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  • 16 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    4 gangsters on motorbike kill 2 policemen in Githunguri http://bit.ly/2wpkU3t
    4 gangsters on motorbike kill 2 policemen in Githunguri
    16 hours ago Ambrose Ouma 2
    Rip baby Pendo
    16 hours ago Ann Shiko Shiks
    What is secret behind your stupidity
    16 hours ago Hamza Mtanzania Balaa 1
    police wa kenya hawana ujuzi wa kudeal na wezi...tanzanian police rocks waje wakule training
    16 hours ago Kihu Maina 1
    na hawa wajinga wa human rights hawajaongea ama police sio human hiyo kijiji yote inafaa gsu wafyeke wa2 wapate adabu
    16 hours ago Maxwell Victor 1
    Very nice.
    16 hours ago Isaac M'c Odondo 1
    Congratulations, tano tena gangsters
    16 hours ago Charlow S Mathew 1
    16 hours ago Julie Munzala 1
    Are they the same police who were so brave to break into un armed peoples houses? Now they cannot defend themselves with the same guns they held and used vigorously?? Cheiiii witchcraft is real
    16 hours ago Victor Junior 1
    #samantha pendo hajakufa??????i
    16 hours ago Njûki Njûki
    githunguri hakuna hessy?.
    16 hours ago Mesh Poa
    Walshindwa kushoot watu wanne wakwa kwa bike?
    Kwani ilkua na boollet proof ama what is the reason? Wanajua kutoa watu kwa nyumba na kuwapga tu. Watalpa watu wenye waliuwa sana sana watoto. Their is a bond btweeen GOD n children N tears of the innocent victims
  • 17 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    New alcoblow gadgets have capacity to store suspects data http://bit.ly/2woVpPJ
    New alcoblow gadgets have capacity to store suspects data
    16 hours ago Benjamin Mworia
    Nasa haoo
    16 hours ago Derick Sagini
  • 17 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Man had his grave dug 38 years ago and cemented it http://bit.ly/2wpirWO
    17 hours ago Njoroge Gitau Wagituiwawagîtuî 1
    The late Dr Geoffrey William Griffin prepared his grave in 1977 (deceased June 2005)
    17 hours ago Shaddie Pablo 1
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    17 hours ago Xenon Flash
    Today's teen republic video link please
  • 17 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Most wanted terror suspect gunned down by police http://bit.ly/2wph76h
    17 hours ago John Ngari Mwangi 1
    stupid jaluos aren't happy now
    17 hours ago Beatrice Achieng 1
    jaluo inahusika wapi na hii maneno ya terror???????
  • 17 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    8 Counties have their governors sworn in http://bit.ly/2woWfMn
    17 hours ago Can Aan Tibim
    "So what?!" Ask Baba it's not my handwriting. Alisema tusifuatilie news zenu!
  • 18 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Former Kajiado governor David Nkedianye hands over power to Joseph Ole Lenku http://bit.ly/2wpl0Iy
    17 hours ago Martin Obongo 1
    What a #joke!
    17 hours ago Francis Miano 1
    We don't hand over power. We let it go
    17 hours ago Armani Besuko 1
    RIP Kajiado County
    17 hours ago Msoo Faith Davie 1
    Children here are handing over while their father anaimba wimbo wa rigging i think baba ako na bad advicers sori to say but aii.......
    17 hours ago David Masibo
    Hahaha,let them waste their time and resources
    17 hours ago Karanja David
    Peaceful relinquish of Power
    16 hours ago Thomas Mweu Nzissi
    17 hours ago Dianah Wilson
    Eee. He said lenku wil get it 2022 , yaliofichwa ni mengi
    17 hours ago James Muraguri
    A great Leader
    17 hours ago George Ogolla
    ...I'm sure after presidential petition, lenku will go
  • 18 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Embu governor Martin Wambora sworn in for second term http://bit.ly/2wp9IUt
    18 hours ago Stephen Adongo
    This guy has nine lives after all the drama in his first term he got reelected kudos Wambora
    17 hours ago Peter Riwell
    He and other elected leaders will do better this second term in developing Embu county. They should work in unity and develop Embu to the level of a CITY.
  • 18 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Governor Paul Chepkwony starts second term in Kericho http://bit.ly/2wpIhK2
  • 19 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    4 gangsters on motorbike kill 2 policemen in Githunguri http://bit.ly/2wpkU3t
    18 hours ago Judith Mutila 8
    Why kill only 2en yet police killed 100 Kenyans including 2kids in the name of criminals and looters according to matiang'i /government? ???that is innocent blood haunting them kufeni kabisa
    18 hours ago Abraham Mwiti 1
    are u thinking kweli? next tym think twice b4 upost ujinga kama hu kwa social media
    18 hours ago Denis Obambo 1
    Not all policemen are bad.Most of them ensure that we are safe and go about our daily life in comfort.They are also our friends and relatives.My sincere condolences to the affected and may God rest their souls in eternal peace.
    18 hours ago Stephen Kamoni
    na unacheka ukiandika unjinga..your mind is stinking
    18 hours ago Japoloo Vinnie
    may death b on your doorsteps it seems you enjoys.
    18 hours ago Chess Too Cheserek
    You're human anyway.
    18 hours ago Jenta Wanjiru
    You will be next
    18 hours ago Abdulrahman Shako
    Why two now
    18 hours ago Scots Mitchel Scots
    U aint exception...those police were Dads..bros..uncles..cousins..frens..n yet u r there dancing on there graves ..they might they were the best cops in kenya not all r evilminded
    18 hours ago Judith Mutila
    Pelekeni mafeelings mbali my own bukusu brother is fighting for his life due to police brutality during pev last week who are they not to die painful death ???rip baby Pendo, police my foot ukiniambia they are father's ,sisters ,brothers to somebody kwani wale walirape n.a. kuwagun down were animals ???aseno
    18 hours ago Sa'eed Sayeed
    19 hours ago Goldberg BabaYao Karatu 6
    And the goons who call themselves human rights are very much silent about it.....ama polisi si binadamu?.......
    17 hours ago Jesse Tori 2
    Hata matiang ako silent na hajakuwa deregistered...
    18 hours ago Brendah Makori 1
    they have very little to do because they have been deregistered anyway
    18 hours ago Caroline Mekenye 1
    They were deregistered you are on your own
    19 hours ago Maria Betty 1
    They are waiting for police to kill the gangsters so that they can open their loud voice
    18 hours ago Mesh Poa
    Walishakua deregistered ndio naana hawaongei
    18 hours ago Goldberg BabaYao Karatu
    Let them remain in their graves of silence forever, nkt
    17 hours ago Karanu Karanu Mwangi
    Hata venye walikuwa hawakuwa wanatetea polisi
    18 hours ago Mohamed Madaraka 4
    Did JOSHUA go to court in the Bible?  Yes! Joshua Chapter 7. After the Israelites were terribly defeated at Ai, God instructed Joshua to assemble all tribes of Israel to a 'court' to determine the reason for their failure. It was found out that really Achan had stolen in Jericho. Verse 14 & 15 are even interesting, God told Joshua: "In the morning you must present yourselves by tribes, and the Lord will point out the tribe to which the guilty man belongs. That tribe must come forward with its clans, and the LORD will point out the guilty clan. That clan will then come forward, and the Lord will point out the guilty family. Finally, each member of the guilty family must come forward one by one. The one who has stolen what was set apart for destruction will himself be burned with fire, along with everything he has, for he has broken the covenant of the lord and has done a horrible thing in Israel.” Achan and his family were stoned to death after being found guilty of not only STEALING but LYING too. After this, the Israelites defeated Ai and captured the promised land. They are not my words,Evanjelist Joshua can confirm
    18 hours ago Justus Omondi 2
    Okay not bad
    17 hours ago Stephen Kariithi
    Not bad even in kisumu it was ok
    19 hours ago Symoh Riley 1
    Sijaona comments za otieno ,odhiambo ,okumu bado nangoja🙈🙈
    19 hours ago Ferdnand Wks 1
    ndo huyo ashatokea wa kwanza haha
    18 hours ago Evonne Dulo
    Ndo nini ifanyike??
    16 hours ago Morris Orinda
    Ndio sisi hapa unatakaje
    18 hours ago Symoh Riley
    18 hours ago Elisha Benjamin
    18 hours ago Na-show Nakshi Nashivile 1
    Kill more.
    18 hours ago Chess Too Cheserek 1
    You may join and kill too.
    18 hours ago Na-show Nakshi Nashivile
    What are the qualifications
    17 hours ago Mariam Shighadi
    Ujue kupita mbio kwa pikipiki
    18 hours ago Bush Master
    Nakahi Nashivile, kuja ujoin Gaza.
    17 hours ago Zalachenko Muay
    that's good news.
    keep it up bad boys.
    oh God, how we hate the police!
    Kill em all,who cares?
    17 hours ago Jayp Morgan
    ndaaaani ndaaaani kabisa...good job though hio number ndo kidogo,i know you can do better
    18 hours ago Damaris Ambia
    This is just wrong
    18 hours ago Mawley Andere
    Wrong ndo kitu gani hiyo?!
    16 hours ago Richard Okeyo
    Ooooh God come help Kenya don't even send your son Kenya need you God more not your son God
  • 19 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Kenya Red Cross gives food aid to those affected by post election protests http://bit.ly/2wp6MY9
    19 hours ago Robert Kanyoro
    woooi .
    18 hours ago Milka Adhiambo
    The Redcross is always doing a good humanitarian support to help communities cope with disasters .Most of which are man made.There is therefore need for all stakeholders to Foster long lasting solutions rather than short term relief.
