and directors to make it through. and it's true #MenAreTrash coz most men will do the same thing including myself. (Remember there's nothing for mahala) women only respect men that have slept with them and deep down they hate men that are too emotional and weak minded.
    11 hours ago Palesa Letsie 1
    Women only respects men that have slept with them? There's no such, to think like that is really sick.
    11 hours ago Florence Moruwane
    copy plz
    11 hours ago Gaolekwe Tshimega Papi Motshwane
    but why you did'nt reveal that before you're in?,or did you give them some?
    12 hours ago Ncebsie Solwandle
    Yhoo! into yabo leyo ke
    12 hours ago Sibusiso Nkambule
    So no sex no job?bring me those actresses i just wanna get this:(
    11 hours ago Dumisani King Zwide Nxumalo
    Even men with sexual problems become sexually active once they start working for the television industry. Ask them to go satisfy their women first.
    11 hours ago Mmabatho Mary-Ann Nkoana
    Do these men think about their daughters mara? Don't they think they would feel angered if such would happen to their daughter or even sons.
  • 12 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Chiefs are desperate for a win to ease the early season pressure on the squad and their coach Steve Komphela after failing to win in their opening two matches of the season.
    Khune and Brockie pepper Chiefs vs SuperSport showdown with spicy Twitter banter
    12 hours ago Mzwah King Kanu Qwabe 1
    Charles Rafifi Nemukula does that make you smell better than kak broe??
    12 hours ago Lulama Lulu 1
    Bad pitch fc will never beat Supersports united...i see Komphela's drawing this one as usual, we all know Khomphela's win is mostly draws
    12 hours ago Shaun T Cindi 1
    Dead by bad pitch fc....hahahaha eish
    10 hours ago Mamathuntsha Jay
    khomphela will b growing back to the drawing board after the game.mark my words.
    11 hours ago Ditshaba Tau
    So wish they could loose
    12 hours ago Ke'Nhana Wodumo KhosiDiva Lomqino
    Hahah OP fans mara 😀
    12 hours ago Mzwah King Kanu Qwabe
    They seem to be made of the very same sperm cell
    12 hours ago Shaun T Cindi
    Eish i don't know what to say about Chiefs anymore, haai goodluck guys.
    12 hours ago Charles Rafifi Nemukula
    As long as he will always Rape Chiefs wherever he goes I'm fine Admin  I don't like chiefs and it's Fans because they are Plastics and don't have a STAR BAXTER SAID CHIEFS FANS ARE ........? UP THE BUCS
    11 hours ago Phakama Sihiya 1
    A team with a star but drew with Baroka just last night.Baroka,the same team that survived playoffs😂😂😂 Must be nice being a #BUCSfan shame
  • 12 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    “These numbers show that‚ at a minimum‚ law enforcement agencies are spying on the communications of at least 70‚000 phone numbers each year‚” said R2K in a statement on Wednesday.
    Over 70‚000 cellphones spied on each year: R2K Campaign
    12 hours ago Luna B Coyne
    Yes. I am one of them, so is my underaged daughter. Highly illegal. #R2kFortheWin
    12 hours ago Oscar Hadebe
    They can't spy on WhatsApp messages
    12 hours ago Libertie Lyfie
    Spying and not preventing premeditated crimes, is a unless use of resources and labour.
    Imagine spying some1 like me its love texts and C.V's 24/7
    12 hours ago Caleb Frost II
    Hmm, is it a coincidence that my phone numbers have the same last 4 digits as my mother's? Nah maybe... Ahh, never mind
    12 hours ago Yung Bush
    F#@$k them!
    12 hours ago Athenkosi Attie Jiba
    Ahm we already known dat Admin....dats y we dnt send important and urgently massage or call throughout cellphone cz RICA stipulate dat all callz and massage will be monitored....
  • 13 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    It is the first time a mob has been charged with witch killings, said Athanasia Soka, chairwoman of the Tanzania Women Lawyers Association, although hundreds of suspected witches are murdered in the east African country each year.
    Tanzania charges mob with killing, burning five 'witches'
    13 hours ago Teleti Khosa
    Is it a coincidence? Whenever an African country experiences a rise of the Christian Pentacistal/Charismatic Movement, there happens a rise of mobs killing people suspecting them of being witches? It happened in South Africa in the earl 90s as well. Tanzania is paying same price
  • 13 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    One of the men, a 28-year-old detained in the Nador, close to the Spanish enclave of Melilla, lived for 12 years in Barcelona and is suspected of links to Islamic State and of plotting to attack the Spanish embassy in Rabat, the channel reported. It gave no details of the alleged plot.
    Two arrested in Morocco over suspected links to Barcelona attackers - report
    13 hours ago Mangadalena Lebo 1
    l have been married for 15years now but all this would not have been possible without your help Mama Tendo Munira. At first my husband loved me so much but as time went on he started drifting away from me though he was providing for the family financially i still needed time with him and passion.After i conducted a thorough investigation i found out that he had another lady and he was planning to pay lobola for her well as he had never paid lobola for me the mother of his child at the time.I went into depression and i couldn't take it any more so i went to stay with my parents but the problem i couldn't get over him so i tried desperatly to have him back nothing could work until i saw a post about Mama Tendo Munira and how she helped one lady to solve her family affairs.I took alot of time to think about it because i didn't want my child to grow up in a broken family so i contacted Mama Tendo Munira and she helped me to cast his spells to bring me back with my love and honestly since we reconciled we have been a very happy family.It's been 15 years now and he was able to cancel paying lobola for that lady and paid for me the mother of his kids.You are really a God sent Mama thanks alot.
    Am Mafelo from Soweto. You can what's app her if you need help. +27626672126.
  • 13 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Cape Town has double the murder rate of the other cities and has seen its murder rate rise since 2009/10‚ increasing by 40% between 2011/12 and 2015/16.
    SA's most violent cities - surprising stats
    13 hours ago Pat Nkosi 3
    I do not trust any data compiled by Stats SA. They have just done research on poor house holds that they spend most of their income on food....like really if you earn R3500/month with one child....what else are you going to spend your money on??.... luxury cruises??
    12 hours ago Tian Cronje
    Spot on.
    13 hours ago Philani Philas Ntuli 3
    But you always report about KZN. Now facebook commentators know the truth KZN is not that bad after all, stats dont lie.
    12 hours ago Faith Sabelo
    wow I guess you forgot umxhosa who chopped and ate his 3 year old nephew in Eastern Cape not so long ago. Amnesia? singahlanyela!
    13 hours ago Mfundo Bonga
    Hayi KZn just took the award this week you are now eating each other.
    13 hours ago Takalani Mbedzi 3
    Admin, let's not forget that KZN people are cannibals. Soo, most of people who are killed there, their bodies are not found, they end up being reported as missing
    12 hours ago Faith Sabelo 2
    sjoe! people are too obsessed with KZN, like really!! not so long ago in Eastern Cape a xhosa uncle chopped and ate his 3 year old nephew. aninyi perhaps? The article is about Cape Town and ama zayzay couldn't wait to drag KZN kule little tea party yabo.
    13 hours ago Hlengy Maphumulo 1
    I'm not a cannibal
    13 hours ago Pat Nkosi 1
    I agree with Takalani. most accidents are recorded there as well. If you try to make a point with most KZN people, they always respond by saying "ucabanga ukuthi ngiyakusaba ukufa !":(do you think I'm scared of death) like really😲
    12 hours ago Franky Johannes Zulu
    takalani u are very old for this comment self respect is more important
    13 hours ago Vusi Mavuthela
    takalani r u saying kwazuma natal is more dangerous than c town?
    11 hours ago Sisipho MaNgwanya Mjodo
    You must be the one murdering people or maybe part of that operation you know a lot South African Police Service please look into this matter
    12 hours ago Takalani Mbedzi
    It only happens in KZN hostels where two men on the third floor can argue about you if you are walking freely on the open space and they don't know u. U will hear ZULU1: For one Black Label, I bet u I can shoot that guy on the head with just a one bullet. ZULU2: Never! Shoot him and I'll buy u a Black Label. #####We all know what happen next
    12 hours ago Takalani Mbedzi
    Franky Johannes Zulu, I'm not old for my comment, u are just immature to understand my comment
    13 hours ago Vusi Mavuthela 1
    in cape town they can kill u 4 a cigarette they call themselves intsara they r stupid
    13 hours ago Beloved Dan Ngcobo 1
    And The Media Focus Is At Kzn Forgeting The Cape.
