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  • 18 hours ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Waa look.... #WeekendCityShow
    Waa look....#WeekendCityShow
    18 hours ago Eno Frema Takyi
    18 hours ago Otu Brown
    Is he Old man or baby boy
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    It was September of 2004, when Mary Grams, of Alberta, Canada, lost her diamond-encrusted engagement ring, while working on her family farm.
    Woman loses engagement ring on farm, finds it 13 years later, wrapped around carrot
    1 day ago Yaw Anokye Fofie Odeneho 3
    This is false. Carrots do not live in soil for 13 years and cannot survive a period of 13 years after their harvest. So where lies the truth?
    1 day ago مريم عبدالله 10
    My brother the carrot didn't last for 13 yrs the ring did. The ring was buried in the soil so the possibility is that, the carrot geminated thru the ring.
    1 day ago Joseph A. Abila 5
    The subject matter is the ring not the carrot. The carrot elevated the ring after it went missing 13 years ago. In short the carrot played a very short but very important role. That was to bring the ring up from the soil. What a lovely story.
    1 day ago Yaw Anokye Fofie Odeneho 3
    Okk, ur clarification makes a lot of sense
    1 day ago Raymond Kwao 1
    The faithful carrot
    21 hours ago Akua Darkowaa Mensah 1
    If is in ghana u will see how some pastors will describe it and the person cannot even wear it again
    19 hours ago Bright Fiatsi
    Mmmm they will say it's spiritual and this and that carrot is not just a normal carrot ei.....
    1 day ago Bork Akwasi 1
    If is Africa they 'll say Juju
    19 hours ago Nana Asiedu Yeboah
    mmmm Possible Impossibility
    1 day ago Hillson Grant Kuylexy
    Wow impressive
    1 day ago Ahiable Saviour
    Wow ! God is gracious to her.
    1 day ago Addjoa Henewaa
    She just found her lost forgotten ring. Nothing "gracious" about that.
    1 day ago Joseph A. Abila
    This is incredible indeed.
    1 day ago Jephthah Mwinsome Qwesi
    Things for you....
    19 hours ago Apizo Wale
    Alaba dross 😂 😂
    18 hours ago Samed DE General
    Meaning the man is now married to the carrot
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    African music has seen a rebirth in the last decade that has opened it up on the world stage like never before.
    Ghanaian and Ethiopian duo, Blockbusters take over Asia
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Former boss of the Electoral Commission (EC), Kwadwo Afari Gyan and some staff of the Commission have benefited from a 2013 auction bonanza, which saw them paying prices ranging from ¢749 to ¢3,745 for various vehicles
    Afari Gyan, others buy auctioned EC cars as low as ¢749
    1 day ago Shine Agamah 12
    So the commission has decided to auction vehicles at a depreciable or a scrap value and considering staffs first.
    This is what happens in all public institutions, including the auditor general.
    Afari Gyan wasn't the only staff to buy the vehicle please.
    The media must stop this hypocrisy by isolating issues....bias and selective
    1 day ago Ben-Bella Eyram 3
    These NPP swines are at it again....leave the old man alone.
    1 day ago Neptune Wycleff Tod 6
    kyerɛ sɛ wodeɛ gyimieee nkoaa
    1 day ago Williams K. Campbell 4
    You are then a piggy.
    1 day ago Gilbert Hormeku 2
    Please whoever you are, try to mind your language. The NPP members are not Swine's,please. Your freedom ends where some one's nose begins. Amen.
    1 day ago Peter Boakye-Danquah 1
    Have u now found life after 8months of political annihilation? This character never gets reformed.
    1 day ago Kesseh Clement 1
    3nfa ohia 3nkika nkwasiasem w)h) wai
    19 hours ago Kenneth Dani Astra
    Ony3 soormi onu. Your useless father us the swine. Kwasia banku
    21 hours ago Mantse Wellington 2
    When you read the story, you realise that 83 vehicles (the least being 10 years old at the time of disposal) were auctioned to as many buyers including Atari Gyan who bought one (1), a single 1. Why are you targeting him? All the government agencies do this. It is not a bad thing if they do the auction properly. In any case, who should they auction to? The public? They should leave the staff of EC and auction to the public? What are you talking about? Why are we like this?
    1 day ago Nana Amoako 2
    What saddens me on these issues is that if legal actions are being taken against them it turns into political matters.
    1 day ago Maalisung Kunateh 1
    What legal action? When Ablakwa and co took the late Jake to court on the government bungalow he bought the case was ruled in favour of Jake.
    1 day ago Datus Budd Owusu
    Bro they all do it.. it just breaks your heart to read this in a sovereign nation with "three branches of govt" they are all thieves!!!
    1 day ago Musah Tahidu 2
    How much did the late Jak bought the house?
    1 day ago Prince El Suprano Asomaning 9
    Buy not bought. Brofo y3 duru
    1 day ago Quame Rhydoh 5
    The same price you paid the English teacher who couldn't teach you to use present verb after 'did' and 'didn't'.
    1 day ago Musah Tahidu 3
    Whether buy or bought, my problem is the amount
    1 day ago Akwesi Asiedu Dankwah 3
    The late?? Are u ok?? Seriously, are u ok up there??
    1 day ago Alex Asare Tawiah 2
    You see why we are not progressing ?
    1 day ago Eric Asare Boateng 1
    How much is the cost of English book for class 3?
    1 day ago Musah Tahidu 1
    Ask your father
    1 day ago Kesseh Clement
    Musa Tahidu, i would want you to tell me now. How much did he buy it..?
    1 day ago Musah Tahidu
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm I'm better than you okay?
    1 day ago Musah Tahidu
    Hahaha see you
    1 day ago Yaw Aboagye 1
    most Ghanaians are highly involved in acts of corruption yet we see others and don't see many of us are bold to confront our colleagues who corrupts the system..yet we talk as if we not's not good to auction car's soo cheap but it happens in all government institutions so bash them all including Mr.Afari Gyan plus me and you..thanx
    1 day ago Joshua Ayisi 1
    I think these accusations should be placed at the door steps of the valuers, thus, STC. It was not those who bought the cars who valued them.