    17 hours ago Stephen Kariithi
    Jaluo yani ata food mnapewa na venye mko na domo
    17 hours ago Stephen Kariithi
    Hehe kumbe hiyo mdomo kubwa na ata food kibras cannot afford
    18 hours ago Mohamed Madaraka
    Did JOSHUA go to court in the Bible?  Yes! Joshua Chapter 7. After the Israelites were terribly defeated at Ai, God instructed Joshua to assemble all tribes of Israel to a 'court' to determine the reason for their failure. It was found out that really Achan had stolen in Jericho. Verse 14 & 15 are even interesting, God told Joshua: "In the morning you must present yourselves by tribes, and the Lord will point out the tribe to which the guilty man belongs. That tribe must come forward with its clans, and the LORD will point out the guilty clan. That clan will then come forward, and the Lord will point out the guilty family. Finally, each member of the guilty family must come forward one by one. The one who has stolen what was set apart for destruction will himself be burned with fire, along with everything he has, for he has broken the covenant of the lord and has done a horrible thing in Israel.” Achan and his family were stoned to death after being found guilty of not only STEALING but LYING too. After this, the Israelites defeated Ai and captured the promised land. They are not my words,Evanjelist Joshua can confirm
  • 20 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    New alcoblow gadgets have capacity to store suspects data http://bit.ly/2woVpPJ
    New alcoblow gadgets have capacity to store suspects data
  • 20 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Nyamira governor John Nyagarama promises robust development in second term http://bit.ly/2woWtmH
    20 hours ago Trapper Kamaso
    This term ata iba tu pesa😂😂😂
  • 21 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Kiraitu Murungi sworn in as second Meru governor http://bit.ly/2uYTkGI
    Timeline Photos
    21 hours ago Ben Peters 1
    kifaranga wa computer
    19 hours ago Dirksen Kipchirchir Samoei 1
    Ok yule jogoo wa canaan alibeba evidence kwa gunia jana usiku,naskia canaan kwa lugha ya mtaa inaitwa bondo
    19 hours ago Fauzia Mahewo 1
    Lies why kiraitu rise the bible on his left hand? Kenyans be smart to whom you chose and watch out to this .
    20 hours ago Kenson Mwenda The-deejay 1
    East Or West.. Mnangoja Niseme Home Is The Best?? Nope But Kiraitu Is The Only Meru Kingpin! Take That To The Bank
    20 hours ago Achoki Wycliffe
    What kind of news is this?! Nation media group please spare us
    20 hours ago Johnson Kibocha 2
    Unlike there page and you won't get there nonsense anymore. Thought you knew !
    20 hours ago Giriamo Mariano 1
    For #45M strong,otherwise tune in to Ramogi tv
    19 hours ago Newton Njuguna M
    Yourent forced to listen to this, go away others need this, give us arest
    20 hours ago Giriamo Mariano
    For #45M strong,otherwise tune in to Ramogi tv
    19 hours ago Peter Kirimi Murungi
    Uyo ameinua bibilia kweli? This is a sign of a governor who can't live up to his oath
    19 hours ago Erick Kirui
    This guy will make meru great and be the best county in Kenya,he is a performer. Kudos murungu
    20 hours ago George Okothokt
    For how long are these old guts reign
    20 hours ago Beatrice Mukami 2
    Old guts just like Raila
    20 hours ago Amos Kinyua
    20 hours ago Kimani Kim John
    You could have vied for the same
    18 hours ago Stephen Kariithi
    Raila is old and odd
    18 hours ago Peter Mchelsea
    Old but loved and respected unlike others who wants to force themselves on people
    18 hours ago Imana Eden Mike
    Another old confused guy, it seems there are no fresh young tusks
    21 hours ago Edi Biro
    54% governor
  • 22 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Isaac Ruto ready to hand over to governor-elect Laboso http://bit.ly/2wn1Kve
    Timeline Photos
    21 hours ago Melilei Jacquie Keen 1
    Bye our gumbot
    20 hours ago Gib Smart
    see you in parliament as #nominated_mp it will be a painful journey 4 you
    19 hours ago Dirksen Kipchirchir Samoei
    We love you but joshua love you most,akakutumbukiza kwa shimo mchana ukiona, pole xana gumboot
    20 hours ago Qute Mchokozi Alusia
    Very gud
    21 hours ago Subanese John Kelley
    Isaac Ruto was a man of people across the country he was also very famous to codians, i don't know why he failed us we luos,,,, we were seeing him in the 2022 general election but his brother Black niggah William Mosik Samoei Ruto organized some dirty games
    21 hours ago Sigei Anneth 1
    Which dirty games?Being famous does not mean he wiill win the seats that guy is an underperformer.
    22 hours ago Ben Mumira
    He has seen the light and right
    20 hours ago Ephantus Aristophanes Mwars
    From Governor to nominated mp.....so humiliating.
    19 hours ago Michael Yego
    Charity begins at home. Isaac Ruto used to insults and beats people of bomet in meetings now he has got his payment.
    20 hours ago Joseph Chania
    Akuonyeshe venye job hufanywa
    19 hours ago Beatrice Wanjiru
  • 23 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Insecurity top agenda for new Lamu Governor Twaha http://bit.ly/2uYUwd0
    Timeline Photos
    22 hours ago David Ngugi
    We at this end, Health matters and as such,
    Nandi Governor Elect Orders All County Officials Including Himself to forthwith be TREATED At Kapsabet Hospital.No more Medical travels.  Devolution will work.
    20 hours ago Antony Muriki
  • 23 hours ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    NASA claims IEBC results are full of anomalies http://bit.ly/2wpl62S
    23 hours ago Victor Lyono Isadear 9
    It's not NASA alone ,even you am sure you know this ! Just say Kenyans know the iebc results were bogus ! No one will MSANDOlize you
    20 hours ago Victor Lyono Isadear 2
    Of course afew of us who burry their heads in the sand will see nothing wrong ! When they do a census of people I don't think they should count you!
    20 hours ago Marggie Brown 1
    it was free and fair...even the international observers said so...or they also buried their heads in the sand
    20 hours ago Giriamo Mariano 1
    for us it was free and fair# we won
    20 hours ago Victor Lyono Isadear 1
    Shame on the international nonsense!! With all this evidence?
    20 hours ago Maxwel Jesse
    Victor it's time we prove it in court, not on social platforms
    20 hours ago Roy Mwenda
    Tell Orengo to resign as senator.
    19 hours ago Samuel Mbugua
    Some of the evidence don't even add up.ati presidential ballots exceded gorvenors/mp ballots.This is mere jokes.
    18 hours ago Peter Mchelsea
    Of course presidential ballots exceeded others with a reason,Why didn't they argue b4 elections?
    23 hours ago Suleiman Mzozo 4
    9000 pages shows how NASA a compiling falsehood things and i.a it will fail.
    23 hours ago Mesh Shach Kasyoka 1
    You wanted two pages?
    21 hours ago Bendict Musi
    lazy man,muhimu ni content sio wingi wa pages.
    23 hours ago Giriamo Mariano 3
    why are they swearing in their governors!
    21 hours ago Giriamo Mariano 1
    you've been brainwashed by NASA rhetoric,ur BABA says all elections were a sham from prezzo to Mca!
    20 hours ago Roy Mwenda 1
    yea coz voter identification n transmission was same for all seats but Nasa wants us to believe it's only presidential but Nyong'o Joho Orengo no problem
    20 hours ago Marggie Brown 1
    they should reject all results from mca to president... this is rubbish
    20 hours ago Giriamo Mariano
    they argue that an algorithm was used to rig but how does it detect where the votes come from!
    21 hours ago Bendict Musi
    presidential results petition
    21 hours ago Efrahim Ongo
    dont argue like a fool governers are for all its not for neither nasa or jubilee.dont show your ignorance
    19 hours ago George Matthews
    If they are genuine in their argument let those that are already in denounce their victory. If cast votes in a polling station were 420; then every voter was given 6 different papers, making it 420 in every box. Nasa huwa mnatubeba wana sana
    21 hours ago Rebecca Baha 2
    Since they have filed the petition now they should stop claiming and now leave everything to the court.but why should you file a petition and at the same time you say you don't care about the verdict? It means they are not confident about their move ama namna gani?
    23 hours ago Chacha Dalmus George 2
    It's not a claim as you put it. The elections at the tallying stage was a sham, a cloak, nullity and destitute to our democracy as enshrined in the constitution and legal procedings guarding elections.
    21 hours ago Peter Kinyua Kiarie 1
    this massive document was hurriedly compiled by so many people, expect numerous mistakes and in law, just a comma can alter the whole meaning and cause its rejection. Hope they counterchecked and edited it.
    20 hours ago Mukonzi Mubange
    You're a fake lawyer. Nothing of the sort. Ati a comma
    17 hours ago Peter Kinyua Kiarie
    Oendo i will not stoop low and identify you with your tribe coz am akenyan. Hope you deCANAANise well wuthout hate n bitterness.
    21 hours ago Bendict Musi
    Na wewe ni bure kabisa kama iebc,ulikuwa nao wakihurry,rem it was compilled by lawyers.
    19 hours ago Parmenas Oendo
    Lawyers argue over commas against facts. They are paid for that. Keep up Kikuyu lawyer.
    20 hours ago Beatrice Waigumo 1
    Kenyan don't trust anybody not politicians,judges,iebc,agents,observers,I want to ask a question why in God name does everyone want to steal baba vote every time,?and why do they favour others than baba?someone talk to me because this is not funny you can't be rigged four times.
    20 hours ago Marggie Brown 1
    i dont know waigumo...do u know how painful it is to lose 4 times....
    23 hours ago Ferdnand Wks
    but they have been in court before and I did not see justice being practiced?
    20 hours ago Mukonzi Mubange
    Different case
    20 hours ago Ferdnand Wks
    But Similar
    20 hours ago Richard Okiror ORichie
    The next thing supreme court will ask #NASA again is to support his affidavits with videos as another way of kicking the case out.
    20 hours ago Mukonzi Mubange 1
    You're mad
    18 hours ago Richard Okiror ORichie
    Nasa has a capacity to loss it again even at court.