    13 hours ago Hlengy Maphumulo
    Phela kuhlala u Zuma ekzn and they think wonke umuntu uyi ANC ekzn
    12 hours ago Mence Tshaka
    13 hours ago Ndlovu S'phamandla
    They must not export their human meet to KZN, fck this land.
    12 hours ago Hlengy Maphumulo
    Yondela Lol hundreds confessed? stop lying only 4 or 5 confessed
    13 hours ago Ndlovu S'phamandla
    We going there, a death penalty for eating human I would say
    13 hours ago Pro Mahlaks Lekoba
    Lol u are scared that the entire KZN will end up selling and buying human flash for supper.
    12 hours ago Yondela Blaq Milk
    And what about the hundreds that's confessed to eating this human flesh, is it that nice?
    12 hours ago Zwe Mbuyazi
    DA is not capable of leading the people peaceful. How are they going to lead this country if they can't even keep one province safety ? DA must stop to waste their time in court and focus on people safety.
    11 hours ago Ofentse Modisakeng 1
    I knew this was coming 👀...read the article again bozzz,check timeframes. Am not a DA follower by the way ...
    11 hours ago Ofentse Modisakeng
    But Capetown is still the most beautiful city in Africa hands down...and ohhh this political party stop blaming that ada one,it's started before they took over.
    11 hours ago Alvin Presley
    But the other side of the mountain is hell broo
    13 hours ago Mlungisi Dashe
    Bloody DA is not doing their job.
    12 hours ago Kobus Van Der Colff
    Police service fall under national government. The Cape government has no control over it. There were numerous reports of them asking the national police commissioner to prioritize gangsterism in the western cape.
    12 hours ago Mpumelelo Nhlapo
    Blame shifting, popular sport in Mzansi.
    12 hours ago Mence Tshaka
    Awunangqondo kodwa,kunini yathi ANC Govt mayizise i SANDF NGENXA YE CRIME
    12 hours ago Zwe Mbuyazi
    Anyone please advise the people of these country how are we going to disband the DA ? This party needs to be disbanded they can't lead this country.
  • 13 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The documents suggest the opposition will link alleged irregularities to the murder of Chris Msando, the election official overseeing information technology, days before the Aug. 8 election.
    Kenyan opposition to tell court that technology enabled election fraud
  • 14 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    "I know I sound like Steve Komphela after we don’t win‚ because we of the pitch. But it’s a fact. This pitch doesn’t help us"
    'I know I sound like Steve Komphela after we don’t win,' says Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane
    13 hours ago Godfrey Moabi 20
    For steve to complain about the bad pitch,i can understand that he has not experienced worst pitches around africa.But for someone who has seen it all n manage to win a cup in bad pitches from african teams,come on Pitso,you lost,accept it man.did you see the pitch that baroka n pirates were playing @?man up
    13 hours ago Suavity Vaughn 3
    @Godfrey man whine about your african lingo, don't come here commenting on people's abilities in speaking English as if it's your native language 😕
    13 hours ago Ngaka Morris Twala 1
    Yah bheda le couch if u bed is wornout u buy a new 1 .... How can a big team as Sunflops use Loftus as their home Ground they must build themself a new pitch or rent other decent stadiums in Tshwane .... @list steve dd complain abt Celtic pitch not FNB ...
    13 hours ago Lulama Lulu 1
    So? He can still complain....for him to know doesn't mean he will play on that pitch
    13 hours ago HR Mashamba 1
    My point
    13 hours ago Godfrey Moabi
    should i bring vaccum clearner or a mop?cause ur english needs a lot of cleaning.i can't understand what u trying to say.or write in german please.
    13 hours ago Thabo Shadrack Khosa
    Steve sucks was the opposition using the different pitch? Lol take a loss like a man man up for the next game
    13 hours ago Godfrey Moabi
    @Suavity,i dont understand what the guy is trying to say.what exacyly r u truing to say?
    13 hours ago Suavity Vaughn
    @Godfrey you are just being intricate 😕 whatever @Lulama said is pure basic 😕 @Godfrey do yourself a favour, a huge one for that matter and work on your grammer before running to the blackboard for corrections 😕
    13 hours ago Siduduzo Gti Lwandle 2
    the pitch excuse is a stupid excuse. as a professional you cannot complain about the pitch for 90 minutes! u must adapt within the first 20min of the game. rubbish excuse nje le
    13 hours ago Siduduzo Gti Lwandle 1
    seriously how do you complain about your own pitch
    13 hours ago Dave Thebe 1
    and your own home pitch nogal
    13 hours ago Sanana Sixhaxha 2
    ag vok Pitso maan....a loss against Maritzburg u complain abt them parkin a bus...nw a loss against Polokwane u complain abt a pitch...nxt tym wen loose u gna complain abt supporters dt ddnt fill da stadium....Rhulani Mokoena left Sundowns.....nw u r bein xposed....lol lol...we wl c wu ws winning games fo u...
    13 hours ago Wesi Masilo 2
    It points fingers to you...you didn't do your job to inspect tge pitch as that your home game...common sense tells me the pitch is rough for both teams..don't be a bad loser
    12 hours ago Tebogo Ramaila 1
    But it was still good enough for your team to score a solitary goal? Where was the other team playing when they scored 2 instead of 1 goal? By the way, that was Sundowns' homeground
    12 hours ago Wanda Motsinoni
    What's wrong with south african football pitches vele??? It seems as if this season no coach will accept that fact that their opponents were superior in executing their game plan!!! #Blamethepitch
    13 hours ago Elizabeth Mtsweni
    Were you going to complain if ramaG didnt make wonders??as for Steve 27years is very far for you to be in Naturena
    12 hours ago Papino Sebueng
    Ha ha pitso ...everytime you lose you dnt take a blame...blame it manyisa..lebese..sekotlong they dnt just belong there bt there are taking you down....sekotlong missed abt five clearcut chances....
    11 hours ago William Ntshidi
    Guys I am proud sundowns supporta even though we lost last nite we still going to be up there come the last game of the season.then will see who is crying
    11 hours ago Sanana Sixhaxha
    mxm cry babies...u guys fnk PSL is all abt u....wen ada teams looses,u wl nva hear excuses frm their coaches excpt u Sundowns....dai maan mst man up n take a loss lyk any ada coach....prior to dt game he said he got a strategy to win against teams wu cums n park a bus.....nw he lost again,hs tune changes n blames da pitch....hai i gv up nw....lol lol
    11 hours ago William Ntshidi
    I knw ntja but u should have knw pitso by now he is always have smthing to say .but we dnt care what he say we love sundowns
    12 hours ago MrRaymond Lebogang Modise
    +90% of PSL players started their football careers on dusty grounds,so bad pitch is just a lame excuse,is no wonder our football is going backwards
  • 14 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    This latest arrest comes after four men appeared in court this week in connection charges with a human-flesh-for-muti saga. He was charged on Wednesday morning‚ and will likely appear with the previously arrested four in court on Monday.
    Police make fifth arrest in KZN cannibal investigation
    14 hours ago Shanetsb Mabasa 1
    Wait I thought things like this happen only at limpopo. It serves them right those tribalist.
    13 hours ago Hlabirwa Reggy Matabane 1
    According to latest stats on witchcraft and use of muthi KZN overtakes Limpopo. Limpopo being labeled the witchcraft province is a thing of the past. Anyway things KZN, now we can breath fresh air peacefully.
    14 hours ago Oscar Divine Spear Mulibana
    There is no area in limpopo where they practise cannibalism. Killing for muti, yes but not eating human flesh
    14 hours ago Brian Mabale 1
    My question is where do they get human flash, are they killing people or dug up the newly buried corpses.
    13 hours ago John Sibenge
    killing people for harvesting flesh
    14 hours ago Neo Latakgomo 1
    Arrest everyone including the king for keeping quiet about it but when it comes to xenophobia otla mokwa a re out of context out context and also dont forget to go to that violent hostel you might find they starched some human remain there, cant trust this tribe.