    1 day ago Fordjour Eunice
    There must be a change of attitude in the way we think.not all issues should be politics.this is very serious. if is motivation then it should be done in all sectors because we are all tax payers.
    1 day ago Yakubu Abdul-Majeed
    Seriously, ebi so Ghana dey ooooo. Anyone who is not corrupt is the one who hasn't gotten the opportunity. I pray I get there one day. And when they go to churches they are given the front seats. This is what we should be dealing with and not busy licensing teachers.
    1 day ago Obeng Emmanuel
    Does people have brains at all if someone has stolen money from the state purse does it mean everybody shd be forgiven no wonder your leader is mahama
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Chief Executive Officer of Glitz Africa, Claudia Lumor has disputed claims that the Glitz Style Awards is bias towards certain industries.
    Style Awards not biased, targets niche market - Glitz Africa boss
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    The second day of the 2017 CHALE WOTE began Tuesday with a fiction writing workshop led by award-winning Ghanaian author, Nii Ayikwei Parkes.
    Chale Wote sweeps Accra with Wata Mata Art Festival 2017
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) Maternal Health Ambassador for West and Central Africa, Stephanie Okereke has implored African governments to prioritize maternal health.
    No mother has to die giving birth – Stephanie Okereke partners UNFPA
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    A Member of Parliament’s Finance Committee has blamed the Central Bank for the collapse of two indigenous banks, UT and Capital Banks.
    BoG 'lack of foresight' collapsing financial market – NDC MP fumes
    1 day ago Nana Kofi 12
    I'm beginning to believe that the minority is suffering from ODIS. - opposition deficiency intelligence syndrome. Odi wie aah na oso dae3 boni
    1 day ago Gyamfi Lawrence 8
    What did then governor do when DKM and others loot the citizens of our country. The governor ur President appointed . stop the noise let the new governor do his work. Incompetent MP
    1 day ago Paul Asante Ankrah 8
    Upon all this ur so called knowledge, u couldn't help ur then finance minister to stabilize the cedi and the entire economy
    1 day ago Jephthah Mwinsome Qwesi 3
    King Calas go find out the meaning of stable
    1 day ago King Calas 1
    Is the Cedi Now stable How much is even an #Euro € to cedi Ghc???😂😂😂😂😂 Ghana will Work
    1 day ago Foster Nana Kwame Asiedu
    King Calas, when did the cedi start devaluing?
    21 hours ago Curzzy A Boateng
    Hahahaa dis king guy has a problem...maybe he has to remove his political lens
    20 hours ago Michael Ofori
    Ebi like dis king guy needs free shs...aaaaah
    1 day ago Ellis Quarcoo 7
    Where did this Prof Adongo spring from
    He better be careful not to over talk his way into irrelevance ...
    1 day ago Kojo Manning 1
    Allow him... The ndc will get raid of him soon after he has been used
    1 day ago Osei Dompreh Dickson 2
    So now you see Bank Of Ghana acts swiftly and efficiently under one government and lacks foresight under another government.
    19 hours ago Geoffrey Kafui Kumfo 1
    The central bank under your regime NDC. Remember the rot started since 2014. What did the Bank of Ghana do that time? If your '' Dead Goat '' government were to be in power, the rot would have gone on. What do you take Ghanaians for? Why didn't you advise your government when you were in power? You now talk as if you're a master of everything economic and finance in the world. Where were you? Why didn't you advise your NDC government all this while? Don't tell me the BOG is independent because if it's so,why are you saying the minister of finance should come to parliament to explain? Stop the useless RANTING, the NDC is responsible for all this mess. You can't put any dust into our eyes with your shouts. Better SHUT UP.
    1 day ago Jessica Annan 1
    Tell them Mr Adongo incompetent and clueless g'ment too much talk but nothing to show
    19 hours ago Geoffrey Kafui Kumfo
    ''Dead Goat'' syndrome is disturbing you people. Where was he when the rot started in 2014?
    1 day ago Yaw Boateng Okyere 1
    Adongo should stop wasting our ears. The rot was festering when pre 2017 when your appointed governor was in charge. Such cheap politicking will not wash with us.
    19 hours ago George Amoafo
    We thank u BoG for acting swiftly on behalf of the poor Ghanaians it would have rather been disastrous for the ordinary Ghanaians having their investments with these banks and the financial market u talking about if the shareholders had taken their shares and also sold out their assets to collapse the banks when they realized it wasn't viable operating. A member of parliament's finance committee analyzing financial issues this way due to propaganda. The banks' activities are virtually intact just the names have changed and a little retrenchment. After all GCB too is an indigenous bank..........with your position it would have been the same DKM ordeal if you had retained power. Thank God Ndc is gone forever
    19 hours ago Ebenezer Nene Nuertey
    Should this MP comment on everything that happens in the country? Mr MP, your constituency (bolgatanga central) is waiting for you. We want to hear you talking about bolgatanga central on tv and radio. Hi Ronald Charinga.
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    #TOUCHLINE Chronicles of "Barcelona without ((Neymar))" to continue deep into the La Liga Season?? Sponsored by Decathlon Ghana and supported by Eden Vale Hotel & Executive Training Centre!
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    JoySports/BBC2way!!Why Liverpool could afford to free Coutinho!!
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Where is the most special place to be in this world? Its Friday, I will dash someone a supreme box of papa’s pizza for getting it right so you can share with your friends…
    Whatsapp on 0244340437 #DriveOnJoy LET'S GOOOO!
    Where is the most special place to be in this world? Its Friday, I wil
    1 day ago Mary-Anne Zuolo Aalangdong 1
    To each his own. We each decide what that most special place is.
    1 day ago Tordia Korshi Mawuko 1
    In Christ Jesus!
    1 day ago Fiatsi Emmanuel
    Under the coverage of our maker.
    1 day ago Michael JaJah
    Red Friday
    1 day ago Afful Bright
    Pluz two in Kumasi
    1 day ago Acquosuah Aboagyewaa Addo
    In the arms of the one you love and who loves you back.
    1 day ago Bryte Iceberg Bell
    Heart and mind of a spcl one
    1 day ago Eteve Etoeve Mawuli
    Friday cruise in a serene Friday hung out. Not all places are design for that.