    17 hours ago Stanley Kagunda
    Based on the constitution all kenyans on all walks of life excersied that mandate,anomalies cannot nullify an electiom since people voted,results announced as under article in the constitution and the ones duely elected sworn in ,audits can be done yes but not holding hostage institutions after the process has taken place.
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Nyamira Governor Nyagarama starts second term in office http://bit.ly/2uYQMIH
    Timeline Photos
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Kericho Governor Chepkwony sworn in http://bit.ly/2uYTCxn
    Timeline Photos
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Nakumatt suspends striking staff, threatens to sack them http://bit.ly/2wmhfU5
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Gib Smart 1
    They need to know ata #Spectre international Employee hv not been paid 4 the last 4 months so wavumilie #Baba atatue hii mambo ya vifaranga wa computer tayari amewekelea #bet with just 1.5 million,.. odds zikiwa 6.5 million who nows tomorrow
    21 hours ago Jackson Nzuki
    You work without pay and when you demand your dues you are threatened .
    21 hours ago Benedict Omondi
    This is what happen when the Bayaz(Indians) gets a citizenship
    19 hours ago Lydia Kinyanjui Odhiambo
    The other day me and my husband went to nakumatt likoni... Only to be shocked when the attendants said they had no paper bags to put pur stuff and suggested we buy from outside since the ones being sold inside were 100/- each ...then blamed it on the plastic bag ban!!! Kwani hawangejipanga mapema and get alternative grocery bags seriously?//
    18 hours ago Tina Love
    Burn it down
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    American arrested in Meru over terror link http://bit.ly/2uYuo22
    Timeline Photos
    23 hours ago Suleiman Mzozo 5
    shot to kill should be applied. The Americans are the problems of this world.
    1 day ago Joyce Wanjiru 2
    In Meru? Anne Wangari
    1 day ago Ras-patoo Somii
    joyce ni ukweli?
    1 day ago Joyce Wanjiru
    Am hearing of it now. I was in town today and heard nothing of it
    1 day ago Janet Abich 1
    Warudishwe kwa Triumph asap
    1 day ago Dennis Kiogora 1
    1 day ago Kanana Murithi 1
    The guy from Mikinduri, aringwe nkundi kabisa. Musinka ou..
    1 day ago Makos Amor 1
    Ni munyamaria amewaleta
    21 hours ago Winifred Kalii
    Ask the immigration people, don't act as if u never attended evening classes
    20 hours ago Main Man Mishieni 1
    He won't be jailed...He will walk free....Our systems are rotten....You all remember the story of British man who slept with over 50 boys???How did he leave the country??
    22 hours ago Jared Odhiambo
    why not in Kimbu
    19 hours ago Kateleyn Gastep
    Divine protection of our county
    22 hours ago Joe Buru
    should be tortured n locked in the underworld abyss
    18 hours ago Josiah Isaack
    Natemwe kianga
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Ole Lenku takes oath of office in colourful ceremony http://bit.ly/2uYQe5B
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Rufah Mwangi 1
    Why is the lady frowning is she jealous of him?
    1 day ago Francis Mwihaki 1
    Madam stone face?????
    22 hours ago Moses Omondi 1
    Go and work for Masai people usipeleke stories za jikoni huko.
    21 hours ago Josh Benz
    Welcome Mr. Cook we gotta start cooking at kajiadooo
    21 hours ago Koilai Lochuria
    This reminds me when Khalwale was in Kitengela. "Vijana hoyee! mimi ni Khalwale mtetezi wa wanyonge, naskia hapa lenku anataka kuagovernor mwambieni akwende kabisa! vijana hoyee"
    1 day ago Michael Holmes Brix
    1 day ago Fortune Kubwa
    She is frowning at the illiteracy of these maasai human beings
    1 day ago Peter Mwangi 1
    This is the kind of utterances that divide people ole lenku ad maasai community wamesoma who are you to call other illitrate?
    22 hours ago Sonpeters Kagema
    it has shown how ignorant you are bro...
    21 hours ago Fortune Kubwa
    Hao ni kuvaa tu shuka ya red na kulisha ngombe kichakani with lions
    18 hours ago Gina Balance Balance
    Sasa huyu oledengu anajua nini kuhusu leadership wajameni?? Io kiti hakunanga mattress za kuchomeka,, its hot in there dear
    21 hours ago Peter Muli
    Congratulations Sir.
    21 hours ago Peter Kinyua Kiarie
    Am sure this guy will outperform his predecessor
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Italian burns to death in car in Malindi http://bit.ly/2uZe9Sq
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Gladys Mbugua
    Wazungu wa mld rip
    1 day ago Glo Ria
    Sponsor ya mtu jamani😣🙄
    19 hours ago Baba Telemasi
    Kenyans not a joke they
    Will fleece you dry
    20 hours ago Gina Balance Balance
    Hahaha it looks like njeri took it all enjoying herself in Dubai
    21 hours ago Joseph Bosire
    Can you stop posting pictures and write what happened.
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Nasa files petition: Nasa claims election results had numerous anomalies
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Zach Rop 161
    Even if you file it in I.C.C Uhuru is God's chosen president.it won't change anytime soon.
    1 day ago Zach Rop 5
    Who is worried? The president is doing his duties as usual.we the rest of the country we are not burning our businesses either!
    1 day ago Stella Muthoni 4
    exactly....uhuru is God-chosen...period
    1 day ago Kevin Mchi 1
    which GOD? maybe your GOD alone
    1 day ago Zach Rop 1
    Your loose tongue won't change anything idiot.he will be your president for 5yrs.
    1 day ago LeBron Trigga 1
    Umebonga ka fala,hii ata hakuna nibonge na kilami...swa nadhani itasink vizuri kwa hio kichwa yako ndogo.Ati God chosen,si huende humwambie akununulie gari basi,na akupe kazi nzuri.
    1 day ago Kuria Nyakio 1
    LeBron Trigga, u r an idiot... We Kikuyus r not psychophants lyk u. Uhuru is our (Kenyans) president not our father!! Use your common sense
    1 day ago Rose Amollo
    Well the case is in court why are you worried or is it the innocent blood shed that is now haunting the whole house of mumbi
    1 day ago Kevin Gathu
    Rose Amollo to much of afro cinema
    1 day ago Awinja Janet
    Rop,,hicho kitambi chako na mambo unayotamka havienda katu...#rop
    1 day ago Zach Rop
    Awinja,what does it have to do with the presidency? you are imbecile.i don't blame you.
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 126
    A waste of time. These retirees should go home and nurse their old age near their grandchildren. On 8/8/17 you fired your only remaining bullet, now you want to use a spent cartridge to win a battle? Unaitaji maombi ya usiku.
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 6
    Rose Amollo# these dudes should go home, pave way for young leaders. Who told them that they must be presidents? Kenyans are getting expired products off the political shelves!!!
    1 day ago George Kariuki 3
    We call them reject,.... Even in their strongholds are been rejected. How many Ukambani and western MPs do jubilee have. Majority win..
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 3
    Esther Wangari# these are expired political product, that are always repackaged,rebranded and displayed on the shelves every after 5 yrs but i love Kenyans, they've always rejected the poisonous products
    1 day ago Polyanna Tajish 2
    Well said
    1 day ago Esther Wangari 2
    Say it again rejected...........
    1 day ago Chrispaul Orwa 1
    It is not wasting ur tym plz so dnt evn to comment
    1 day ago Abuyaa Khaan 1
    ......twice in a month?
    1 day ago Tina Tatina
    Why make a fool of yourself poor young nonentity?seems yo critical faculty is a single sex brand & by virtue of that fact,u diametrically missed the point on this determinate conversation of the election petition. The constitution is absolutely stark about who can be the president of Kenya & alienating potential leaders 4rm politics courtesy of age is an explicit drivel & a fundamental misunderstanding of politics in a substantial degree & i won't feel under any compunction to reiterate that u should feel it incumbent upon yoself to do an overhaul in yo thinking about today's issues to avert bringing out irrelevant comments & by the way,feel free too to take exception for my attack against u if u don't mind.
    1 day ago Rose Amollo
    Who is a retiree ? I beg please tell me or shall we send Trump mugabe and the queen home as well ? Have you got evidence that as you grow older you can't lead ?
    1 day ago Paps Skendo
    1 day ago Mathenge Matt 63
    I wish the court would favor Raila..so that we can go back to the ballot and beat him again.this time with over 2 million votes...
    22 hours ago Elijah Ngeno Kiprotich 3
    That is low we want to beat him by more than 3 million
    22 hours ago Daktari Evans Kiplagat 3
    I voted raila last time thinking he will bring change but this time round if I go back to the ballot I'll be happy to brave the morning cold an vote uhuruto.away with this old nagging mzee am tired of him.
    23 hours ago Willy Maish 1
    Atasema imeibiwa tena
    1 day ago Lameck Omoti
    You beat with who? Unajiskia kana kwamba kuna kitu ulijagulia.
    1 day ago Rose Amollo
    Our prayers exactly and No thieving this time
    1 day ago Elizabeth Wangeci
    Me too.
    1 day ago JJ Ndirangu
    Ikr?? 😂 😂 😂 😂
    1 day ago Carol Jonh
    I like it
    1 day ago Altaf Karim
    Done make sence
    1 day ago Lucia Loicee
    And I wish IEBC fails to shut down the server so that we see how this man called Uhuru killed Msando and bought his way to the statehouse
    1 day ago Isaac M'c Odondo 51
    Site is for kikuyus, I can see how foolish they are in their comments, when will these kikuyus come out of this rural mediocrity......I wish what happened in Sierra Leone could just happen in mt Kenya to wipe away of these useless creatures......
    1 day ago Mathenge Matt 7
    Those insults you guys keep calling us are the reason we mobilise votes like crazy...