    14 hours ago Lesley S Teffo Teffo
    yah neh'
    12 hours ago Sthembiso Khumalo
    who is i/o?
    13 hours ago Godfrey Tshehlane
    motho wa jewa
    14 hours ago Kingsley Nkwatse
    Their leader is a witch doctor. The witch doctor is the one who taught them to sacrifice human beings for ancestors.
    13 hours ago Philani Philas Ntuli
    I thought such things only happen Limpopo
    14 hours ago Martin Siliver
    I blame African migrants
    13 hours ago John Sibenge
    13 hours ago Wishes Nyoni
    AmaZulu !!
  • 14 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The union members shouted: "This is not a playground. Why did you not come when you were still the chairperson of the AU [African Union]".
    Dlamini-Zuma chased away from Marikana
    14 hours ago Nkosinathi Mc Royce Ngomane 21
    Good news. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is obviously being remote controlled. Now that she wants to be voted she goes there, all along those people were useless for even her mere verbal sympathy. Go back to papa
    14 hours ago Nqoba Thabede 16
    Lol very good mineworkers as an educator I give you a distinction symbol 😂😂😂
    13 hours ago Ndlovu S'phamandla
    It no time workers but AMCU
    13 hours ago Nqoba Thabede
    Amcu represents mineworkers.
    14 hours ago Mavela Radebe 10
    Goodluck to Dr.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma in becoming next president of the Anc I am fully behind her.
    14 hours ago William Molefe 9
    Good luck indead. Anc is going to need a woman to sit on that mattress once its dead.
    14 hours ago Neo Mogatusi 7
    Thoko Didiza style neh?..forcing someone onto people again?..nizonya nina masela
    13 hours ago Motho Wa Nnete 6
    This woman will never be a president you can see when she talks she looks tired all the time
    14 hours ago Bra Tebzah Sibilanga 3
    Your life,your decision. I refuse to be fully behind a useless woman
    14 hours ago Mavela Radebe 3
    Who said you are a stupid??offcorse dreams do come true Dr.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma her future will be decided by the Anc branches,social media is not going to decide the future president of the Anc
    14 hours ago Velile Mkhemnte Khosana 1
    keep dreaming we are not stupid
    14 hours ago Mavela Radebe 1
    We are in a funny democracy people are deciding for us who must we support,instead of backing for their preferable candidate.S.Africa is ready to be led by a woman president
    14 hours ago Athi Lingani
    Maybe in Pluto she'll become one
    14 hours ago Portia Khumbuleni
    I agree Mavela and that woman is Miss Sisulu ...
    13 hours ago Mavela Radebe
    Bra Tebza Sibilanga useless woman to you not to all of us and she will only fail here in social media propaganda fake news mxm
    13 hours ago Clever Jere 7
    Why did she go to Marikana? On what capacity? Who was she representing? Everyday Dlamini-Zuma,Dla----Zuma what position does she hold in Government now to deserve public support and interest? Can someone clarify for me on these questions?
    13 hours ago Clever Jere
    scooped 0/100😊☝☝☝
    13 hours ago Archibold Seekaro
    Aggg man Clever your name does'nt even represent the crap you just wrote
    14 hours ago Pro Mahlaks Lekoba 5
    It is useless to have protocol officials including security, if they can't help by scanning the environment(intelligence gathering) before the principle visit the area, or she thought because she is a woman and is woman's month then she will be allowed. The community and their union made it clear on the media that ANC is not allowed there. Why did she went there.
    13 hours ago Kennivic Pheaha Moropo 2
    Serves her right,where was she during Marikana struggles?Bravo to Amcu..we should also do the same to some Zuma's puppets until they become level headed.
    14 hours ago Andile Hlophe 2
    I am farting in 4,3,2,1.....here we go pbvrvvv frhp!
    14 hours ago Khumo Maboane
    Your profile can tell. Thanks buddy .lol.
    14 hours ago Chino Mosala
    Mr fart
    11 hours ago Emelly Nomusa
    12 hours ago Kgasi Malemone Mnisi
    14 hours ago Xolani Nopote 2
    Don't spite on those you killed,take collective decision and admit your"ANC" wrong doing. You spend most of your AU term in South Africa,and beside this was the continent crisis....so you were supposed to avail yourself.... #Hunger4December
    14 hours ago Simbongile Nogqaza 2
    Barring people from your "dark cave" will never change your situation. If you think engaging in endless wars is good, think twice. Attention seeking, yoyo attitudes won't help that community either. Only Mathunjwa will benefit out of it and will gain more spotlight. Why are our people allowing themselves to be so easily misled? FACT: If anyone in Marikana would vote for Nkosazana-Dlamini, that person must be a registered MEMBER OF ANC. As for 2019, it's different. Wake up South Africans. Don't sacrifice the last drop you have out of your taps for individuals who live nice and cozy lives when he's not amongst you.
    12 hours ago Tian Cronje
    Spot on.
    13 hours ago John Sibenge 1
    Amcu and its members100% responsible for what transpired in marikana.why were wokers carring weapons?.when told to disperse why was the lawful oder from police not followed by the union and it's members.?salary and wage negotiations lies in the hands of union and employer ,arbitrator in the event of deadlock.police came in for law and oder.so leave politics out of this.
    13 hours ago Khulekani Makhathini 2
    What was the need of deploying cops in a koppie? Because it obvious that workers were going to react. The deployment of police fueled the situation there, i am telling you.
    13 hours ago John Sibenge
    mzansi for shooo
    12 hours ago John Sibenge
    but they defied him.from look of things those people were becoming more dangerous each day.and they attracted criminals in their grouping hence it was a prudent idea for them to disperse
    13 hours ago Ernest Kenny Lekgoro
    Why they didn't just erect their fence and guard them because it was obvious the confrontation was gonna results in the death as it happens .
    13 hours ago Dipuo Malakoane Molebatsi
    Did you see Joseph Mathunjwa kneeling down, pleading with them to leave?
    13 hours ago John Sibenge
    2 security personel and police were killed day before and this group at the kopje were a threat to peace and security
    13 hours ago John Sibenge
  • 15 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Neymar’s family hit back on Tuesday in a statement released by the firm representing their interests.
    Barcelona seeking billions from Neymar over contract breach
    14 hours ago Surprise Buccaneer Sekonya
    Liar, millions not billions hai
    15 hours ago Vi Sta
    Bitter.. 😒
    15 hours ago Charlie Anderson
    Bell Pottinger
    15 hours ago Badisa Bonamelo
    Barcelona still crying refusing to be comforted
    15 hours ago Mcnasher Sekate
    Barcelona is bankrupt.leave Neymar alone u wanted him to be Messi's shadow
  • 15 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The minister said Safa approached him about the issue informally two months ago when the South African Under-20 team were struggling to have players released for the Fifa U-20 World Cup.
    Nxesi probes legislative fix to club v country row
  • 16 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) will in early September host a week long festival‚ Harare International Carnival. The carnival will feature at least 10 samba girls from Brazil and nearly 20 Cuban dancers‚ with Zodwa Wabantu billed as the headline act.
    Zodwa Wabantu cracks invite to Zim government event but only if she wears panties
    15 hours ago Stephen Likhethe 12
    Grace is going to bliksam you with an extension cord if you go there without panties.
    11 hours ago Franky Mecury
    14 hours ago Thatha Thatha
    15 hours ago Hlalefang Matsoso 6
    Zodwa Go make some bucks honey.. Panties wont kill for one day
    15 hours ago Malefyane Pilane 3
    Watch out girl...Dis'Grace Mugabe wa shapa...DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU
    15 hours ago Isaac Mizo 3
    Since we have imature people by nature,then i think its better to give advise to the one who is representing south africa to dress properly and cover her body well to show that south african woman are respectable and they dont buy this thing of sex sells because it promotes rapes and other sexual abuses!!!
    14 hours ago Hlamulo Wavho Hlulo Mudau 3
    She's not promoting rape & abuse she s the victim of rape thats why she walk naked to say enough is enough for killing &raping women an children's
    13 hours ago Rhulani Livingstone Rhuga Makhubele 1
    People who u talk and are the imature one how many video u watch on tv with half naked people did u ever take someone after those videos NO....! Please next better comment ...👉✋
    14 hours ago Ngwane Mtho Olwethu 1
    Musa ukudlala ngoZodwa bangamqhashela ukuba nqunu bese yena afike enzeni ke lapha?