    1 day ago Cef De Man
    Bosom of the Lord
    1 day ago Saley Brown
    'Special ' is relative... what u deem special may be different from mine... so define what u mean by special and u will get the right answer
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Has the recent collapse of UT Bank and Capital Bank damaged your trust in Ghanaian Banks?
    A. YES, I have NO trust in Ghanaian Banks anymore because of the collapse of the two banks
    B. NO, I still trust Ghanaian banks
    Please explain your answer
    1 day ago Richard Ocrah 3
    A lazy approach to fact finding. Get out of your lazy seats and go out there to conduct a proper poll.
    1 day ago Osei Dompreh Dickson
    who told you in 21st century you can't use social media to do a survey? Ghanaians we have the typewriter age still in US, if you don't take paper and pen then you aren't doing anything
    1 day ago Eteve Etoeve Mawuli
    1 day ago Shine Agamah 1
    I just don't like Ghanaian banks.
    1 day ago Jahny Kormory
    Not at all. Two banks financed npp's campaign hence their collapse
    1 day ago Luqman H. Bancey
    No. I still trust the Ghanaian banks. We can't perfect banking sector. Banks collapse in other countries as well. The rest of the banks will use this as a lesson.
    1 day ago Eteve Etoeve Mawuli
    No cos there will surely be nice one among them. How many of them were left though
    1 day ago Justice Martey
    No but it has rather unveiled the True Colours of some Men of God
    1 day ago Rab Chambas
    No I still trust the Ghanaian banks. I believe this will not repeat if government creates and implements good economic policies to help grow the banks.
    1 day ago Ras Agbenyo
    No Apuuuuutoooooooor
    Why should I not trust Ghanaian banks because some people stupidly mismanaged and collapsed only two Ghanaian banks
    1 day ago Cef De Man
    I do have trust in Ghanaian banks. My only problem is their refusal to reduce interest rates in spite of the reduction in policy rates.
    1 day ago Frederick Nyan
    B I believe the Bank of Ghana would continue to protect customers deposits. If we don't trust banks then where would we put our monies. The laws must work
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Ours is 'Grey Banku'. What's yours? Let's have some fun
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Bismarks Kumah-Genius IrepUnited 25
    Shirtless Akple
    1 day ago Eno Frema Takyi 1
    1 day ago Dorothy Enyonam Dadedzi 1
    1 day ago Jones E. Dorkenoo 1
    1 day ago Luke Emmanuel Hammond 1
    Ma friend shirtless is not a colour. Still funny though.
    1 day ago Ethel Tsoene Tamakloe 1
    Love it!
    1 day ago Princez Meela 1
    1 day ago Kofi Sarpong
    1 day ago Bismarks Kumah-Genius IrepUnited
    Bros i no dey wear shirt / dress
    1 day ago Pabie EL 15
    Nude Kenkey😋
    1 day ago Pabie EL
    1 day ago Afua Benyiwa Sey
    hahaha i like that
    1 day ago Kwame Harry
    Hahahaha...nice one
    1 day ago Shirley Ann Martinez
    Brown cookies
    1 day ago Araba Delfrine
    1 day ago Bork Akwasi 11
    I came here to read comments,I am not feeling well from the last insults I had the other time ...I have to keep quiet
    1 day ago Anakwah Anyetei Stephen 4
    That's why I always just read comments and keeps my opinion.
    1 day ago Kobby Oduro 1
    Ba u comment still 😂😂
    1 day ago Vic Johnson 1
    1 day ago Akua Darkoa Unyx
    1 day ago Seth Nartey
    Seriously u just can't understand people
    1 day ago Khall Mhe Vanclergy
    1 day ago Djnisty Flexgh 9
    Grey Konkonte
    1 day ago Esther Hovey
    1 day ago Uth Man
    1 day ago Djnisty Flexgh
    Here to chaley wai u dey run after me on social media like dat, from OMGVoice TO Joy 99.7 FM 😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Grace De Televangelist
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure 9
    Blue beans 😂😂😂
    1 day ago Collins Yaw Agyeman 2
    Pink beans!
    1 day ago Cephas Jnr Ckhormfphorthah 2
    Black beans here
    1 day ago Primo Ellis 1
    Same here with me beans
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure 1
    Primo Ellis 🤣🤣🤣 good good
    1 day ago Fatimah Fateemah 1
    BB for short lol!
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure
    Fatimah Fateemah hahhahaaa I tell you!
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure
    Cephas Jnr Ckhormfphorthah 😂😂
    1 day ago Jossy Naa Adoley Mercedes 6
    Red Fufu
    1 day ago Jossy Naa Adoley Mercedes 2
    1 day ago Sayyidat Kamariiya Tahir 1
    Uw go places like ........😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Jossy Naa Adoley Mercedes 1
    It's showing
    1 day ago Sayyidat Kamariiya Tahir 1
    Eiiiiii adoley u r alll over😂😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Abdulai Zynab Maltiti
    Mine is peach fufu😂
    1 day ago Qweku Ofori Danso Bryt 4
    Ash paratha
    1 day ago Chieef Furrow
    Which one too be paratha?
    1 day ago Qweku Ofori Danso Bryt
    It's like Abodoo....the flat bread
    1 day ago Qweku Ofori Danso Bryt
    Djnisty know it right🙌🙌🙌
    1 day ago Djnisty Flexgh
    Chieef Furrow Its mostly India, Pakistan, Bangladesh food
    1 day ago Vic Johnson
    1 day ago Kwaku Mfum Amankwaah Pam 3
    Pink pussy
    1 day ago Eno Frema Takyi 1
    1 day ago Mhaarmy Eqwiah-Aychiaa Asanteh 1
    Woti y3
    1 day ago Mhaarmy Eqwiah-Aychiaa Asanteh 1
    W'akyi akwadaa bcne???