    1 day ago Manufaa Manufaa Manufaa 2
    Useless but leading useful ones
    1 day ago Peris Wink 1
    May God grant our enemies what they wish and pray for us
    1 day ago Peterson Mucheru 1
    Haha ucjali.the promblem with u is that ur a gentile
    1 day ago Consolata Wambui Smiley
    1 day ago John Kabiru
    Useless nakama siwakikuyu ungekua walima mashamba yawazungu mbaka sai stupid
    1 day ago Francis Nyoike
    Ukehe inakusumbua toa firimbi kwanza
    1 day ago Farouk Mungai
    I hope you can say in public
    1 day ago Kairetu Ka Tony
    Hahhahahhahahahahha if wishes were horses
    1 day ago Robert Kanyoro
    God is always faithful ..if ua''baba' can't support his "follows at kibera nikenya ataweza?..(NTV Kenya Food aid for Mathare, Kibera: KRCS gives food aid to those affected by post election protests #NTVWeekendEdition ...
    1 day ago Anne Kimz 47
    Aki lakini kusema tu ukweli physical appearance matters at some point can't compare this old valueless man with uhuruto.tafadhali supreme court saidia
    1 day ago Anne Kimz 9
    My friend you can just look at my profile again n again.I can't b lyk this perennial losers not in this earth pengine tukienda mbinguni where we are all equal bt kwa sasa heheeee nko ngangari,toto si Toto.you can take your old grandpa at the shores of lake Victoria uone mpaka mbuta zikipotea.gorilla from the lake
    1 day ago Lyne Gatiba 3
    Hehee hapo kwa mbuta kupotea...
    1 day ago Ma Lika 2
    Been on ur profile...apart from those henious welding glasses...u have nothing to offer...take a few seats
    1 day ago Irene Ferial 1
    abusive utters won't help,
    1 day ago Joseph Onyango 1
    Hakuna mtu kujisifu..Ngoja usifiwe na wengine..Kwani unashinda watu na nini..At the end of the day you are just a woman like others..Maringo ya nini na hata kujipangusa hujui..
    1 day ago Francis Kibe 1
    @ Anne Kimz hahaha na vile uyu msee Rao ni mweusi je akawa photographed na black&white camera?
    1 day ago JJ Ndirangu
    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
    1 day ago Julius Kim
    Hehehe Anne Kimz usifanye nicheke mpaka nianguke
    1 day ago Mary Muthoni
    Hahahaha Ann ukweli huuma niokotwe
    1 day ago Lameck Omoti
    Enda ujiangalie kwa kio, ukajionee vile wewe uko na zura mbaya kuliko hao unasema.
    1 day ago Kennedy Njuguna 36
    Anomalies will always be there but the big question is,who had many votes and did the candidate with highest number of votes get to the minimum bench mark set by constitution which is 50 plus 1?....some of the issues the NASA is raising is too petty and don't even meet the threshold of supreme court
    1 day ago Kennedy Njuguna 4
    Rose Amollo I did not force you to read or comment.look,in 2009 when you first indicated you were in relationship I was still in high school so you are too old to argue with me.Am busy working for my kid I don't have time for pro bono.focus old lady
    1 day ago Kennedy Njuguna 3
    How do you read and respond to an insane man? Then you are a professional idiot.if my mother is a judge then your mother is witch who made NASA to loose in elections.
    1 day ago Marriana Wa Wambui 1
    Onanii ndi mungikii thuria ukome!
    1 day ago Nancy Josa 1
    No need for all that brother. In the supreme court there's no place for mere imagination
    1 day ago Charity W. Alogwu 1
    Ngai Njügûna icio nî njinû 🤣💦💦😁💦..... you have a brain...
    21 hours ago Pauline M Dennis 1
    Na mps hana alikua anatarajia ushindi utoke wapi
    1 day ago Altaf Karim
    You not judje let supreme court rule after looking st evidence
    1 day ago Rose Amollo
    The case is in court if you are a lawyer please ask for a voluntary job in court to help read those massive documents and if you are not please stop filling my ears with rubbish
    1 day ago Capu Omondi Hillary
    Kennedy njuguna u call people old yet u urself look miserable like a street child u say that some issues are petty yet is ur mother a supreme court judge did she interpreted for you document... as I can see u the guy who doesnt meet the threshold of sane person... stupid mungiki
    22 hours ago Herbert Musuli
    Idiot even 2007 kibaki had only 40mp but you said he won't election remember God
    1 day ago Belito S Korir 25
    Mzee hawajakuambia kuhusu huyu binadamu??
    FRED NGATIA – Senior Counsel (SC )
    -Ranked Best lawyer in kenya.
    -spoken but with stinging facts on matters of law. He is a hard-working lawyer who presents himself well, and is highly regarded for his litigation experience.
    -The brilliant lawyer is regarded in legal circles as the guru of constitutional and judicial service cases. He has been the lawyer for the late Cabinet Minister George Saitoti and represented him at the Goldenberg Commission of Inquiry. He also successfully represented the Jubilee Alliance during the 2012 election petition at the Supreme Court,represented Hon.Uhuru kenyatta in Hague and later Hon.Rutto in hague among others.
    -In his 31years in practice he has never lost a major case.
    1 day ago Belito S Korir 4
    You are in dreamland ,,,,,,,which rao rvu talking bwt ? The prisoner (treason) huyo hatawahi kuwa president and any other luo never
    1 day ago Carlos El Gran 4
    Belito S Korir Mr. Ngatia also represented Judge Tunoi in the 220 million corruption case which Tunoi won
    22 hours ago Jeanette Gatehi 3
    I pray they give Senior Councel proper security...this people are not to be trusted!
    1 day ago Ken Kibet 2
    Rose moi constitutionally moi retired in 2002and said raila will never ascend power as long as he is alive moi beat jaramogi raila is a political coffin now
    1 day ago Rose Amollo 2
    RAO uprooted moi with his roots who is uhuru ?
    21 hours ago Ruth Ngatia 2
    4 sure those lawyers will work smart. Iove it when he 'donates' time to other lawyers.Cannot 4get Grand Mullah. Kudos
    1 day ago Airborne Kipchirchir 1
    tell them any body attempt treason ataskua rais watch this space
    1 day ago Lyne Gatiba 1
    Rose Amollo kindly revisit ua history on Moi
    21 hours ago Wilfred Kinuthia 1
    If these two duos almost brought ICC at The Hague into a crumbling state, hii election petition is like a walk in the park for uhuruto
    19 hours ago Jeff Sigei 1
    Fred Ngatia,the hilarious gatecrusher,coming soon Live.I'll be preparing ugali awaitng samaki being fried one on one,Welcome All...!
    1 day ago Keypet Jeru Pato 23
    Early in the week, I started a series on the "Unseen Hand" that always keeps Raila from the Presidency. I talked of the "Secret Tears" that many Aspirants in Luo Nyanza and many other Strongholds cry after Raila steals the Nominations against them.
    Today I revisit the second "Unseen Hand"- The MUMIA CURSE
    Even if many deny- curses and blessings exist. The Bible is very clear about blessings and curses, so is the African Traditional Belief.
    Someone operating under a blessing will always end up making the right choices, always get the right partners, always follow the right path and will always succeed in all they touch.
    Someone operating under a curse will always end up making the wrong choices, always get the wrong partners, always follow the wrong and hard and torturous path, and will always fail in all they do, or en-devour to achieve.
    Take time to read the story in the Standard of January 27 2004 Or better just walk into the libraries of either the Nation or Standard .http://allafrica.com/stories/200401270550.html.
    You will clearly see that the Grand Father to Raila was one of the key people in the Mumias Based Wanga Kingdom in 1890.
    Then, according to Wanga Kingdom historians- in 1898, his grandfather attempted to stage a Palace Coup. It was around that time that the British started taking over Western Kenya Region. However, the 1898 Coup Attempt failed, and the grandfather was banished by Nabongo Mumia.
    It is said that Nabongo Mumia let off a Curse saying that "You and your generation shall strive to get leadership- but will always fail".
    Using his superior organisational skills he acquired while in the Palace in Mumias- Raila's grandfather settled in Sakwa, Bondo due to the proximity to abundant food from both the lake and the forested areas. They quickly took over the Luo Identity, and were assimilated into the Luo community.
    The power of the curse started showing up in 1961, when after Jaramogi led Kanu to victory in the first elections. In a very bizarre twist of events- Jaramogi refused to take power- even after the British handed him the instruments of power. The rest, they say,is history. Many experts attribute his refusal to take over power as a clear manifestation of the Mumia Curse. No normal politician would refuse to take power. In fact, it was not that Jaramogi was a saint for him to refuse power. It was just confusion brought by the Mumia Curse. Immediately after handing over power, Jaramogi was kicked out of power, and spent the remainder of his life struggling to get something that he was given on a silver platter.
    In 1982, the Odinga's- just like their grandfather in 1898, attempted a Coup- and failed miserably. The Mumia Curse took effect In 1992, when everyone thought that Odinga was the natural leader to displace Moi- FORD split into pieces leading to Moi winning. It was the Mumia Curse. in 2002, when Raila aligned himself to Moi, and looked set to be anointed to take over- especially after being given the all powerful Secretary General Post of Kanu- Uhuru emerged from nowhere to spoil the party- it was the Mumia Curse working. In 2007, Raila was headed to a clear- cut victory, but he started talking too much. He openly declared that he would not work with the American Government's anti terror plans. The Americans rule the world- and whoever they want in power will be in power- and whoever threatens their interests will never take power anywhere. Raila's big mouth cost him the presidency- it was the Mumia Curse.
    In 2013- nobody could have ever imagined that Kalenjins would vote in a Kikuyu President. The unlikely alliance was another manifestation of the Mumia Curse.
    In 2017, the Mumia Curse is working 24-7.The enthusiasm and euphoria about Raila's 6th attempt to power is simply missing. All opinion polls show show that Raila is headed for his and final sixth loss
    Instead of disturbing people in following him in a Journey to nowhere- I think Raila should first go back to his ancestral home in Mumias and plead with the ancestors to break the Mumia Curse.