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Rhulani dealing with one problem at the time is better than nothing!!!
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Even the cash transit transport gets robbed because its obvious to the eyes of people that it is carrying money..therefore if ya'll say its ok then dont complain about rapes neh!!!
    15 hours ago Khubula KaTjezi 2
    Yey what's with Zimbabwe and Zodwa. Really
    15 hours ago Nkululeko Thetsha Dube
    Love of po*s is extreme there! Zodwa hots things up
    13 hours ago Khubula KaTjezi
    Lools.. 😀 i hear you guys
    14 hours ago Blessing Mancitshana
    Leyonto ehlanyisa abantu eYardini is the same ehlanyisa amaZimbo!
    13 hours ago Rhulani Livingstone Rhuga Makhubele 2
    People stop talking abt how Zondwa dress now we all knw is herpassport singnature now... So let her cograt her on her success of wat she does...cause at least she is it running after bleasers and used by men unlike others..and not becoming prostitute.. So let's support and stop be negative..or many videos u watch with ur family of half naked people some even complete naked and a u rape after that NO..! Now she is sleeping in a million Rand house wena ur busy critising her...wat that says to u...think abt it thanks for reading my comment.😊😊
    11 hours ago Rhulani Livingstone Rhuga Makhubele
    Isaac Mizo dnt be arogant maan did u ever rape first thing I can ask ...and are u trying to say a person who rape 5month child is coz of her dressing..
    Please can u use ur mind a bit..Stop thinking like the way u think.. people how they dress doesn't make people rape... and not promoting rape.  But wat i want from u stop thinking like that I watch many strip show music video but I never rape jst let that talk for the rapist and support Zondwa unless ur wishing to duck her that give keep u talking the way u talk...😂😂
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    I dont care if she sleeps in a billion us or rand house and am sleeping in a shack,but the fact that remains is that,what she is doing is opening gates for more woman to be sexualy abuse and traded especialy looking at the rape cases that we have.therefore prevention is better than nothing!!!
    15 hours ago Ace Makh
    Tel doz Zimbos ur a Brand n u cum as u r Jst lik DsGrace cums here n traap evry 1 in her way
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Negetive brand or a positive brand is the question!!!
    15 hours ago Emmanuel Sinamai
    So who's gonna check if she's wearing it or not;)
    14 hours ago Zibani Ngwenya Zibani 1
    The minister of defence will check her
    13 hours ago Braighton Britso Gumbo
    Grace and minister of security
    13 hours ago Nkanyiso Percival Ndlovu
    She will wreck the performance since there's no Savannah in Zimbabwe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    12 hours ago Raphael Muchirahondo
    Who told u there is savannah in Zim kkkkkk u are just ignorant every beer n cider u find here is there in Zim bro
    15 hours ago Tjatji Tjebane
    As if those chiefs will mind for a glimpse. She will not be an original brand. A lucky man is the one who is going to check her compliance
  • 16 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The Tegeta deal follows a day after Oakbay said it was selling its media assets to Mzwanele Manyi‚ a staunch supporter‚ for R450 million.
    Guptas selling Tegeta mining interests
    15 hours ago Steven Moloto 3
    Guptas are leaving SA for Dubai. Guess what,they are leaving with Trillions of Rands. They see their hopes of NDZ becoming a president are fading away. If we had a functional law enforcement agencies, Guptas assests should have been frozen by now.
    16 hours ago Tebogo MJ Mpanyane
    whatever they are up to, godly justice is in process and no amount of trickery will stop it
    15 hours ago Tam Capital
    The Scorpions ( remember them?) would have long attached properties, frozen accounts as a result of all these allegations and emails. But now we the Hawks, who are just Zuma's car guards. As long as there's no investigation or inquirey the Guptas have now hidden all those assests by now
    14 hours ago Zwelinjani Majavu
    Preparing to flee
    14 hours ago Tshikungwi Mukhethwa
    Bye bye #GUPTA 4 DUBAI
    13 hours ago Molokwane Khomotso
    Andile mguptama is in the line of buying
    16 hours ago Geez Phakzela
    Admin ask them to borrow me money to buy the stake
  • 16 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    “Allegations are that this pastor raped all these victims inside the church on different dates after he invited them one by one to the church for prayer and while busy praying‚ he will then attack the victim and rape her‚” said Limpopo police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.
    Police arrest 'prophet' for allegedly raping four girls
    16 hours ago Sekatana Sa-Freistata Gauteng 11
    I don't blame pastor for raping women, he is rite, I blame women for joining every church they c at a corner of the street. They must focus on the church they grew up attending or else let them be raped damn it!!! Women alway da case this days, women this women that... We "men" can't control our women anymore ke stupid 50 50 now they find themselves in trouble n we must sweat. 2 hell. Let them suffer da consequences.
    16 hours ago Esihle IKumkanikazi Yakwa Matshaya 4
    You are problematic yazi. Irrespective of what a person does. Nobody deserves to ne raped & no explanation you give will.ever justify killing someones soul by taking away their autonomy. Sies
    16 hours ago Ngaka Modjadji Christopher 3
    wena don't blame bomme ba kereke, they went ther to be fulfilled
    15 hours ago Hlabirwa Reggy Matabane 3
    Bomme are very stubborn and ignorant. They always drag us to devil. We try by all means to talk sense in their head, but who are we to be taken serious.
    15 hours ago Sekatana Sa-Freistata Gauteng 2
    pipol must start reading their bibles, we've been warned about this pastors but we don't listen. some of u r even pasting their fotos on the door of ur homes n on ur cars...we've been warned not 2 bow before pictures n not 2 believe in them but what r u doing? Almighty God is punnishing u....
    14 hours ago Musingadi Ntuwiseni Russel 2
    Did you open the article you fool. The victim are children.. 12 to 16., not women.
    15 hours ago Rodney Lesego Masoko 1
    ya. neh
    14 hours ago Isaac Ike Mashoboko 1
    You make a wrong move you suffer the consequences. By the way #SekatanaSaFreeState is no longer 50/50, its 90/10 this nowadays. Men are to be blamed at everything. If a woman fails in life, guess what man is the one to blame.
    14 hours ago Thandiwe Lubisi 1
    He rape girls of 12 and 16 he target babys then you call a 12 year old as woman. .
    15 hours ago Sekatana Sa-Freistata Gauteng
    they went from their churh to new church coz they wanted God 2 serve them fast since they can't wait so they get rapetized. I'm not gonna blame pastor hell no! God is dealing with them coz they can read their bibles properly. I blame them 4 failing 2 wait
    15 hours ago Russell Jonhi
    So condoning RAPE, im not surprised to hear people like you talk. Lucifa is at work but "HE" is coming.
    16 hours ago Dumisani King Zwide Nxumalo 2
    These foreigners who call themselves prophets are all criminals who have found a more acceptable word to make themselves comfortable in this country. Government must act
    14 hours ago Robert Bob Juma
    He's a south african
    14 hours ago Danny Jeff
    Did they mention anywhere the nationality of this pastor Dumisani...I feel pity for you broer
    11 hours ago Richard Le Grand
    Bullshit does not have a race or nationality
    15 hours ago Benny Ratsuba 2
    Pastor is a person remember,many pple of high profile also raped bt nt caught.this man is caught so that he can repent from his sins.i am he will repent and continue with the work of God in jail.who are we to judge.
    15 hours ago Benny Ratsuba 1
    if you you know u never commiteted any sexual sin in your life,then continue to judge him.
    14 hours ago Okonkwo Ugwuoke 1
    Those people can see what d pastor did but can't see a man eating human being in Kzn just imagine. People are so easy to condem a Man of God for nonsense things.
    14 hours ago Okonkwo Ugwuoke 1
    Evil people always talk bad about pastors here in this country but they can't talk bad about so called evil sangoma people why?