    1 day ago Kwaku Mfum Amankwaah Pam
    fr3 me
    1 day ago Kwaku Mfum Amankwaah Pam
    akwadaa b)ne
    1 day ago Maame Araba Mansah 2
    Nude spaghetti
    1 day ago Maame Araba Mansah 1
    I don't want u to get an epileptic attack
    1 day ago Maame Araba Mansah
    😂 😂 😂 😂 🙌
    1 day ago Maame Araba Mansah
    😂 😂 😂 eeeiii pls I don't want trouble
    1 day ago Maame Araba Mansah
    😂 😂 😂 If de3 it's not absolute so I won't try
    1 day ago Uchiha Sky
    1 day ago Uchiha Sky
    there flashing lyt on this,u dont bleach,spaghetti aint flashing lyts 😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Uchiha Sky
    me kraa mpo i dont want trouble n ma trouble is dif from urs
    1 day ago Uchiha Sky
    i asked what if
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure 1
    First to comment 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
    1 day ago Will Willz William 1
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure
    Will Willz William can you laugh my brother
    Some ppl are so mean😡
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure
    Victor Tunde Macarthur savage.
    1 day ago Victor Tunde Macarthur
    Congratulations! Ewura Aubynn Manukure... you have made it in life.
    1 day ago Awura Abenaa Asabea Appiah
    Congratulations on ur achievement... Come for ur certificate
    1 day ago Ewura Aubynn Manukure
    Awura Abenaa Asabea Appiah Savage!!
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Head of Banking Supervision at the bank, Raymond Amanfo said the accounts monitoring will aid investigators unearth if any "unusual" money was transferred in and out of them.
    BoG freezes accounts of directors, managers of UT, Capital Banks
    1 day ago Alai Michael Kwame 2
    Where was BoGs control mechanisms when these banks were operating with their limited resources even beyond their span of control just to expand beyond limits and to put food on the table of many of it's workers and to sustain and improve the image of the Ghanaian creating, managing and developing their own businesses and to feeding their own citizens with their own limited private resources?
    Do we just sit and watch them crush out of the system just to prove how inefficient the Ghanaian Businesses and Entrepreneurship is in practice?
    Who monitors who and who controls what?
    1 day ago Nana OG Adjei 2
    Long overdue
    1 day ago Citizen Yaw Boateng 1
    Are they going to freeze 'onyansafoɔ' Otabil's account?
    1 day ago Silas Gyeme
    He is a shareholder, I don't think he is a director
    1 day ago Citizen Doer
    What of the CEOs account?
    1 day ago Isaac Bossman
    Very good
    1 day ago Sam Bediako-Asante
    The BoG should walk the legal process first before any such action, otherwise it will be facing some legal actions from the Directors and others.
    1 day ago Bernard Myles 3
    Is already within the legal framework of their job responsibilities
    1 day ago Mathias Kofi Dwumah
    It is risky to pump money into any bank just because you want to become a share holder.
    1 day ago Kusi Obodum
    Hmmm Asem ooo
    1 day ago Hornam Fiadu
    Good to hear and for once the directors & managers new appointments should be revoked
    1 day ago Nana Amma Adomba Asare-ofori
    Agye gon!!!!!
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    ((ON LOCKER ROOM)) After winning seven titles and building a winning side, he is still underrated by many. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is the spotlight, is he underrated or one of the best coaches in the World? Also let me hear from you on what you think is wrong with Barcelona...
    1 day ago Owura Ohene Owura 5
    Zinedine Zidane is not better than Jose Maurhinos, Pep Guardiolas and the Contes. He's just lucky he had superstars and the team is at it's peak in rebuilding. Any coach at Real Madrid will achieve same laurels with the team. Zidane cannot handle or deal with any of the smaller teams.
    1 day ago Logic Trigger 3
    You are totally wrong... Go and ask Morinho why he run away....
    1 day ago Kelvin D Ace Botchway 3
    So why was benitez failing with this same team?
    You talk like you dont watch Madrid games
    1 day ago Elvis Adu Boateng 2
    Haha! Rafeal Benitez failed with the same squad hence give credits to Zidane.  Special managers introduce youngsters, Zidane has established himself as one of the best in the world with introduction of Marko Asensio, Lucase Vasquez and Kovasic.  He's building Isco as well. Mou is only interested in already established stars.  Zidane is the man.
    1 day ago Logic Trigger 1
    This guy is a joker forget him... Barca fan I guess
    1 day ago Ellie McCoy 1
    Benitez got booted before he took charge ask yourself why
    1 day ago Jephthah Mwinsome Qwesi 1
    Barka dog spotted
    1 day ago Michael Kuntu Blankson
    Lucky you say! Don't your so called best coaches have luck too? This is his time and let him enjoy it, such is life!!
    1 day ago Enoch Beatle
    Idiot. Benitez failed with basically the same players.
    1 day ago Eric Sitso
    I'm sure you know nothing about a coach judged by his ability to coach small things or not?
    1 day ago Owura Ohene Owura
    Even Akwasi Appiah can win with this crop of Real Madrid players. They can play and win a game without a coach. It's the players not Zidane.
    1 day ago Eben Dadzie 5
    Statistics favour him just like it did for Guardiola. Zidane is no special coach. When the frog dies, it's length shall be determined.
    1 day ago Justice Martey
    Which Frog will die. The guy is Simply Good.
    1 day ago Logic Trigger
    U can even confirm that against barca when he uses the young lads instead
    1 day ago Eben Dadzie
    The stats are in his favour. That's a fact but he is no special coach. We saw how flawed his tactics were when Barca beat us last season when he played Bale ahead of Isco knowing very well that Bale had just returned from an injury layoff.
    1 day ago Ankomah Antwi Boasiako
    Skin pain Paa ni
    1 day ago Eben Dadzie
    I don't expect you to understand!!
    1 day ago Logic Trigger
    He is no special coach but within a year or two his achievements are uncountable???
    1 day ago Logic Trigger 3
    Nothing is really wrong with barca... Just that this real Madrid squad is too strong for them., Zidane is arguably the best coach on earth... No two ways.!!! Hala Madrid!!!
    1 day ago Danielz Guggiz 2
    I think zidane is the best..... Created a wonderful world class players .The current Madrid squard are so strong for Barcelona even the bench players
    1 day ago Ankomah Antwi Boasiako
    See me for your lost money
    1 day ago Kwame Okyeame Arhin 2
    BARCA needs neymar back. simple!! and as for Zidane in fact he is the best coach in the world because this achievement hasn't been easy .