    Gordon Opiyo
    1 day ago Bogere George 2
    21 hours ago Charly Aloo 1
    Well articulated
    1 day ago Zzimbe David 1
    Hmm, food for thought!
    1 day ago Tatiana Kimiri
    1 day ago Toure De Cure
    he already did.......raila was in mumias
    1 day ago Keypet Jeru Pato
    Next time
    20 hours ago Haron Kibaki
    Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka tu
    21 hours ago Sych Turuthi
    1 day ago Evans Omweri 7
    We are ready to go... 90% of the petition is evidence from all corners of the country. Evidence from the late musados words and we are rearing to go and Uhuru does not qualify to be the President of the republic.James Orengo.
    1 day ago Sammy K. Ngari 2
    Do you still trust Orengo who confidently said they will not go to court and that is where he is...In court..ndaaaani ndaaani kabisa.
    22 hours ago Thuo Ngure 1
    musando now talks.....nonesence
    1 day ago Kirui Vincent 1
    The supreme court requires 100percent proof.90 is still less go for 1000more pages.
    1 day ago Wílsõñ Dë'sórúwã 1
    Kwani mnaongeanga na wafu
    1 day ago Dickson Gichanga Wambaa
    Unaropokwa ndugu yangu.
    1 day ago Yrimu Gatimu
    Too late.
    1 day ago Cyrus Kîarîki Kînûthia
    Kwani prezo n nani... Haha
    1 day ago Agnes Nyagah
    Hiyo ni yako ...think like a man
    23 hours ago Harman Karanja
    21 hours ago Sandie Imbare
    1 day ago Alfred Odhiambo Okello 7
    CHEBUKATI and his team including the CEO, Ezra CHILOBA MUST vacate IEBC Offices by 2nd day of September 2017. No joke this time round.
    1 day ago Julius Kim 4
    Even if they vacate you can't change the will of the people
    1 day ago Generali Jose Mnyax 2
    whao!! vacate??? now you are a judge because your demigod have filed an encyclopedia to court??? wonders never cease... effects of living in denial!!! pole boss!
    1 day ago Ken Kibet 1
    Were endelea kutupa mawe your stone throwing career
    Is over
    1 day ago Dickson Gichanga Wambaa
    You learn so slowly. You have been threatening since time immemorial. Where are you? Mdomo tu!
    1 day ago Nathaniel Neshiez
    Yani ushakuwa judge?
    1 day ago Alfred Odhiambo Okello
    What's that people's will brother
    1 day ago Maggie Mwas
    Mliamua yeye
    1 day ago Mwenda Mbuba
    1 day ago Maggie Mwas
    Agly faces
    1 day ago Gladys Mwai
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Yvonne Darcq: I wrote the song ‘Fearless’ #HeyAnita
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Johaness Magara Njoga
    We are suppose to talk of how NASA will win the case against the computer generated vifaranga and you tell us that she write her song yawa,you are mad these song hazina hata ladha no wonder bongo taking over hawana mpangilo hao ni vifaranga vya pesa
    1 day ago Marcus Moore
    There is a Kenyan girl I want to marry. I told her if she marries me she won't have to work as a cashier anymore. She told me no because she also wants to buy shoes and travel what should I do?
    21 hours ago Liam Muguna
    1 day ago Brian Mwale
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    LIVE: Nasa files election petition papers at the Supreme Court
    1 day ago Hook Robert Otieno 17
    Wow! 9000pages of files. Duale and other Jubilee members like Moses Kuria can't even read one page. Because by the time they read two paragraphs, they are lost.
    1 day ago Seneta M Njuki 2
    That one page is enough to dismiss the whole case. Waste of time.
    1 day ago Stephen Kamoni 1
    hahaha... weh wacha.
    1 day ago Mzee Grasscutter 1
    They need a simple petition.. that even Joho can understand
    1 day ago Past Tom Badia - Timothy 1
    Nasa dwale
    18 hours ago Ann Voljohn
    one page kuria is done
    22 hours ago Catherine Neema
    Hook you are the best
    1 day ago Akinyi Elizabeth 13
    Kinyua Moses who told you Uhuru is elected leader? Mwizi mkubwa vifaranga ya computer
    1 day ago Kuria Nyakio 3
    Be Jescah Jessie, u r the biggest fool ever exixts... Uhuru for president mpende msipende.
    What NASA is doing is the last kicks of a dying horse! RAILA ashindwe
    1 day ago Ndekei Wamukanda 2
    tano tena
    1 day ago Ann Mutie 2
    I am a kao bt im uhuru damu.
    1 day ago Ann Mutie 1
    Kiwaru na mafeelings nazo!!!uhuru kenyatta president elect!!
    1 day ago Be Jescah Jessie 1
    Even unborn baby kwns dat Uhuru is a big theif,so wot 're dis foolish kikuyus saying nw
    21 hours ago Martin Marangu
    This things finished the day Uhuruto were handed the certificate.
    21 hours ago Anne Njoroge
    Bundle of lies.Tano tena.
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses 10
    Who can judge against God's Elect? It is God who justify....
    1 day ago Tonny Styles 3
    Moses I stand to disagree with both
    Coz God gave man power of choice thea 4 you cannot say that God has chosen 4 Kenya any leader becoz we dint pray 4 him to send us a president bt we voted.am sure you agree with me that God doesn't hate Zimbabwe so much that he can't remove Mugabe from power,it's the power of choice that mugabe still holding on not God
    1 day ago Tonny Styles 2
    Aaiii moses dont invite God in here,pple choose N God approve just
    Like in the times of the 1st king of israel saul
    When man said to God we nolonger need the prophet to lead we want a king,God grant them thea wish so every 1 cames from God including thieves
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses 1
    You can not keep God away from the leadership of the nation. If they're is a place where God is more involved is the leadership of the nation. Because as a leader you are leading people of God.
    1 day ago Tonny Styles 1
    Came on Moses those are miths n theatrical imaginations
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses
    Where God is involved is miths and theatitical. Who say former prime minister cannot be the chosen one?
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses
    We elect and vote leaders but God will be chooses or appoint the leader
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses
    Mugabe came to power when He was needed most but he made wrong choices later and now He will be judged for that. When time is right he will be out of power. The case of Saul in the Bible israelist demanded a king. And God gave with conditions if he obey God it will be well them. If not they will both perish with their king.
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses
    I never side with anyone am simply saying who can bring any charge against God's Elect. If God has appointed former prime minister he will surely stand but if uhuru, will stand. It is true God appoint leadership of the nation but leader decides how will lead even though God will direct them what to do.
    1 day ago Past Tom Badia - Timothy
    God is not a thief
    1 day ago Kinyua Moses
    And remember God does not look outside of the man but the Heart of the Man.
    1 day ago Daniel Karanja 6
    I think Uhuru's term should be extended by five years so as to give judges enough time to have this library done, then judgement iwe 2023 haki!!
    1 day ago Wycliffe Ngenoh 6
    Hope the prayers are attainable, we need jurisprudence and not a decision on mere technicality as was in 2013.we want the truth, we don't care who won
    22 hours ago Jorge Joji Clem
    U R WISE
    1 day ago Jacinta Muruanjama 5
    9000 pages????????? Really???? Who will read all that within the short time span?????? Please remember, its Kenyans who vote, COURT doesnt!!!!!!!
    1 day ago Lion Princemoh Muigai 2
    kwani ni vitabu wanauza?? pupils were asked in an exam in kisumu.who is the president elect of the republic of kenya?They wrote Raila Odinga! only 2 passed.
    1 day ago Leakey FK 1
    Stupidity personified...U just a disgrace
    1 day ago Be Jescah Jessie
    U kikuyus do u alway think dat everyday is Saturday au sunday,so think twice
    19 hours ago Alex Kent Ngugi
    we are thieves???? then do something about it.
    1 day ago Em JanesSon
    U jaluo confused
    22 hours ago Be Jescah Jessie
    Mwixi Wwe and im by nt dat tribe u think I'm a Kenyan
    20 hours ago Be Jescah Jessie
    I will neva argue wid thieves
    20 hours ago James Munge
    Do you pretend to make any day of the week? Always bitter!!!
    1 day ago Bernie Soita Munialo
    Peter Wanderi stop exposing your ignorance. The judiciary asked days extended from 14 to 30, but parliament refused. So the judiciary decided to extend working hours during the petition period.
    20 hours ago James Munge
    Now Nasa moves with a fixed mind they will win, once they lose, they will still behave the same. That is their way of life......breaking shop windows and rooting.
    18 hours ago Hon Wafbytes
    This pessimism will kill today tomorrow n the future. Love you neighbour as you love itself and there will be harmony
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    BREAKING NEWS: Nasa challenging President Kenyatta's win at Supreme Court
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Maxi Ones 37
    They are just wasting time. Do you think the judges can make us go to the ballot again, even if anomalies are found? Not in Africa. Wacha NASA wapoteze pesa zao bure.
    1 day ago Mugoya J. Ian 2
    leave it to the judges my friend.
    1 day ago Princess Xhiqs 2
    Wacha wapoteze doh na jimmy wanjigi anawadai bado,,, atarudi nyumbani bila ata fair
    1 day ago Maxi Ones 2
    Nasarites, endeleeni kujipee hope. But I am telling you the truth that NASA cannot win such a case , more so in Kenya. Raila just wants to delay the swearing in of Uhuru Kenyatta. Tell me who has the time to read a 9000 page of evidence within 14 days?
    1 day ago Florentina Tina 2
    Hakuna cha mambo na Africa we need Justice.... Haki itendeke.... Tumechoka ..eeeeish
    1 day ago Abdullahy Kamaal 2
    Are you a judge?