    15 hours ago Hlabirwa Reggy Matabane
    Yr bible said we can judge righteously... tsek
    12 hours ago Mnqobi S. Phungula
    You 2000+ years old fictional book of your is so cruel. It has produced so many dumb people
    14 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    At the end of the day, taking advantage of someone its wrong and you should be punish for that!!!
    15 hours ago Manucho Manucho 1
    it is easy for Pastors to do this bcoz most women go to these churches bcoz they want to be Mam'fundisi.. they wear short skirts and seat on the front row.. i remember how excited the church members were of that Pastor who had a sextape leaked.. they saying he has a big dick i mean.. its easy to manipulate them
    14 hours ago Manucho Manucho 2
    look at Tim Omotoso he has a huge following mainly the Ladies.. and this person is being trialed for rape.. how can females support sum1 accused of rape
    15 hours ago Isaac Mizo 2
    And what does this tells us? It tells us that these fake pastors exist because they have a market that approves them and at the end when it back fires ,they want to put a blame on someone!!!
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Woman dont learn.and they want to blame God for their careless mistakes,GOD said we must seek first his kingdom and his righteousnes,but they seek first toungable things not wisdom!!!
    15 hours ago Modise Senatle 1
    No mane admin dnt shift story to limpopo I wnt us to talk abt those ppl of KZN who eat human flash jerrrrrrrrr
    14 hours ago Tshidiso Pheladi 1
    M still shocked by that.eating human flesh
    13 hours ago Modise Senatle
    Not only u also worse thy admit to eat them
    15 hours ago Aaron V Tlou 1
    If the pastor invites "u"alone as woman what comes to yr mind? Why all those women were quite all along? Were they saying the so-called pastor what was doing was right? Women are easy targets. When are they ever going to learn. I am NOT condoning bad things to happen,but women believe everything. In reality religion is now a money making scam. We have to be aware of the so-called "pastors"
    14 hours ago Esihle IKumkanikazi Yakwa Matshaya 1
    Infact how are you indirectly justifying this?Open the article,read it then maybe just maybe rethink your choice of diction.Sies
    14 hours ago Tshidiso Pheladi 1
    Free moders,only saw the title didn't read to c itz actually kids
    15 hours ago Pharu Freddy
    They are stupid
    11 hours ago Richard Le Grand
    Mothers in churches must take care of the younger ones in a way too
    14 hours ago Esihle IKumkanikazi Yakwa Matshaya
    How are 12 yr olds women?
    16 hours ago Mandlenkosi Koolbean
    Umuntu omnyama kuzomele athole indlela yokuzikhipha kulesimo sengqondo esikuso.
    Asifundeni ukuhluza umqabango wethu ngokuzimela ngamunye x2.
    Iyashwaqisa into enje yokudlalwa ngenkolo Thol'ukuthi naleyo nkolo yiyo iscindezelo.
    14 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Inkolo yobu krestu akusiyo inkinga,inkinga ukuthi umuntu ufuna usizo ngendlela engalungile nakubantu abangalungile!!!
    15 hours ago NdimLo Lk Hlubi Mzaca
    The #Knowledge we need is not from church its in the word of God (let's read the Bible often) the #Power of God is not in the Pastors anointing its in #Trusting God for his promises (let's pray often) the #Faith we have is not the smile we keep but is determined by our victory in through the strength the word of God gives us (we can do all the things through Christ the Lord who strengthen us) only let's humble ourselves and he shall lift us up
    15 hours ago Kenny Phaho
    Is it bcos there arent enough men out there to give these women EMOTIONAL love/HOPE/security/agape Love? Are we men failing to meet our ladies needs? #WhyBehindTheWhyQuestions
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Thats why woman are lost because man are lost as heads!!!
    14 hours ago Isaac Mizo
    Thats because the who her wife should be asking about God's things is not doing his part.because a man is closer to God,and he is the one who sends the message of God to his woman!!!
    14 hours ago Kenny Phaho
    Eish...only God cn make men understand wht these creatures called women need. Gullible heart creatures? Opportunists taking advantage of these gullible heart creatures? This is a very complex and sensible issue not everyone can understand. Spiritual and emotional need before the physical needs...is tht wht women need? #HoThaaaaaata
    14 hours ago Mawande Tamba
    Come 2019, all of this will be history. New government will be in charge, people will fear of doing crime, government is not doing anything to protect its people. My advice to you ladies out there, don't fall for Satan's bait and these so called or self proclaimed prophets, when they start telling you id numbers and cell phone numbers,whose killing you thats not a prophecy , RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, that's divination (magic ) (ukuvumisa) not spirit of God. Bible said , we shall see them by their fruits. These are some of the fruits, God bless you.
    12 hours ago Isaac Mizo 1
    Amen and thank you sir!!!
    11 hours ago Richard Le Grand 1
    11 hours ago Mawande Tamba
    Mpho, dream about what now Bru??
    11 hours ago Mawande Tamba
    God bless you my brother
    11 hours ago Mpho Manqele
    Dream on!!
  • 16 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    IN TODAY'S PAPER: • Dlamini-Zuma chased out of Marikana
    • EFF leader ‘beats up’ family
    • Photos reveal Grace’s rage
    • Idols star cheats death
    • Meet PSL’s first Egypt import
    16 hours ago Thabo Michael Moloi 2
    Ehbann!! EFF leader BEATS UP FAMILY?? More info tuuu!
    12 hours ago Khabonina Khabo 1
    Only one leader in EFF
    11 hours ago Thabo Michael Moloi
    Laaaag S.A politics !!!!!!
    16 hours ago Muzi Nsibande
    I'm more interested in Dlamini-Zuma chased out of Marikana.
  • 16 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Jordaan also confirmed that a national women's professional soccer league will be launched in 2019.
    Safa, La Liga partnership to develop women's league
    16 hours ago Lonwabo Keith Phingilili 1
    What an ugly microphone by Ann7.
    16 hours ago Rich Tom Mongwe
    Great news,ladies start with yr recruitment
    16 hours ago Boitshoko Perseverance Ramose Thakadu
    Datz Great news .
    16 hours ago Thobani Makhanya
    2019 Jordaan will be Dead
  • 17 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Leaked emails revealed that the proposed purchases‚ which seem to have been at an advanced stage‚ ranged between $5-million (R64-million) and $15-million for the Maldives‚ depending on whether a villa or island was bought‚ and $11-million for the Seychelles villa.
    Guptas lifestyle 'at odds' with tax declarations
    16 hours ago Dumisani King Zwide Nxumalo 2
    This is no longer called corruption. Corruption is an understatement we need a new word maybe the people who designed the dictionary can use their creativity. In the meantime I will call it beyond corruption.
    16 hours ago Arkad Judi Tšatjiè-Mosia
    that's their money
    16 hours ago Kenzo Ken
    let's see if sars have any bite,because no way the guptas only made 1mil
    16 hours ago Godwill Sibanda Ndukwana
    I see that they've also sold Tegeta the Gupta emperor is crumbling.
    15 hours ago Avhasei Matodzi
    ANC members in gud standing lol
    16 hours ago Margie Coetzee
    ..nail them!
  • 17 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    As for what happened‚ Vodacom’s short answer was: “It was a mistake.”
    Vodacom mum on how many subscribers affected by airtime glitch
    17 hours ago Kenny Kgatla 16
    Their only mistake was to steal more than they initially planned to. Their system was programmed to deplete some of their customers' data at midnight so that the customers can purchase more.
    16 hours ago Themba Slimlyf Rhodes
    kenny makhenzo point blank bro here a double shot of bells!🍺
    16 hours ago Patricia Tlale
    I Also Ask For My Airtime Back Vodacom!
    17 hours ago Muzi Nsibande 14
    Why can't they mistakenly load free airtime and data bundles as a mistake.
    16 hours ago Chris Kekana 1
    Questions of the most intelligent! What you do on the right, you must do on the left. Absolutely brilliant! Muzi.
    12 hours ago Aphiwe Aphiwe
    Lol True bra ..
    16 hours ago Muzi Nsibande
    Exactly #Chris_Kekana.
    14 hours ago Teargas Oupa Klaas
    17 hours ago Malefane Diggs-Malgas 2
    people say they got what belongs to them back but me dololo,Vodacom where are my datas?