    1 day ago Agorogo Beware-Legal Setsoafia
    You have a foresight
    1 day ago Edward Kwabena Mawutor 1
    Zidane is a great manager. He has taken Real Madrid to a different level,he also has a great team.Zidane has taught us how man management is important in football.Mourinho had problems with controlling the dressing room when he was at Real.He is the best right now.Guys as for Barcelona it is just 1 word #BARTOMEUOUT
    1 day ago Ahiafor Solomon 1
    Unless he is able to win the UCL, EPL, FA cup, Carling cup, Community shield, etc. with STOKE CITY before he can be recognized as a G.O.A.T manager.
    1 day ago Jephthah Mwinsome Qwesi
    What about Messi
    1 day ago Simony General
    Then unless Messi wins all those titles too before he can be adjudged best player
    1 day ago Ankomah Antwi Boasiako
    1 day ago Kofi Owusu Yeboah
    Did Ferguson and Mou win those titles with Stoke City? Come again bruv
    1 day ago Eric Sitso 1
    George, anyone who thinks Zidane is nothing but lucky doesn't know football. This was the same squad used by Ancelloti & Benitez but compare the kind of football this current squad is playing with what the others did is amazing. There shouldn't even be an argument about this
    1 day ago Agorogo Beware-Legal Setsoafia
    You know football
    1 day ago Eteve Etoeve Mawuli
    Zidane is lucky, gain respect from the players for his role in football, n has the players n it's working for him.  For Barcelona, they need to sign players right from cb to MF n a winger
    1 day ago Fiifi Oduro
    maradona is a bigger legend in Argentina. That didnt cause a star studed Argentine team to play fr him to win the world cup in 2010. so whats ur point?
    1 day ago Eteve Etoeve Mawuli
    Please I'm an arsenal fan. I'm speaking to what I've seen
    1 day ago Ankomah Antwi Boasiako
    1 day ago Akwasi Ameyaw
    Benitez was given the same team. You know what happened
    1 day ago Okoli Winner
    Let him win champions league with intermilan or ac Milan,then he is d best coach.let accord some respect to legends not men that just started with an already made team #mourinhoalltheway
    1 day ago Fiifi Oduro
    what team was made, ahh then why did we sack benitez
    1 day ago Okoli Winner
    am a fan of good football and unique coaches,no sentiment attached @ ankomah
    1 day ago Ankomah Antwi Boasiako
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    A Peugeot Boxer Mini Bus bought in 2007 at a cost of 96,015.94 was sold in 2013 at 3,745.00.
    EC staff buys auction cars for as low as 1,000 cedis
    1 day ago Senaya Fui Jake 29
    This is not only about EC but through out all the government institutions in Ghana. Just recently and auctioneer in a PAC interaction said the same thing. Ghanaians are as crook as a snake with daihorea. The most corrupt people in the world will be found in Ghana.
    1 day ago Selasi KB Formedi
    1 day ago Ali Balutie
    Nigeria dey there ooo lol
    1 day ago Michael Kwame McHenry
    1 day ago Mutala Zakari
    1 day ago Nana Kwadwo Safo Kantanka 13
    Oh my God! Criminals! All prisoners in the various prisons in the county must be freed today, their colleagues are here enjoying life as government workers!
    1 day ago Wanon Thomas N 12
    this is what they do in all government institutions and when the country is heading to a collapse, they then blame everything on the ordinary teacher who doesn't get such opportunities any where
    1 day ago Amudu Isaac Apiiga 2
    My broda u are rit
    1 day ago Wanon Thomas N 1
    my sister I feel sorry for myself for being a teacher
    1 day ago Linda Addo-Quaye 1
    One of the reasons I'm thinking of quitting teaching soon. We do all the hard work yet we are not appreciated and we vet nothing too.
    1 day ago Divine Agyarko Mensah
    Just leave those bustards looting the public coffers through diver's means
    1 day ago Williams K. Campbell
    1 day ago Isaac Osei 12
    I think dis insane idea about auctioning of state cars valued by stc at prices as low as ghc1,000.00 n other low prices must stop. How can a Toyota hilux depreciate in 6years from $36k-$60k to a mere ghc1,200.00 n even less. We're where we're because of this evil perpetrated by public officialdom. One day I pray there is revolution that will do societal cleansing so that we'll recover our morals human integrity
    1 day ago Abubakari Abdulai KD 1
    Surely it will happen Insha Allah
    1 day ago Ibrahim Anyass 1
    How I feel like to lead the revolution, Charlie to much corrupt people in Ghana
    1 day ago Enerstina Acheampong
    Say that again
    1 day ago Divine Agyarko Mensah
    I will tell you the fact the reason Ghana is poorer, it's all the public officials causing that. Just visit their working palace's
    1 day ago Alfred Atiemo
    Ghana is now free for all. Who say only politicians are guilty.
    1 day ago Michael O Jnr 11
    I am beginning to think that government officials including politicians especially must also write a licensing exam at reasonable periods to check on their performances.  Aaaaba!!
    The ordinary average Ghanaian is heavily taxed to make the greedy politician and gov't officials rich. How do we develop as a people with such unscrupulous and degenerated attitudes.  Posterity will surely judge us all.
    1 day ago Amedorme Gameli Richard 1
    I love this kinds of submissions
    1 day ago Solomon King
    Someone somewhere can't even pay for utility bills due to these thieves
    1 day ago Prince Boateng 10
    Most journalist in Ghana are populist. In practice a devalued afta 5 yrs. After 5 yrs either u sold it at scrapped value or u dispose it.
    1 day ago Samuel Asiedu-larbi Kwaasi 6
    Good, which country sends a vehicle to scraps after 5 years? Do you know how 5 years car look like ? Defend her in the name of political fanatics m; and when state coffers become empty,you the same people will blame Government.
    1 day ago Kwadwo Asante Fordjour 6
    Does it make sense to u? Why 5 years when this same public workers have used their personal cars for over 15years...