    1 day ago Fred Adams 1
    If your thinking energy is negative, other people's energy are always positive
    1 day ago Felix Darrell Omoro 1
    Dont be too negative my friend we all Kenyans and even you one day yo will seek justice anyway
    1 day ago Nyamweya Mweresa
    that is hasty backward reasoning
    1 day ago Philipo Manyara
    With your small reasoning heheeeee utashanga
    1 day ago Francis Mungai
    Wajinga vinyasa hawajui hawa majudges wote ni computerised..
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 20
    Hizi ni makaratasi za kufunga njugu. A 9000 page documents are just stories of tibiim and tialala shenanigans. The old dude should go home to his grandchildren. BUT if evil decides otherwise then we welcome him for another contest, he's not equal to Uhuru. Huyu ni sumbua tu, he's never and he'll never be satisfied by anything. Greed, greed, greed and more greed
    1 day ago Dan Karanja 3
    he has no grand children, he sacrificed the only son he had, ati ni messiah wa wajaka, he will lead the whole jaluos to hell
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 2
    Rose Obambo# heri shida za supermarket na soko kuliko shida za huyu. We can handle any problem but not this one
    1 day ago Jr Chisano 1
    this kind of reasoning makes me hate being mkale
    21 hours ago Elizah Kaguru 1
    Wen we joined hands for prayers baba alienda swimo we the judge want the real prove & evidence, he is full of hearsay and a small library Joshua is a confused fellow,,,
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 1
    Jr Chisano# you don't have to be one coz you ain't one. You can imagine if we were reasoning like you!!!
    1 day ago Armani Besuko
    you are just stupid, if elections had normalies let us factor them out,unajigamba hapa na uhuru ni kama utajengewa barabara hadi kwa choo yako..nkt
    1 day ago Rose Obambo
    Supermarket na soko no moja,shida sisi sote ebu amkeni
    21 hours ago Heidi Ayuko
    May God bless you so much
    1 day ago Lexcy Charlotte
    Koech shirt up ur mouth
    1 day ago Phoebe Esther
    Greed no yenu
    1 day ago Timothy Meja 13
    1 day ago Jyn Mymes 1
    Tukupatie fare uhame Kenya ni prezo if like it or not !!!!
    1 day ago Runyora Wallace
    may be uhame Kenya,as soon as now....
    1 day ago Mumuni Watarah
    Start rolling on the ground to register your disagreement
    1 day ago Lovechild Dauryn Kariigi
    So sorry
    1 day ago Jane Christopher
    Runyora Wallace soon you enough... take count!!
    1 day ago Jenta Wanjiru
    1 day ago Muchiri John
    Meja mafi
    1 day ago Fraciah Wanjiru
    Hamia Uganda coz he is the president for the next five years.
    1 day ago Debz Shambi
    1 day ago Gladys Mwai
    1 day ago Martin De Porres Kairuh 11
    Hizi composition zote ztaenda kwa waste tu,,, wanaumme huchoka,,, doing something yet you know you won't succeed,,,, vifaranga wamejitayarisha kuwanyoa bila maji kawaida
    1 day ago Valarie Love 2
    Justice be our Shield and Defender..
    1 day ago Jane Christopher 1
    1 day ago James Ndulu 1
    So why are you agitated as some one with tapeworms by the petition you thought it will not happen eeeh just hold on your haste and calm down
    1 day ago Winnie Wanjiku
    why are they busy looking for evidence untill it's adding up 20fucking nonsense. .Kwan wanatafuta nini kwa computer generated chicks...
    1 day ago Martin De Porres Kairuh
    Yeah n Justice n kenyans Will win,,, 8.4million kenyans were heard n said Uhuruto tano tena
    1 day ago Martin De Porres Kairuh
    Lets the truth be said,,, ata wewe unajua
    1 day ago Japh Mutunga Baariu
    Kitendawili ndio hiyo..peace
    22 hours ago Martin De Porres Kairuh
    James ndulu I will remind you of this post until after the Supreme Court makes its judgement
    1 day ago Yassin Dee 8
    That will make no difference,they are just wasting their time.they shld accept the defeat once n for all furthermore kenya is bigger than the nasa fraternity,they shld stop wasting time
    1 day ago Mugoya J. Ian 1
    leave it to the judges
    19 hours ago Dominic Muvea
    so u mean Kenya is not big than jubilee
    1 day ago Yassin Dee
    he brought guys from abroad tu take place n watch the elections on behalf of him yet he cant trust them while they said it was a free n fair game.Du u think we can go back to the ballot?? forget it
    1 day ago Fred Adams
    It's obviously kenya is bigger that's why we live in it. However evryone has a right to practice his or her constitutional right act.
    1 day ago Yassin Dee
    Exactly ,lets the judges decide
    1 day ago Dennis Oyier 8
    Raila cannot n will never allow "vifaranga wa kompyuta" to hv their way..uhuru mst go home!
    1 day ago Runyora Wallace 5
    u r just a mere day dreamer
    1 day ago Msoo Faith Davie 3
    Uhuru didnt vote himself we dd wish turudi kwa debe mjue hamjui
    1 day ago Jenta Wanjiru 2
    Yes he must go to state house.
    1 day ago Dana Sera 2
    Go back state house
    1 day ago Shiru Spares 1
    Go back quickly to state house!!
    1 day ago Jessy Natty
    Yeah Uhuruto nyumbani
    22 hours ago Paul Wanyoike
    1 day ago Lexcy Charlotte
    Tell them
    1 day ago Jane Christopher
    Runyora Wallace and you think you are relevant?? no!!!
    1 day ago Agnes Nyagah
    Oyier style up ww kumbe ni kama Rao
    1 day ago Brian Oduor 6
    Yeah, let them come and challenge our bright guys we must win this case we have enough evidence, let justice precede peace now, No shreds of tenderness to the merciless
    1 day ago Makenzy Koech 4
    A waste of time 9000 pages doesn't amount to evidence, nobody will read that. The case is done and dusted. The old dude will NOT lead this nation, in the mean time you can wish and dream
    1 day ago Mathew Matayo
    hahaaa.have an open mindset mr jaluo.iam worried at the shock that will shook you
    1 day ago Hillary Kibet
    Don't be certain bro, it may go either way, and u will be disappointed for the second time! Just as u were certain of winning the poles and it turned the other way!
    1 day ago Brian Oduor
    Certain of winning which "poles" bradhe mmmmh awuoro
    1 day ago Brian Oduor
    Call your mother, "mr jaluo" maggot
    1 day ago Alex Mwangi
    Ati Mr. Jaluo??? Nkt
    1 day ago Mumbi Florence 5
    And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
    John 3:19
    1 day ago Maleya Kadenge
    Mkiba ndio mnajifanya mmeokoka Uhuru alitangazwa mshindi SAA ngapi? Nani amefungua koti?
    21 hours ago Heidi Ayuko
    I hope christ comes soon coz vengeance belongs to him.
    1 day ago Ukijua Uta Fanya
    Go and tell the who are preaching Canaan fake,did she say she's Job 3:19?
    1 day ago Phoebe Esther
    Don't misuse Bible quotes prisssssss
    1 day ago Susan Gitau 3
    Now that wameleta text books zoote in the courts that means ata wakiwin hakutakua free education???wanatumbeba wana sana...
    1 day ago Susan Gitau
    1 day ago Basilio Karanja
    Tell them
    1 day ago Emanate Kwoba
    Ati mbeba!!
    1 day ago Faizol Dizzo Qui 3
    Night runners... 9000 pgs akuna watu watazisoma
    1 day ago Alfred Joshua Kwendo 3
    "On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord..The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt."
    Reasons why our petition has been filled at night
    #Canaan is real
    1 day ago Japhet Ong'ondo 2
    Academic dwarfs can be seen here saying who will have time to read 9000 pages
    1 day ago Halima Nadia Bin't Abdullahi 1
    Uhuru alikua declared saa ngapi? Look for another critism my friend nkt
    1 day ago Violet Opili
    what is declared at night will surely be challenged at night.hold your horses !
    1 day ago Falenzi Issah Leonard
    Ww ndo hauna time ju Uko koinange street all the tym
    1 day ago Muturi Peter
    It is an insult to the Enviroment.
    All that paper?.9000pages..who is going to read all that
    1 day ago Faizol Dizzo Qui
    How many judges
    1 day ago Veronica Anyera
    Even Uhuru chebu n chil are night runners y did they rush to declare at midnight
    1 day ago Syliv Mandila
    Canaan is real
    1 day ago Muturi Peter
    7 judges
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    BREAKING NEWS: Nasa files election petition papers at the Supreme Court beating the midnight deadline
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Tash Chege 113
    This is how Nasa lost. I came to see and feel the shift in popularity leaning towards Uhuruto because of the following
    1. A great number of Kenyans are christians, whether indeed or in word. There was this propaganda of Raila visiting Sangoma in south Africa and Some Enugu in Nigeria. He never said a word against it. How many christian votes, whichever tribe do u think that costed him?
    2. He missed national prayers for peace. He instead chose to go for a political rally. How many christian votes do you think that costed him i dare ask?
    3. We saw him declare himself Joshua, the one who will lead Kenyans to Canaan. To me, and to many, that sounded like arrogance, like someone appointing himself to almost an equivalent position with God. Canaan trended, to the NASA supporters, it was a hope, to the Jubilee supporters, it was a threat, yet, all and sundry made jokes and memes out of it. How many christian votes did the name Joshua cost Raila, bearing in mind that Raila only mentions God in his numerous vitendawilis?
    4. Uhuruto on the other hand were on numerous occasions seen in churches being prayed for, kneeling, crying, humbling themselves, calling on God to be on their side. Uhuru was heard in widely circulated video clips leading in prayers before campaigns, prayers for peace and prosperity. How many christian hearts, whatever tribe or inclination, do you think were melted by such humility?
    5. Uhuru ended his campaign with a prayer at Nakuru. He asked God in humility to remember this nation, and also to remember jubilee. I believe thousands of votes shifted in his favour that very instant!!