    17 hours ago Phiny Tlou Mashishi 2
    me still waiting for my data till now nothing while others received theirs back
    17 hours ago Sphesh Nondumiso Hlatshwayo 1
    It's better if you just call their service centre
    15 hours ago Phiny Tlou Mashishi
    the truth is, this happens almost... nearly every day i lost my data nd airtime sometimes...vodacom is rich because they robbed ordinary consumers millions of their data nd airtime daily
    15 hours ago Caleb Frost II
    I was reimbursed. But they were depleted within five minutes before I could use them 😪
    16 hours ago Lonwabo Keith Phingilili 2
    Vodacom refunded m yesterday my airtime&datas.BT my complain is they should hv compensated an extra half of what they took frm m.for my panicking after I saw my balance when they reaped m daylight.
    17 hours ago Promise Sweet-zee Ntuli 1
    Got mine back, they even more...
    16 hours ago Nkhethe Gilbert Mokgerere
    Then you must alert them..... show them you are not a thief Customer
    15 hours ago Promise Sweet-zee Ntuli
    Ki ki ki ki never data is very expensive darli.
    13 hours ago Nicholas Mashiloane
    Vodacom is like khanyi mbau they exceeds the limits, vodacom just overused the Data stealing button or whatever method they use
    16 hours ago Donald Molaba
    It was a hack
    16 hours ago Donald Molaba
    Yah the plan was not to steal from all Vodacom individuals
    16 hours ago Donald Molaba
    Yah neh
    16 hours ago Morobi McAnroe Mofokeng
    16 hours ago Morobi McAnroe Mofokeng
    Nah there was a system error hare tsebe kae you know hore development edula ena ledi error tsa teng in dis case elaba error e kgolo
    16 hours ago Morobi McAnroe Mofokeng
    Mybe they planning to steal just a lil Mara syntax ya ya tabola development team which resulted in dis mess
    16 hours ago Donald Molaba
    Lol monna idk,ocho Vodacom yai phethetsa kadi meg your day
    16 hours ago Morobi McAnroe Mofokeng
    16 hours ago Morobi McAnroe Mofokeng
    Hack ?Lol di hackers bane baisa kae airtym ya batho?
    16 hours ago Morobi McAnroe Mofokeng
    And eseng haholo so lol ke programming ena ya lona
    16 hours ago Donald Molaba
    16 hours ago Lubabalo Ngumbela
    I'd like to send a BIG shout out to VODACOM that is out there doing the most. SEBENZA GIRL!!! Steal that data, airtime and heck if they don't have any, suck the life out their batteries! 😂 😂 😂 😂
    14 hours ago Livhuwani Joan
    Atleast its only once off as for me its been few months now when i buy airtime for mtn it disapears without a trace and untill today i dont have a valid reason as to where its going
  • 18 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    The report details how Mugabe arrived at the hotel after being contacted by the bodyguards of her two sons — Robert Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga — informing her of their “disruptive behaviour“. The two were apparently in the company of four young women who were booked into another room.
    Grace Mugabe's hotel rampage - the inside story
    17 hours ago Firstaid Noodhulp Provider 1
    ...the Mugabes are then MORE undesirable persons then the Daila Lama, in RSA... Ban them.
  • 18 hours ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Not so long ago, I proposed that some public relations and communications guru should establish a division for break-ups in their company.
    Nothing beats telling the lover who has dumped you to get lost!
  • 1 day ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    This win for City rookie coach Bernard Molekwa, did not only hand Sundowns their first defeat of the season after two round of matches but it was their first away win against the Brazilians after five years of trying.
    Ramagalela bags a brace as Polokwane City grab first ever away against Sundowns
    23 hours ago Richard Tshepo Semosa 6
    Mr Photographer, you know job. What a wowing picture. I salute you.
    1 day ago Buhle Mkhutshwa 3
    Sunflops will never win anything for as long as Lebese & Manyisa are playing for them.
    19 hours ago Tebogo MJ Mpanyane
    what are trying to insinuate
    19 hours ago Desmond Mabaso
    big false
    18 hours ago Theo Shikwambana 2
    4us khompela make it clear that he s like Madiba we must wait 4 27yrs 2c chiefs victory
    20 hours ago Rhambo Ravaza Ndlangamandla 1
    That young coach rejuvinated Polokwane City. He must be good. The team has looked convincing since he took over.
    19 hours ago Mathokoza Manana
    players should be yellow carded for kicking that corner flag. ..it's not good.
    16 hours ago Peter Mudau Sibanda
    Some plyrs r used 2 lose (Manyisa nd Lebese), dey hv brought deir losing spirit from Soweto 2 Mamelodi. Sundows got d Soweto disease nd nw dey wl join Pie-rats nd Kompela
    17 hours ago Try Matlala
    Pitso also admitted yesterday that the pitch was the problem...lol....he said "I sound like Steve Khompela but its true..the pitch didn't do us any favours" his words...that's bull...you lost...he is even condescending.. He said Ramagalela will Never score the goal he scored second ever again....really...and he knows that how....
    23 hours ago Zukile Jack
    Lebese is good infront of the net he csn do wonders but the only thing ngalomfana he is very lazy ugijimisa okwekhehla yenza kahle chieffs imdedele ahambe
    17 hours ago Tash Bargos Sparano
    Central defenc is costing sundowns big tym...very very slow an also not have a goal poacher adds to the strugle upfront.
    17 hours ago Kwazi Simelane
    At Sundowns we seems to be choosy of games,we under estimate some teams,we have lost games we weren't supposed to,bench Manyisa and Mabunda must come back to his position and Arendse must take his position from Madisha,cause we might be shouting ''Ace'' but is it working 4 us,nope,kodwa he must be introduced gradually,if u were watching the game izolo ,then u saw Ramagalela's 1rst goal that Ace failed to clear the ball and brought it back to the 6 area box ,Sekhutlong missed a sitter,kodwa showed glimses of good things to come from him
  • 1 day ago by Sowetan LIVE

    Sowetan LIVE
    Baroka, having fought relegation last season, brought in Doctor Khumalo this past week to beef up their football staff as technical director.
    Siphelele Ntshangase sparkles on debut as Baroka fight back against Pirates for a draw
    1 day ago Ntjiepana Trevor Mahapa Maleka 5
    Siphelele is very intelligent,he is special and unique,I see a bright future for him
    1 day ago Godfrey Moabi 3
    These boys of Baroka,they run the whole 90 minutes.it's like they are all virgins.these boys they will give all this big clubs a problem.but they will lose to all small teams.Zebras,i wonder why you didnt sign that Ntshangase boy.he can pass the ball so nicely that boy
    1 day ago Ndiafhi Romeo Mashadzha 1
    Ntshangase is a good player
    1 day ago Thulasizwe Nkutha 1
    Job weldone baroka now pirates must stop dis nonsense of talking too mu#PIE-RAT MUST FALL
    1 day ago Mkhwanazi Wandile Somlomoti
    27yrs fc vs SSU,CTC,WITS then to Downs.how do u feel?
    1 day ago Pheleh Lastnumber Chiliza 1
    But Khoza should have signed this player. He's much better than Makola
    17 hours ago Salani Mot 1
    As the Zebras, we are a family business and broke!
    1 day ago Olemetse Diale Aaron
    Weldone baroka I hope they teach, Teacher Khompela one or two lessons to get rid of comparing himself with Madiba this is football we need goals and win nothing else not politics.you can talk good English it's fine but scoring goals and winning games doesn't need English Mr Teacher Baroka is coming for you.mark my word
    17 hours ago Sirah Nongomaza
    Haibo mf2 kwenzekani, i Chiefs yehlulwe ku sign Ntshangase yodlulwa ngu nobumba i Baroka. Malwande Malwei Fiyo
    15 hours ago Malwande Malwei Fiyo
    yho ndiyibonile achuz damn uBobby marn nguye lona sengela kaizer chiefs phantsi umntu ohlulwe yi R2.5million kodwa ebesando thengisa George Lebese
    14 hours ago Sirah Nongomaza
    Tshin uyanya lowa, and lantwana usiwe ngu Doctor Khumalo pha, lenja u Bobby ine pride ayikwazi negotiate and i stingy, singamsusa njani lamnru na pha?