    They buy used cars n use it for 15 years and sell it even close the amount they bought it. If govt buys brand new cars at higher cost,then they want to buy is so cheap. How can a country develop with this policies n attitude. Meaning in every 5 years the govt should replace the old cars. Imingine the boss has been there for 20years,he/she will buy plenty cars at cheaper prices n the nation loses.
    1 day ago Nana Kofi 3
    The corruption is selling it among themselves
    1 day ago Pappy Don Kelvin 3
    Americans with all their wealth don't dispose Cars after 5yrs of usage. Whom are u trying to defend here? @Prince
    1 day ago Nii Amartey Edel 2
    So you mean to tell me they can't get even half of the original value if it was open?
    1 day ago Selorm Abladzie 2
    Prince Boateng is living under illusions. Even a ten year old car if well maintained retains a lot of value. Don't defend the indefensible
    1 day ago Prince Boateng 2
    Is not about being sentiment but the law n tax law. Capital allowance adjustments for a car is afta 5 yrs n therefore do not qualified tax computation. it then reduce value .
    1 day ago Prince Boateng 1
    The company can dispose it off at their own value
    1 day ago Kelvin Abaidoo
    Prince educate them
    1 day ago Nat Laryea 7
    How much did a vehicle for each NPP appointee cost us. Useless govt
    1 day ago Asoreba Qwasi Asomani 10
    See u too.
    We are talking abt auction of cars and u are here talking rubbish
    1 day ago Nana Boakye Jnr 6
    You can ask ur incompetent boss. Kwasea bi nti useless opposition party
    1 day ago Nana Quayson 5
    Cant you guys see the guy doesn't understand what is going on.
    He looks for the umbrella whenever he is voting,
    Not issues or polices
    1 day ago Snr Jesse Buahin 3
    1 day ago Kobby Immanuel 2
    Nat....put on your bluetooth...I didn't know you fool like that...
    1 day ago Hayford Amanor 1
    Nat Laryea villagers like your familys
    1 day ago Nat Laryea
    You and your Nana gyimi pass everybody. Okuraseni
    1 day ago Nat Laryea
    1 day ago Nat Laryea
    How is your pocket. You are the useless people that Nana Addo can easily fool. Ignorance
    1 day ago Ro Meo
    Be descending and not politicizing. You've grown beyond your comments, Nat
    1 day ago Omar Anamzooya Ahmed 2
    And this is where the news will end. No further updates on probes and results
    1 day ago Mohammed Abdul Fatawu 1
    You have to start serious politics now ooooh bro.
    1 day ago Omar Anamzooya Ahmed
    Bro,i can't. Nnabi
    1 day ago Andre Vespucci Andretti 1
    As a nation,why do we do this to ourselves and call ourselves Christians?we are the reason why our country is under developed and in a mess,and until we change our mindset and start thinking of how to build our country like what the westerns have done in their country instead always thinking about how to come up with a plan to steal from the your country
    1 day ago Justice Martey
    1 day ago Michael Kuntu Blankson
    I have more info about Stc's valuation. We have dealt with them and know everything about how they go about their valuation! Don't blame them alone, at the office of the chief of staff there's another corrupt valuation officer there. He arrange or connives with the stc, the organizations staffs and those who matters! I know this from 2001 to 2013.
    1 day ago Michael Kuntu Blankson 1
    I have been an understudy of an auctioneer!!
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has praised the Bank of Ghana for "decisively" withdrawing the license of two severely distressed Ghanaian-owned banks.
    Akufo-Addo lauds BoG's response to 'weak' UT, Capital banks
    1 day ago De-Rokk Mathiaz 8
    Yes, how I wish DSTV should take over GTV and MetroTv.
    1 day ago Holy Dankay 1
    You Carry the day.
    1 day ago Rich Afrifa 1
    Hahahahaha, you have made my day
    1 day ago Aboagye Prosper
    That's all. Cos they are performing below standard.
    1 day ago De-Rokk Mathiaz
    I don't even know they what they do there.
    1 day ago Nana Kwaku Asiedu Darko
    Hahahahahahahaha, I love this one ☝️
    1 day ago Holy Dankay
    1 day ago Eric Kwame Ansah-Asare 5
    The comments are needless. It is very hurting or uncomfortable for stakeholders to lose a bank and for the first gentleman of the land to comment this way is regrettable.
    1 day ago Bashiru Issah 2
    You think we don't know the deal.
    1 day ago Bashiru Issah 2
    Bring them on.
    Monies from those two banks were used to sponsor the NPP in the 2016 election, so please stop the loquacious act and deliver what you promise Ghanaians.
    1 day ago Bashiru Issah 1
    The same NPP, if you care to know the Director of God is Love is been appointed as DCE in one of the districts.
    1 day ago Gilbert Afriyie
    and monies from dkb, God is love, noble dream and other banks collapsed under ndc administration were used to sponsor who?
    1 day ago Foster Nana Kwame Asiedu
    Why don't u educate some of us here.
    1 day ago Bashiru Issah
    See me.
    1 day ago Samuel Asiedu-larbi Kwaasi
    I wish the BNI invites you to go and expose what you know; because we are interested.As a good citizen,take the Government to Court if you have any proof,if not then keep quiet.
    1 day ago Akosua Pokua Atiemo
    1 day ago Nana King
    Bashiru Issah sense fall on u
    1 day ago Samuel Asiedu-larbi Kwaasi 2
    Most of you guys are young; you don't know what PYRAM,R5 or even just recently DKM did to Ghanaians which made some victims commit suicide.Applaud BOG for quick intervention.
    1 day ago Fabio Pinto Ohman 2
    He is happy because his party debts turns the nation one looters at work
    1 day ago Rita Agbenyo 1
    Very disappointing Mr.President.You allow foreign investors to come and do whatever they want and pay Ghanaians unliveable wages.These two indigenous banks have done a lot for Ghana; apart from the economic benefits it has given, it has installed in us a sense of pride and hope.Whiles we allow foreigners to do whatever they want here we are overly critical of our own.I am not saying BoG was wrong,they surely need to protect Ghanaians.However we should do more to make Ghanaians succeed.