    6. In the morning, he led a prayer at Kameme, read Nehemiah verse, which he quoted from his head.......God remember me for the good that I have done. This was done in Kikuyu, basically winning all kikuyu christian votes, whether they had previously supported him or not! You can remember that on sunday, When Uhuru and Ruto were seen in churches getting prayed for by pastors and priests, the old man was seen relaxing with grand daughter at Karen and having fun at Lunar park. Or was it? My friend,my fellow oppositionists, i saw defeat that same day! 7. Prophet Owuor has a massive following. He said God had appointed Uhuruto because they are humble. His followers don't ask questions, they do as he says!!!!!!! Those are hundreds of thousands of votes from all kenyan tribes!
    8. The last nail to the coffin was driven by Kalonzo's reckless, senseless, foolish, hooligan like statement, Mount Kenya will lie low and watch the rest of Kenya! In that very instant, Munya lost his seat to Kiraitu! You all know mount Kenya means Ameru, Agîkûyû. All votes that would have gone to Raila from these people decided otherwise, that very instant! Kalonzo puts his foot in his mouth quite so often. Do you remember him saying 'your last name betrays you' ?
    9. Throughout the campaigns, the NASA camp has displayed nothing short of arrogance, with statements such as 10million strong, NASA HAO, mpende msipende Canaan tunaenda, Orengo is a walking constitution, We shall reduce rent, We must win this election, Uhuru should start clearing from statehouse, Raila is the president and so on. During the last Rally, when Uhuru was leading that prayer at Afraha, some NASA big shot was heard referring to Raila as His excellency, the President! irksome arrogance, chest thumping, and unbridled, unchecked statements emanating from the leading Nasa elites. More votes were lost! The whole NASA camp just appeared too confident, to the extent, they needed no God. On the other hand, Uhuruto, who on numerous occasions said he will hand over power if defeated, were busy calling on God to be on their side. When in your short life did you hear that God humiliates himself by not answering prayers from a contrite heart?
    10. When they were in Kisii, they attacked Matiangi and warned him not to rig the elections instead of congratulating him. That's how they lost kisii votes. You can't go to someone house and attacked him and expect his family to agree with you.
    11. Uhuru was genius, he used chiefs to bring women to his rallies. He paid every women who attended his rallies, don't forget that women are honestly people. They will do that exactly what they promised. No wonder many who filled Raila rallies were youths who don't have votes and women filled Uhuru rallies.
    1 day ago Eve Rowlands 6
    Wow!!! Well put!!!!! Exactly!!!!! Prayer will always conquer all!!!!!
    1 day ago Tash Chege 4
    Hehehe, don't blame me for your laziness, just check the short comments n read them..., lol
    1 day ago Nyambura Wa Mwangi 3
    Too long cnt read si unge summarize
    1 day ago Opio Nyodober Rwothomio WodNyodober 2
    Is this part of the 9000page document NASA submitted to the high court? #just_asking_from_uganda! Too long!
    1 day ago Alice Chai 1
    Thx my thinking too. This almost happened to Kalonzo when he used to call God in his rallies until when he changed to be a watermelon.
    1 day ago Waweru Tom Kanja 1
    N lastly but not least...this fake Joshua said mungu hajakojoa Leo meaning..it hasn't raining...
    1 day ago Sharon Kato 1
    How much r u paid for diz novel?
    1 day ago Lindah Vugutsa 1
    Aiiio,hiyo ntamalizia kesho
    1 day ago Charles Joseph
    and your cursed mind think dat we would read all dat monesence idiot
    1 day ago Wanjiku Gachunji
    Tell them they need these facts
    1 day ago Jermane Richards 107
    i bet 80% of those documents zimejaa chant za nasa...'nasa haoo..nasa ruto..nasa uhuru'..raila tibiim..madvd tialala..kalonzo pee'!...20% ndio inahusikana na kesi...bure kabisaa
    1 day ago Lynne Lessy 1
    I can see you are enjoying the tune
    1 day ago Charles Joseph 1
    And i wonder why the iebc system still tallying votes hehehe shame on those supporting jubilee cursed lot
    1 day ago Stephen Kamoni
    hahaha... kali sana
    1 day ago Samuel Njugus
    1 day ago Zion Daughter
    1 day ago Paul Thagia
    Hahaha,tel dem tel dem.
    1 day ago Nyambura Wa Mwangi
    1 day ago Gracy Munene
    1 day ago Dorodhia Dorodhia
    1 day ago Nyokabi Gitangu
    1 day ago Charles Mathenge 96
    Poleni watu wa giza lakini Bibilia takatifu inatuhimiza kutembea katika Nuru, kwa kua wanatembea katika giza hawampendezi Mungu.
    1 day ago Fred Dan Otushguy Ocholi 4
    Son of Jomo alitangazwa mshindi saa ngapi?
    1 day ago Duncan Matibe Oyash 4
    Kwani prezo alipewa certificate mchana? Nkt
    1 day ago Pat Patric 2
    Uhuru alitngazwa usiku pia
    1 day ago Fay Dee M'Sweet Supergyal 2
    Amen brother .. Hata president yuko kwa hii usiku sacco ya nasa
    1 day ago Kenson Mwenda The-deejay 2
    @eriko Why Do U Struggle So Much To Show Us How Foolish And Empty Headed U R?
    1 day ago Duncan Matibe Oyash 1
    Twaenda Canaan Sasa
    1 day ago Zenah Boit 1
    Nyani haoni kundule
    1 day ago Eriko Moronge Erie 1
    Juu upoko mnafanyaga mchana
    1 day ago Antonia Andrew
    grow up stupid
    1 day ago Philipo Manyara
    Wewe ni mjinga saana Uhuru alitangazwa rais mchana
    1 day ago Beatrice Nyambura 57
    This is just afrocinema.They will lose terribly just wait en see.
    1 day ago Kevin Onyango 6
    Instead of warming your husband  You are still yapping as if you are a lawyer
    1 day ago Ronald Rayori 2
    malaya wewe,go and tell those nonsense you husband
    1 day ago Winnie Carlos 2
    At least they will have tried , for the sake of 6million voters who supported them
    1 day ago Erick Imo 1
    1 day ago Beatrice Nyambura 1
    This is Kenya my friend i can bet.
    1 day ago Lynne Lessy 1
    Mwanamke was four senses huyu
    1 day ago Aloyce Junior 1
    Jxt watching no comment lakini uyo pusi anasema ni afrocinemq asindwe Malaya uyo
    1 day ago Jonah Amayo Babu
    They will expose thieves
    1 day ago Beatrice Nyambura
    Come again
    1 day ago Gracy Munene
    1 day ago Kennedy Kurgat 55
    They won't jump this hill of an evidence....Uhuru must Go!!!
    1 day ago Kate Xhiru 8
    We mbwa sana...hatuezi ongozwa na kipii
    1 day ago Daniel Kinyua 6
    Uhuru jumped ICC mountain this small hill ndio atashindwa?
    1 day ago Benard Kiplagat 4
    Stephen Rutto huyu xi mkalenjin...Ni mjaluo anatumia jina ya kale
    1 day ago Kennedy Kurgat 3
    Kate Xhiru unataka kutombwa?
    1 day ago Stephen Rutto 2
    Ujinga sijewai sikia mkalee anatoa matusi kama io pleli
    1 day ago Kennedy Kurgat 2
    Hapa akijaribu atapasuka msamba
    1 day ago Maurice Temba 1
    uhuru anachosha
    1 day ago Mugabe Robert
    Thanks for believing.
    1 day ago Kennedy Kurgat
    Matusi gani Stephen Rutto?
    1 day ago Sang Arap Chesang
    Kurgat,, jitombe
    1 day ago Njenga Mbeya Edmond 35
    AIII kwani wanafungua library.. Walete handouts not these things
    1 day ago Isaac M'c Odondo 2
    This is a petition, and most important presidential petition, require all evidences, NOT take away cat, you need a handout
    1 day ago Muru Wa Njau 1
    Tell them...
    1 day ago Eriko Moronge Erie 1
    Mkiiba kura u used handouts ama lots of forms
    1 day ago Hilarius Sophy Sweets
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂nmecheki ni sheeeeedaaaa
    1 day ago Peter Chege
    haha lol!
    1 day ago Jessica Nyakuti
    Wewe unajua nini?
    1 day ago Philipo Manyara
    Mtajua hamjui heheeeee heheeeee
    1 day ago Prince Santos Snr
    Hilarius Sophy Sweets pitia apa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Njenga Mbeya Edmond
    1 day ago Prince Santos Snr
    1 day ago Yassin Dee 23
    I wonder whats wrong with this nasa guys,they brought their trustees from abroad tu come n watch the election onbehalf of odinga bt he cant stil trust them yet they clearly said it was a free n fair game.Stop wasting our time guys!
    1 day ago Zion Daughter 5
    Anybody who follows raila i pity them aki the power of darkness shall never prevail in Jesus name Amen Amen and Amen
    1 day ago Charles Wanjohi 2
    Yassin Dee,,,i think these nasa guyz were born by the same woman who had mental illness just understand them..they all got the same disease
    1 day ago Zion Daughter 2
    Kenya ni yetu zote na kila mtu ako na TV yake abaye amelipia decoder to tell us to keep off i don't understand bundles ni zangu what's your problem the phone is mine and above all i have a right to express myself guys i think you are the ones to keep off his comments he didn't ask for anyone opinion tuko pamoja
    1 day ago Yassin Dee 1
    safari ya canaan ilikatizwa gafla,endeni tuone sasa
    1 day ago Yassin Dee 1
    eish! kindly keep off,i ddnt force u to read n comment on my post
    1 day ago Fauzia Kikami 1
    Focus on ur business
    1 day ago Yassin Dee
    sasa mnatakaje? n what was the meaning of bringing those wazungu????
    1 day ago Ochieng Evans Awimbo
    They have retracted the claim of free and fair elections jog your mind
    1 day ago Oraw Paul
    Saying free and fair doesn't really mean so.