    1 day ago Fhatuwani Khumela
    Hahaha i heard Siphelele Ntshangase is going to chiefs
    1 day ago Stanley Malatse
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Guests were in for a treat with this incredible sighting!

Professional Guides, Reginald, Bono and Lovemore were interviewed in Mana Pools National Park, where this extraordinary sighting took place.

Our professional safari guides have a lot of experience in the bush and were surprised to have heard the news. This was a lucky experience, one that not many people are able to boast about! Kanga Camp and Zambezi Expeditions, two of African Bush Camps’ properties are situated in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. Have a look at Kanga Camp: bit.ly/2bLEdty and Zambezi Expeditions: bit.ly/2c3mdJ5 on our website.

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The only way to appreciate Tanzania is to Climb and Trekking up to the Mountains, walk or cycle on its earth, watch birds in its bushes, lakes and plains, track animals in their natural habitats in an impossible way. Let’s Explore the African rich biodiversity with the wilderness Expert. SHIKA TOURS AND SAFARIS is a professional Tour Operator based in Kilimanjaro with its Branch office in Arusha who shares with you the incredible sights, Mountains, sounds and the taste of the Africa Adventure number one destination for those seeking safaris with romance and dream of a lifetime.

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  • 6 days ago by ShikaTours and Safaris

    ShikaTours and Safaris
    This unique mountain bike safari takes guests from Tarangire National Park to Lake Manyara National Park with an overnight in the stunning Waterfall campsite ...SHIKA TOURS is one of the best Bike Trips organizer in Arusha, Tanzania, for more information and Inquiries please follow the link below...... https://www.shikatourstz.com/day-trips/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    TARANGIRE NATIONAL PARK- DAY TRIP Start and end in Arusha or Moshi! With the day tour – Day Tour Tarangire National Park, you have a day trip (Sightseeing tour) package taking you through Tarangire National Park. Day trip departs daily on request. Tarangire National Park features some of the greatest concentration of game in Tanzania.Tarangire boasts the largest group of elephants on the planet. It’s also home to the magnificent baobab trees, which soar above the African plains with their iconic clustered tops and smooth bark. READ MORE-https://www.shikatourstz.com/tours/day-tour-tarangire-national-park/
    Day Tour Tarangire National Park – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    ARUSHA NATIONAL PARK DAY TRIP Start and end in Arusha or Moshi! With the Day tour – Day Tour Arusha National Park, you have a day trip, (Excursion) package taking you through Arusha National Park. Day trip departs daily on request. Arusha National Park covers an area of about 137square kilometres. It is located near Arusha town between the peaks of Mountains Kilimanjaro and Meru. The Park and the town derive their name from Wa-Arusha people who traditionally live in this area. The Ngurdoto Crater, Momela Lakes, the highland mountain forest, and the rugged Mount Meru (4575m) are the four distinctive features of the park. Although small, the park has a wealth of wildlife including Colobus monkeys, velvet monkeys, bushbucks, buffaloes, red forest duikers, hippos, elephants, and giraffes. Bird life, especially waterfowl, is abundant and interesting. You can do some hiking with an armed ranger at the Ngurdoto Crater and to the Mt. Meru Crater. This is a good trip for people who have a short stay in Tanzania. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...a-national-park/
    Day Trip Arusha National Park – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    LAKE MANYARA DAY TRIP Start and end in Arusha or Moshi! With the day tour – Day Tour Lake Manyara National Park you have a day trip (Excursion) package taking you through Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. Day trip Lake Manyara National Parkdeparts daily on request. Lake Manyara is a beautiful Park which contains a diverse range of habitats and topographical features ranging from the Rift Wall, ground water forest, acacia woodlands and open grasslands to the shores of Lake Manyara and the lake itself. Picnic Lunch is served at Msasa Picnic site which affords fabulous views of the lake. Following lunch, we’ll have an afternoon game viewing in the park searching for the diverse flora and fauna of the park. There are some 350 different bird species in the park. Lake Manyara provides sanctuary to a variety of animals such as the gazelle, impala, buffalo, wildebeest, hyena, baboon, giraffe, hippo and the famous tree-climbing lions that are unique to the lake. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...a-national-park/
    Day Tour Lake Manyara National park – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    EXPLORE THE BEAUTY OF MT.KILIMANJARO- DAY TRIP Start and end in Arusha or Moshi! With the day tour – Day Tour Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park, you have a day trip package taking you through Mount Kilimanjaro. Day tour Mt. Kilimanjaro National departs daily on request. This is the hike to the first hut which will allow you to have a feel of the mountain for one day and the hike through the rain forest will be breathtaking. On a clear day, you will be in a position to see and hear birds singing in the bushes, monkeys jumping from tree to tree and the breathtaking landscape and vegetation. One advantage of this day trip is that you will not be required to have any special Mountain climbing gears. All that you need for this trek is comfortable clothing, comfortable walking shoes and a raincoat in case it rains on your way up. You could choose to walk 3 to 5 hours or a full day climb to Machame camp – 2980 meters, READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...o-national-park/
    Day Tour Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    CULTURE TOUR, MARANGU DAY TRIP. Start and end in Arusha or Moshi! With the day tour – Day Tour to Marangu Village, you have a day trip (Excursion) package taking you through Marangu Village. Day tour departs daily on request. The “Marangu Waterfalls” is located on the slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro national park, is also an excellent location for hiking, bird watching and taking in the sights of rural Africa. The cultural tourism program offers the opportunity for visitors to watch traditional blacksmiths, visit nearby caves and waterfalls as well as experience life in the local Chagga tribe. People around Marangu village are very welcoming and we hope you will enjoy your time with them. While in Marangu one can learn more about the Chagga culture by visiting a traditional Chagga house made of straw roofing. Also, the traditional food made by bananas and local brew known as Mbege can be tasted. RAED MORE- https://www.shikatou...marangu-village/
    Day Tour To Marangu Village – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    NGORONGORO CRATER DAY TRIP Start and end in Arusha! With the day tour – Day tour Ngorongoro Crater, you have a day trip package taking you through Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Day Trip to Ngorongoro Crater Departs daily on request. Ngorongoro Conservation Area is in northern Tanzania, It’s home to the vast, volcanic Ngorongoro Crater and “big 5” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino). Huge herds of wildebeests and zebras traverse its plains during their annual migration. Livestock belonging to the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe graze alongside wild animals. Hominin fossils found in the Olduvai Gorge date back millions of years. RAED MORE- https://www.shikatou...orongoro-crater/
    Day Tour Ngorongoro Crater – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    A visit to local Maasai village and school which will enrich your knowledge of this traditional tribal person and their distinctive heritage. Tour include the Olduvai Gorge. Olduvai Gorge is a steep ravine in the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. It is one of the world’s most important paleoanthropological sites.
    The world’s largest open, inactive volcanic crater, Ngorongoro is one of Africa’s finest wildlife conservation areas and home to over 25,000 large animals including lions, zebra wildebeest and gazelles. It is also one of your best opportunities to see black rhinos, the rarest of the Big 5. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...safari-tanzania/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Start and end in Arusha! With the luxury safari tour – 6 Days Tanzania BIG FIVE Luxury Safari, you have a 6 day BIG FIVE luxury safari in Tanzania trip package taking you through to the top Tanzania tour destinations.