    1 day ago Harry Satsyi 1
    More questions about this take over not answered
    1 day ago Amankwah Paul
    Just hear say without any evidence
    1 day ago Rich Afrifa
    Harry, what do you want to hear again? Unfortunately, the sympathizers are crying more than the bereaved. If there was something untoward, you will heard of lawsuits
    1 day ago Lakpab Ishmael 1
    I thought Nana said he want will make conditions favorable for private sector to develop. What has changed suddenly.
    The state is now taken over private investors.
    I can't think far.
    1 day ago Addi Innocent 1
    Ghana will work again
    1 day ago Abdul Wahab Abu
    You two banks are collapsed n u say Ghana will work again
    1 day ago Delanyo Physqing
    Which one?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Bashiru Issah
    Ask again woooooo
    Delanyo Physqing
    1 day ago Greopus Afrikana
    Why he and borromia always have shining heads like a stone? Lol
    1 day ago Kwame Morgan 1
    With their heads they have retired your defeated Mahama hehehe
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT NEW TRAFFIC OPENING IN TEMA Accra-Tema Harbour Road -Opened  Tema Harbour to Aflao Road (bypass ) Opened (drivers are unaware and road is lying unused ) Aflao to Akosombo Road (bypass) ,opened but not being used by drivers. Police MTTD is present directing. Akosombo -Accra bypass to be opened by Saturday . DRIVERS TO TAKE NOTE SO THAT THEY DON'T DRIVE TO THE MOTORWAY ROUNDABOUT BEFORE ACCESSING THE MOTORWAY TO ACCRA. The Cemetery Road joining the Tema Motorway Roundabout will have a LEFT TURN ONLY .at the TOTAL FILLING STATION AT BISHOP OBINIM'S CHURCH) No Left Turn towards the Roundabout.  NB// Drivers from Cemetery Road /Ageorgia towards the Tema Motorway Roundabout will have to turn RIGHT and make a turn towards the Motorway Roundabout at the VALCO Roundabout.  THANKS FOR YOUR COOPERATION  Making life less stressful for road users in the Port City of Tema. CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT OWUSU-BEMPAH COMMANDER, MTTD
    1 day ago Eno Frema Takyi 2
    1 day ago Attanacio Di Baron 1
    1 day ago Freddy Nana Frimpong Gyamera
    Well noted
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Founding President of the IMANI Center of Policy and Education, Franklin Cudjoe says, although a decision for teachers to write licencing examination before they are allowed to practice is good, the timing may be wrong.
    Licencing teachers good, timing bad – Franklin Cudjoe
    1 day ago Foga Nukunu 4
    I have a man here in my SHS who taught doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists of this country. He has 5 years to leave the backward and poverty- stricken service.... Common sense tells me the license must commence with appointment or at the point of recruitment.
    1 day ago Ko-jo Whisper Boadu 4
    Facts About Teacher's Licencing Exams. 1.Licensing a teacher means asking for accountability from the teacher.
    Which means that the employers ( government or private schools owners)should make the place of work friendly or meet all necessary requirements or criteria to enable employee accountable. *The issue is that the real work of the teacher is in the classroom but not examining teachers to know the quack and underperforming teachers on pieces of papers called licencing exams. What is the essence of a teacher having a class A license and a class he/ she teaches does not have chalk to teach,register to use, Textbook to use and lack the ICT lab,science lab to make teaching and learning effective. What is the essence of my licence if am hungry because the employer is owing me millions of cedis. What is the essence of my licence if I go to school and am not happy because the conditions of service is way below the belt. *The schools should be licensed first before a teacher who will teach in that school is licensed* Look around the whole country both public and private and u will tell me that *National Teacher's Council* needs to rethink and *hold on* for 98% of the problems in our schools are solve first before licences are given to teachers. Go round the country to listen to know that the outcry of teachers are way beyond doubt. In which account will the exams fees go to?
    Count the number of teachers in the countries and tell me that our monies will be safe. Let's put our priorities right as a country.
    1 day ago Yaw Asiamah Yeboah 4
    Education is a process not an event so one time exams will not solve this problem. Teaching is a skill acquired through practice and sacrifice. Most often than not academically good students are not good teachers. Had it not been that we will not have many bad lecturers
    1 day ago Felix-pedro Kyereh 2
    If it is good for teachers to have license before practicing their profession then there is nothing wrong with the timing. We can never get everything right before we institute this policy. The teachers can continue their dialogue with the government to address any other pressing issues.
    1 day ago Stephen Adjei 2
    Even MPs who make our laws are only require to be Ghanaians of sound minds and must be 18 years or more. Now you want a teacher who has passed his exams and awarded a certificate to write a so called licensing exam before teaching. Government must focus on providing the needs of teachers to boost performance. There are basic things to do. While some private schools are using electronic white boards with projectors, government continue to build classrooms with blackboards and you want teachers to perform magic.
    1 day ago Frederick Kofi Ameyaw 1
    You forgot to add they have to be voted for.
    1 day ago King Calas 1
    Instead of #equipping the Schools with Facilities😭😭😭 u wanna #create jobs for ur #Members through this #thing😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
    1 day ago Chris Wilson 1
    Hmmm....3y3 as3m oooo! How policy think tanks couldn't figure this out but to come out to easily ride on the success of the initiative to criticize the timing. Are they really thinking??? Just asking....
    1 day ago Nelson Oware 1
    He is talking trash. Teachers are already qualified once they receive their qualifications. The best thing to do is to support teachers with a programme to continuously develop and update their skills. This is done in many reputable professions. There is no need for license. Am not sure why the so called think tanks don't understand this simple fact.
    1 day ago Clement Amlalo
    I think I agree with Mr Cudjoe
    No teacher is saying they're against it.
    But there hasn't been broader consultation with them. They have concerns that must be addressed coz they're key stakeholders in this policy direction. So it should be suspended for a while for these concerns to be addressed. Let's concentrate more also on the infrastructure and providing adequate teaching and learning materials especially for the rural areas.Once again it's a very laudable policy but let's hold on for a while
    1 day ago Robert Nsor
    Have you thought before or you know more than the teachers ????? If it's good, what is wrong with the timing. You try to know everything. Are you talking for yourself or for Imani Ghana
    1 day ago Avogno Yvette
    The timing is wrong. There is a lot to be done before considering the license.