    1 day ago Oddah Okumu
    Go and sleep
    1 day ago Fac Buk 23
    Hehe! I pity them. Do they really need all those books/documents? They should have summarized. They don't even know where to start or end 🙂 🙂
    All the best though...
    1 day ago Shad Dy 5
    Go back to school my frnd this is not catering
    1 day ago Leo Adika 3
    My friend,go back to school to know why the document is such volumenous...This is not baby class exam
    1 day ago Jonah Amayo Babu 2
    U think ni kesi ya kuiba shamba kama ruto
    1 day ago Fac Buk 1
    Jonah. It doesn't matter whether ni kesi ya kuiba shamba or other case. Which judge do you think will go through all those documents within two weeks? You don't have to write A, B, C, D, E, F, G etc. up to Z while you can can write A - Z and still mean the same....
    1 day ago Railux Patoh Ombisi
    thiz not petition for an mca..mnachomeka matumbo
    1 day ago Erick Imo
    1 day ago Fac Buk
    Leo Adika! Who said is a baby class?. I was taught that you don't need to carry volumes and volumes of books. You can summarize them and go straight to the point. Hope you get it now.....
    1 day ago Fac Buk
    Hehe! Erick. Get used to it.
    1 day ago Odhiambo Millagross Vincent
    Have you studied any law related course or read any law book, then you could pity yourself
    1 day ago Namenya Barasa
    Buk tulia u just keep watching hiyo ni Nazi ya judges
    1 day ago Judith Wacera 12
    My dear Kikuyus...Let's face the facts that this election was actually fraud.I hope NASA wins because I believe in TRUTH,JUSTICE and RECONCILIATION!!
    1 day ago Edward Kaire Nduma 2
    Was ur vote stolen?
    1 day ago Nicco Nixx Njoroge 2
    So justice is only when NASA. Wins?
    1 day ago Judith Wacera 2
    Go learn some English first..
    1 day ago Judith Wacera 1
    Nicco Nixx Njoroge in this case that's justice... I'm a statician & those numbers don't add up
    1 day ago Abel Iglesias 1
    I love you for this comment..i swear
    1 day ago Ndungu Mbau
    1 day ago Tash Itary C
    Upport ua urgument plse!wea u part of the scum
    23 hours ago Francis Ndung'u
    Stop using fake Judith Wacera...account... Be yourself.. I can even see your location from here. Plz shape up
    1 day ago Judith Wacera
    Mathematics murogi Ndungu Mbau
    23 hours ago Thuo Nic Wanja
    Judith,please enlighten us on the static law that proves the numbers do not add up.
    1 day ago Minika Toili 7
    Very late na bado.Raila u will never,just retire n go,wachakuangaisha watu hata kama.unarudisha Kenya nyuma.
    1 day ago Charles Joseph 2
    okwemba this guy is a big fool achana na yy
    1 day ago Charles Joseph 1
    and u are happy with the killings happenning in this govnt then u are cursed
    1 day ago Kiiru Waithima 1
    This kind of drama will make the lose greatly
    1 day ago Minika Toili 1
    Sasa hata ukinitusi utabaki kununua kila kitu,Uhuru ama Raila hawatakupa miiro wewe haha havikusaidii
    1 day ago Kip Kigen 1
    Minika Toili stop arguing with under 21 nkt
    1 day ago Doreen Beatrice Okwemba 1
    Kenya does not belong to your mother
    1 day ago Doreen Beatrice Okwemba 1
    According to you a petition should be filed in the morning sio? Ignorance has got no defence kweli
    23 hours ago Doreen Beatrice Okwemba
    You are insane
    1 day ago Doreen Beatrice Okwemba
    Which drama?
    1 day ago Minika Toili
    Hata ungetusi m...... Sasa Mimi surely Doreen wewe ni miiro sana chanuka
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Barbara Wangui performs her cover for Malaika #HeyAnita
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Eunice Mbuthiah 1
    #hey anita that was so pathetic!!!!
    1 day ago George Kihoro
    wow great voice
    1 day ago Barbra Motarii
    ntv heri hata Mueke movies on Fridays if you can't do better than this😩
    1 day ago Moses Thariki
    Watu waachane na Anita kama hajazoea kisw wachana na yeye nkt !!
    1 day ago Turphy Florence
    Thank God , there's Bamba,go tv this days afadhali hata Kuwatch aljareeza news,our local channels are becoming pathetic.news is full of hypocrisy and biasness, adverts are misleading.eish
    1 day ago Kevin Onyango
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    All millionaires have one thing in common #entepreneuralminds  If you have a laptop or a smartphone  Join us today and find how to earn ksh 7k to 10k weekly working online  Must be within ELDORET or NAIROBI and it's environments.  If INTERESTED hit my INBOX and ask HOW?
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    1 day ago Da Conceicao
    Nasa wangui
    1 day ago Edi Biro
    Is she married? Can make a good wife to sing for you in times of stress
    1 day ago Mukisa Douglas de Galactico
    Hallo drop me
    Mshamba  By heavy weight legend dr Jose chameleone going out to all music Africa loving people in the world
    1 day ago Moseti Ogero Paul
    #HeyANITA that is the most pathetic interview have watched, why jifanya like you don't know swahili, if you are a media personality you should first gauge your interviewee and know the language to use. Githeri man mix swahili and sheng ama achia #Butita am sure he will do better . Nkt githeri ni wewe
  • 1 day ago by NTV Kenya

    NTV Kenya
    Tune in to #theTrend with @AnitaNderu
    Timeline Photos
    1 day ago Barbra Motarii 7
    This show is boring,couldn't githeri man b interviewed with someone else😏
    22 hours ago SB Opanga 2
    Mtu amezaliwa Kenya, amesoma Kenya, anakula ugali na hajui kiswahili!?! Grrrrrr. Afuate Akombe huko USA
    20 hours ago Kim J Ndonga 1
    Mkenya mtrue hula githeri na kiswahili yake ni mufty
    1 day ago Marioo Britney
    Very true
    1 day ago Julia Waruguru Maragwa
    Very true
    1 day ago Barbra Motarii
    True,shes twanging Swahili
    1 day ago Marriette Moraa
    Just my thought
    1 day ago Nancy Wainaina
    I think they should look for a host who is fluent in both languages.
    1 day ago Martomartinz Mutai 7
    Am now preparing a petition with my legal team to sue NTV for downgrading The Trend. In our petition we want it to be replaced with wrestling starting next week.
    16 hours ago Shanmyrrah Mercie
    Ntakua lawyer
    22 hours ago SB Opanga
    How many pages?
    1 day ago Akinago de Yobra 4
    For a start "bravo* you did it quite well....there still room for good shows in future.
    Don't give up.critics are part of trends.😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌🙌
    1 day ago Susan Ndubai 2
    nikujifanya nn..ati hajui kiswahili.,iii maringo haitakupeleka far...ati mtoto yako..shame on...unamake show ikuwe boring..u r only gud at showng your cleavage...nkt....
    1 day ago Khejeri J Tonnie 1
    Susan.....kumbe c mm solo nimecheki hii kitu.....mtu kujifanya haelewi kiswahili!!!! Anafanya nini ntv basi!? Si angekuwa CNN!!
    1 day ago Gasper Gafumbe 1
    Msimlaumu yeye. Laumu NTV. Not in touch with Kenyans. Kwani Linus Gitahi did not hand over properly.
    1 day ago Andy Capp 1
    Hehehe.... You can also show your cleavage and we will cheer you
    1 day ago Marioo Britney 1
    Aede akaringie bali amenibore xana mcheeew
    1 day ago Susan Ndubai
    imgn...,c n kujifanya..tule twa maringo twa u celeb ..ata kaa alisomea peponi..mkenya mgani haezi fanya interview na kiswahili.
    21 hours ago Susan Ndubai
    @ andy i can..thn nionge kiswahili poa sana...uyo dame ako na vifaranga vya computer fake
    1 day ago Njoro Mwas 2
    Is cleavage the topic of the day?
    1 day ago Maureen Eunita Awinja 2
    Kisigino, senji
    1 day ago Njoro Mwas 1
    1 day ago Richmi Mambo 1
    Hehehe...i too noticed but Una ignore cause of some feminist others
    1 day ago Maureen Eunita Awinja 1
    1 day ago Maureen Eunita Awinja
    Yaani huezi angalia mahali ingine?
    1 day ago Njoro Mwas
    Wapi? Magoti? Ama elbow?
    1 day ago Moseti Ogero Paul 1
    Let githeri man be interviewed by Butita, aki anita the breaking news has saved you... Larry mama yooo rudi ata kama utakua tu mbele ya camera tu the better, this is a wasted air time... Ama better mlete zile mukorino songs or you can contract me hehehe i can do better interviews than ANITA...
    1 day ago Mwangi Wa Kinyanjui 1
    Larry =Trend and Trend = Larry... Anything else is just a waste of time
    1 day ago George Carlin Carruther 1
    what about Dr.King'ori replacing him
    23 hours ago Abdi Said 1
    The trend require someone who is outgoing ,intelligent and fun.and Dr.Kingori lacks one of these.
    1 day ago Shanmyrrah Mercie 1
    I no longer watch it bring Larry back ama muachane nayo
    17 hours ago Freddie Piccalo Obissieye 1
    Yes its so boring
    1 day ago Ann Nganga
    Kwani what happened guys my Gotv imeisha doo I'm missing so much
    1 day ago SirKevin Pk 1
    Breaking news za NASWA imeharibia kila kitu
    21 hours ago Ann Nganga
    Thanks Kevin i hope i will be tuned
    1 day ago SirKevin Pk
    But repeat comes on Sunday @2pm
    1 day ago Abdi Said
    It is now evident that a presenter is usually the brand of the show.it's less than a month since Larry madowo left,and the presence of his absence is being greatly felt here.
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