    This itinerary is the great introduction to the country’s fantastic wildlife and scenic heritage, visiting the rolling grass plains of the Serengeti national park, the ancient baobab trees of Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Travel in the spring time to hopefully catch a glimpse of the Great Wildebeest Migration on their way. Discover the Olduvai Gorge. Olduvai Gorge is a steep ravine in the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. It is one of the world’s most important paleoanthropological sites. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...e-luxury-safari/
    Start and end in Arusha! With the luxury safari tour – 6 Days Tanzan
  • 3 weeks ago by ShikaTours and Safaris

    ShikaTours and Safaris
    SAFARI HIGHLIGHTS,  Highlights Take pictures of the huge African elephants and big cuts
    In the Serengeti, linger at Simba Kopjes, inspiration for scenes in The Lion King
    At the Olduvai Gorge Museum view fossils that provide evidence of our ancestors
    Exploration of Moru Kopjes, characterised by boulders with ancient Maasai paintings
    Game drives in Serengeti National Park, with Africa’s highest concentration of wildlife
    Visit the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a World Heritage Site, Africa’s “Garden of Eden”
    Visit Tarangire National Park, known for its huge herds of baobab trees, elephants and giraffes
    Stay at the luxury Lodges/Tented camps within the wild park, with an expert guide, meals, transport and more. READ MORE.https://www.shikatourstz.com/tours/6-days-tanzania-big-five-luxury-safari/
    SAFARI HIGHLIGHTS, HighlightsTake pictures of the huge African ele
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    KILIMANJARO CLIMBINGI MARANGU ROUTE Start and end in Arusha! Marangu route trekking (hiking, climb) adventure tour – Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing Marangu Route, you have 8 day trip package taking you through Kilimanjaro National Park. Marangu Route it`s affectionately known as the “Coca-Cola Route”, Marangu is by far the most popular and classic route to the summit of Kilimanjaro. It is the oldest, most well-established route favoured by the majority because it is considered to be the easiest path on the mountain, due to its gradual slope. It is the only route that offers you the relative luxury of being able to sleep in huts along the entire route. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...g-marangu-route/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    KILIMANJARO PEAK- RONGAI ROUTE Start and end in Arusha! Rongai route climb adventure tour – Mt Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route, you have a 9 day trip package taking you through Kilimanjaro National Park. The Rongai route is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan border. Though gaining popularity amongst climbers, this route still experiences low crowds. Rongai has a more gradual slope than the mountain’s other routes. It is the preferred route for those looking for an alternative to the popular Marangu route, for those who would like a more remote hike, and for those who are climbing during the rainy season (the north side receives less precipitation). Rongai is a moderately difficult route, and is highly recommended, especially for those with less backpacking experience. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...ng-rongai-route/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    KILIMANJARO EXPEDITIONS- SHIRA ROUTE Start and end in Arusha/Moshi! Shira route climb adventure tour – Mt Kilimanjaro Trekking Shira Route, you have a 8 day trip package taking you through Kilimanjaro National Park. The Shira Route is a little used trail that begins near Shira Ridge. It is nearly identical to the Lemosho route. In fact, Shira was the original route and Lemosho is the improved variation. Although Shira is a varied and beautiful route, it is less favorable than its successor due to the relatively high altitude of Shira’s starting point, which is accessed quickly by vehicle. It is possible that climbers will experience some altitude related symptoms on the first day while camping at 11,800 feet. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...ing-shira-route/
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    Very nice
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    KILIMANJARO TREK- MACHAME ROUTE Start and end in Arusha! Machame route climb adventure tour – Mt Kilimanjaro Trekking Machame Route, you have a 9 day trip package taking you through Kilimanjaro National Park. Machame Route it`s one of the seven main routes used to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the Machame route is the most popular path. It is the route of choice for many people because it provides impressive views and a variety of habitats. About 50% of all climbers and most seasoned climbers choose the Machame route. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...g-machame-route/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Start and end in Moshi! Lemosho route trek (hiking, climbing) adventure tour – Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Lemosho Route, you have a 10 day trip package taking you through Kilimanjaro National Park. The tour takes you to the western approach we cross the caldera of Shira Volcano, traversing beneath the southern icefields of Kibo, Kilimanjaro’s highest volcano. We have eight days on Africa’s highest mountain, which means plenty of time for acclimatisation and soaking up the ever changing scenery. READ MORE- https://www.shikatou...g-lemosho-route/
    9 Days Kilimanjaro Trekking- Lemosho Route – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    EXPLORE KILIMANJARO - UMBWE ROUTE Elevation: 5,249 ft to 9,514 ft
    Distance: 11 km/7 miles
    Hiking Time: 5-7 hours
    Habitat: Heath
    The day begins with a 50 minute drive to Machame Gate where registration formalities will be completed. We then transfer through villages and coffee and banana plantations to Umbwe Gate. The trail ascends sharply on a forestry track which winds up the dense rain forest. The path narrows and steepens as we climb the ridge between two rivers surrounded by huge trees. Umbwe Camp is perched between trees and thick undergrowth. Read more- https://www.shikatou...ing-umbwe-route/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    We are Shika Tours and Safaris Tanzania, a team dedicated to sharing the beauty and wonder of East Africa with the world. We specialize in Groups Safari and tailor making your tour to ensure you get the perfect safari itinerary for your tastes and budget. With a personal touch from the first email right up until we drop you off at the airport, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled customer service. https://www.shikatou...com/our-company/
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Mount Kilimanjaro Expeditions – STS
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    A lifetime of adventure awaits you...all you need to do is let it find you. Sign up for shika tours today and become a true global Tourist! http://www.shikatourstz.com
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Super Day with http://www.shikatourstz.com in Tarangire National Park, join us for your amazing Safari with great Company
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Tanzania is the Best Tourist Destination, http://www.shikatourstz.com
    Wayne Rooney
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    So wonderful, Tanzania is the best
    Tanzania Tourist Board
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Climb Kilimanjaro, with great Guides from Shika Tours and Safaris for more information about climbing email- safaris@shikatourstz.com wwww.shikatourstz.com
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Good Job TTB
    Tanzania Tourist Board
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Tanzania on Budget Safari, which specifically include the Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater & Tarangire National Park has been designed to offer you a short but intense Tanzanian Northern Circuit safari experience, for a shorter and time constrained period of 3 days / 2 nights. You will experience the excitement of game viewing in three of the most spectacular national game parks in Tanzania. for more information email- safaris@shikatourstz.com
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Möchten Sie Tansania auf eigene Faust erkunden? Wir bieten Selbstfahrer 4x4 Fahrzeuge sind der beste Weg, um das Land mit unseren 4x4 Land Rover Defenders und Land Cruisers eqquiped mit allen Camping-Getriebe, die icludes Dächer Zelte, alle Kochen und Besteck Ausrüstungen, Camping Tische und Stühle, Fahrzeug-Recory-Tools, GPS, HF-Radio, Doppel-Ersatzreifen, ausgedehnte Kraftstofftanks, erhöhte Lufteinlass, Bulbar, Wassertank und vieles mehr. Es ist Abenteuer, Spaß & Erfahrung, aber empfohlen, um die erfahrenen afrikanischen Reisenden.
    Photos from ShikaTours and Safaris's post
    10 weeks ago Marian Tims
    Tanzania, always a dream from me to go to. I did and can only say, the best Safari country. Dream from Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti and SHIKA TOURS, can made the dream. I saw the Crater , the Garden of Eden, and Serengeti that never will die....... Lions, elephants, leopards, cheeta's, giraffe, buffelo, kind of gazelles. I saw them all. I even saw lake Manyara with many flamingo's Shika can offer you different kind of trips. For me its by car, but if you like to climb Kilimanjaro, also possible, making a tour by bike around Lake Manjara also possible. But also culture, the tribes, the Detoga and Hadzabe tribes, They are a complete company and can make your wishes. Contact them for advice and they made the trip you like. And if your have been once in Tanzania, you come back! for sure.
  • 10 weeks ago by ShikaTours and Safaris

    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Africa has her mysteries and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them come see the Materuni Waterfalls and explore the mysteries of our country Tanzania- for more information send your request to us safaris@shikatourstz.com or visit our website http://www.shikatourstz.com
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    ShikaTours and Safaris
    Enjoying with Birds along Lake Manyara National Park
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    This is Shika Tours and Safaris. I am writing to you in the hope of establishing Long-term business relations with you. We are a professional Tour company, we Provide wildlife Safari, Beach Holidays and Mountain Trekking, have been doing business with a lot of clients from Different Countries within and outside East Africa for several years. It's our quality goods, first-rank services and very competitive prices that help us gain good reputation.  The clients who have kept good long-term partnership with us are from all countries all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, United States, and Switzerland etc. They Book for Wildlife Safari, Mountain Trekking, Beach Holidays, Hotel, Lodges and Campsite Accommodations, Airport Transfers, Long and short term Self Drive etc, with us and some of them even kindly introduce us to their relatives and friends who need our services. We also hold the belief that the public praise is the most supernatural magic, which will make us be success. So we are always trying all we can do to meet your taste, low price, high quality, professional service and
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