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Residents of Busua, a community in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region, last week woke up to the bizarre news of consuming cassava grown in a cemetery.
    Man turns cemetery into cassava farm
    1 day ago Ivan Kofi Obeng 17
    No news, humans are animals n dead plants n animal remains constitute best, we can say its 'organic cassava'
    1 day ago Nhyira Geeb
    👏 👏
    1 day ago Nhyira Geeb
    U talk my mind
    1 day ago Yaw Farouq 13
    "bizarre " you said ? he's an entrepreneur, utilising that wasted resource to feed the masses. cemetaries are lands just like other lands
    1 day ago Alfred Atiemo 2
    The ambience of cemeteries may carry some elements of diseases as such may not be the right place for cultivating root crops for human consumption.
    1 day ago Refuge Klai Olapeh
    there is no harm at all it's normal
    1 day ago Yaw Farouq
    elements of disease ? please be specific with names
    20 hours ago Dickson Lovren Morny
    The body is 7 feets down and cassava can't grow down even 4 feets. They ve no contact at all.
    1 day ago Chanta Safo
    Or it will serve as manure?
    1 day ago Chanta Safo
    Eei are u sure its normal?
    When the body decays,won't it have any effects on the crops?
    1 day ago Hope Cyany HC 11
    Quality cassava devoid of chemicals. Potent natural reached nutrients in the soil 😂😂
    1 day ago Reuben Kofi Mandela 7
    They must stop because the ghost in the cemetery will start pounding fufu at night. It will cause a lot of noise.
    20 hours ago Sammy Sam 1
    You see your thinking? Very shallow
    20 hours ago Osei Gaisie Frederick
    19 hours ago Afua Asantewa N'Guetta
    Grow up!
    1 day ago Gifty Fafali Akpah
    1 day ago Afoley Mensah Osa
    1 day ago Isaac Clottey 7
    That's why we must pray over every food before eating...Every food we eat come from somewhere and some of these places and the process the food go through to consumers are unimaginable and frightening but thank God for prayer.
    20 hours ago Sammy Sam
    There is no harm at all to waste time praying.. You should use that prayer time to think of something better and do yourself
    1 day ago Addjoa Henewaa
    Dead bones are not poisonous.
    19 hours ago Isaac Clottey
    But u believe there is harm if one doesnt bother to wash hands with soap before eating because of germs and sickness but prayer is a waste of time right?Man, understand spiritual things,they are more real than even things we see.
    19 hours ago Isaac Clottey
    Addjoa,some dead bodies can be both contagious and deadly when one comes into contact with them carelessly depending on type of sickness that killed them...That's why it is not all dead bodies that are allowed homes and some are buried immediately under very strict conditions.
    1 day ago Jonas Kweitsu Nartey 4
    what is bizarre about cassava being grow in a cemetery. Isn't it a fertile land with rotten bodies serving as manure?. If the cassava were washed with fluids from dead bodies that could have been bizarre. God is wonderful, the rotten materials are what ensures fertile lands for farming.
    1 day ago Forgive Soga 4
    Ohhh Ok so this is rather the story the earlier cemetery picture is suppose to be attached too.
    1 day ago Bork Akwasi 1
    I came here to read comments,I am not feeling well from the last insults I had the other time ...I have to keep quiet
    1 day ago Julius Nana Yaw Hafco
    Oh seriously! So the office is at the suspecting the journalist. He's on high weed.
    1 day ago Julius Nana Yaw Hafco
    Yoo Chanta Safo
    1 day ago Chanta Safo
    Herh,ye steady..hahaaa
    1 day ago Mary Acquah
    But this is no new. Mtweeeew. Come to my area and see for urself wai
    1 day ago Ernest Qwadjo Liga
    Mary Acquah, u mean Quarteź here? 😬😬
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Abraham Attah on #CosmopolitanMix with Doreen Andoh
    1 day ago Ato Amissah-Arthur 4
    I like his humility and love for important things in life.. no hating he is just blessed.
    1 day ago Kojo Barima 2
    U ve taken over n surely u dey show guy guy
    1 day ago Isaac Narh 2
    May God continue to bless you Abraham Attah for your charity works....
    1 day ago Kwame Valentine 1
    1 day ago Ernest Appah 1
    I feel like crying 😭
    God continues to bless, guide and give u more wisdom.
    I am proud of you.
    1 day ago Edem Kofi Attipoe 1
    Good job boy. More grease to ur elbow
    1 day ago Florence Aidoo 1
    God bless you
    1 day ago Bentum Kofi Laing 1
    Ask him to explain his spider man role.
    1 day ago Bill Osabutey
    I'm the show with Doreen
    1 day ago Shahidul Islam Shahin
    How are you?apu
  • 1 day ago by Joy 99.7 FM

    Joy 99.7 FM
    Still with us is Abraham Attah on #CosmopolitanMix with Doreen Andoh
    1 day ago Paa Kwesi Asuamah Thompson 3
    I am proud of him, he should continue with his humility and remember his humble beginnings and he will go places and be bigger than life. Bless up!
    1 day ago Naa Shika Mensah 2
    Looking all grown up already
    1 day ago Nana Acwasi Boakye 1
    Has your news got finish with Menzgold and their CEO?
    1 day ago Florence Aidoo
    Waool love you my son😘😘😘
    1 day ago Ikon Quame Frimpong
    That's a nice decision. Abraham, I celebrate you. May you receive More Grace and favour from the Elohim.
    1 day ago Anfu Charles
    Massive improvement on the guy. Environment makes the difference. We love you
    1 day ago Ikon Quame Frimpong
    Just tuned but whatsapp with ur FREE SHS ambassadorial role Master Abraham Attah
    1 day ago Lilpro De-gentleman Nas
    I havent watched the movie but this conversation is pishing me to watch it
    1 day ago Queen Oluwabunmi Senam Kumahor
    Awwww Abraham
    1 day ago Kojo Amankwah
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